The proof of the pudding is in the eating

David Davis

The Cameroid has appointed old George Young (remember him from thousands of years ago, when history was going to end and the West had Won?) to “review H&S legislation and scumbag pointless regulations brought in to destroy this culture and enterprise.

I’ll believe it when I see it.

All they have to do is simply repeal the regulations. In a block. All of them. Them we can buy pipe-cleaners again, and take school parties to steel-foundries again, which is rather more important. I wanted to do the latter a few years ago, just about five of them in a car. But I could not, for the steelworks, although keen to have us, would have got closed down by force if one of the little buggers’d injured himself on a piece of white-hot rolled-steel. (You just have to say “careful with that, sonny, it’s a bit warm!”)

And what is YOUR favourite insect?

David Davis

Some fellow called Mariah Carey says “butterflies”. I will add other insights to this butterfly nonsense in a later posting, in which I will balefully regard the strategic damage done to humanity by butterflies and  by “butterflyness”. Later. “Health and Safety” have taken the right decision to block her “request for 20 white kittens and 100 white doves” to cavort about while she does something trifling, but for quite the wrong reasons.

I am sure you can see what the right ones are. They are cultural rather than safety-based. Now then, under a libertarian civilisational settlement, it may well turn out that certain people become what are commonly called “celebrities”.  But owing to quite different strategic slants in the sorts of education that most people will then want, and which schools and universities will have to provide or go under, I can imagine quite different sorts of “celebrity” cropping up.

The current lot are largely empty sounding-vessels, that respond in their creation to the LCD, broadcast-media-created “popular culture”: this takes minimal effort to engage with, to understand and to get gratification from. The MSM conjures up these phantasmal but otherwise material creatures, milks them in a sort of real-life docusoap for a couple of years, then ritually slaughters them, in public, on the Aztec-Sacrificial-Altar of “yesterday’s news”.

I am not saying that (in place of these poor ephemeral worthless creatures I talked of above) the service-lives, of  great and useful individuals who have just advanced the Western Classical and Scientific Canon in some notable way, will last any longer as newsworthy stuff. Probably, far from it! Unlike stuff such as the “X factor” whatever that is, the pressure to “perform”, such as being the engineer who designed – and against the efforts of governemts – project-managed the Yemen-Somalia Suspension Bridge for example, or the fellow that designed a practical Belt-Mining-Station (with ore-carrier-feeder-facility) for the asteroid belt, will be enormous.

It will only be sustainable by Individuals of a People that recognises, understands and glorifies in the astonishing degree of order in the Universe, and a People that is not deflected  – except by choice and decision to let its hair down occasionally – by dsplays of pointless self-promotion using massed goose-stepping regiments of white kittens accompanied by camera-wielding doves.

Health and Safety rightly put the kybosh on prattish and childish displays of self-authorised semi-divinity. But when the time comes, “Health and Safety” will go too, into the street, along with the jetsam of a tyrannical state which deliberately connives at the infantilisation of Teh People, for its own ends.

The People will of course decide when, and if, displays of adoring white kittens are suitable adjuncts for  the Man Who worked out how to …Read p-53_ …

Snow sighted: “200 schools in the North West are closed”.

David Davis

Well now, I’m a few miles down-t’road from this place, and I can’t see any snow yet.

In January 1963, in “the big freeze”, I took my 11-plus exam. The A24 out of Ashtead towards Epsom was nearly but not quite impassable. The temperature was minus-11 centigrade, and some cars were able to run. Children couldn’t reach the examination-school except by disembarking and striding across a snowfield a foot deep, of which the crust was frozen solid.

We wore t’coats in t’gym, as it were parky inside, although t’heating was full-on. We sat and did our exams as if nothing was happening.

Libertarians ought to decry the modern Stalinist “health and safety” culture. It breeds sheeple, who are taught by their political masters jailers to quail as the slightest misfortune or obstacle, and who also lap up mindless headlines such as this one.

For freedom to flourish, we need liberty (as I keep saying.)

David Davis

Hayek particularised this relationship between whatever “State” authorities there may be, and individuals, by stating that “to be controlled in one’s economic pursuits… to be controlled in everything”.

Today we learn that the Forestry Commission, a body statist to its very fibre (no pun intended) from its inception to its present activities, is to terminate ancient rights of individuals to collect fallen timber and dead wood for any purpose, on the grounds of “health and safety.”

I am not convinced that the right is enshrined in Magna Carta, as my copy does not appear to explicitly state it. But the point is that this is a symbolic act by a “big statist” QUANGO, designed further to separate individuals from victimless rights, which is to say natural ones as we have always described. it is nothing to do with “political correctness gone mad” – as if PC was something designed to help civilisations operate sanely and rationally anyway.

No: the plan to forbid people from gathering their own dead wood, instead “licensing” “local timber merchants” to sell it to them, merely is another act in the sordid sham of “bringing government closer to the people it serves”. Just like death-camps “served” the Jews and others under another socialist state I shan’t mention: government was brought closer to them than was good for their health and well-being.

Like my post the other day, on the true importance and meaning of revising history with regard to Agincourt (and why what the French revisionist historians are doint is TOTALLY relevant to the fight for liberty) what the Forestry-gauleiters are up to is yet another little detailed skirmish in the long retreat of liberty from the lives of ordinary people.

This gradual confiscation is designed to make it harder and harder for us to climb back out of the Dark Age in store for us, to a state where real Natural Rights can again be exercised in a minimal-statist environment. Successful conferences like ours which has just closed in London last night, will do great good in firing up the officers of libertarianism for the future. But officers are no use unless the “lesser folk”, for whom it is all about in the end, and of whom there are many many millions, understand what’s at stake, and how to use liberal philosophy to combat petty local assaults on natural rights.

Grand think-pieces will not be forgotten. But, in the even grander strategic context of British libertarian thought and tactics for re-engineering liberty for humans, this blog will increasingly take the role of exposer of petty, nasty, bureaucratic destruction of liberties, especially ancient ones.