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I could be wrong

Michael Winning

Didn’t the blasted MOD, onordering Boeing Chinnooks, demand that all the working US software be changed to MOD-ordered stuff?

Isn’t that why we don’t have any of the buggers in Afghanistan? Because they take so long to prepare now?

LabourNazis “knew Chinooks must not be ordered for delivery now”…

…but “only for 2017”….otherwise we might win (and that would never do.) They could also delay the body-armour, for just long enough to demoralise the Army fully.

David Davis

(2017? Good, no earlier please, and as a bonus, after pulling out we can cancel the order! The benefits of this strategy are endless!)

Can’t we even rent some? If all that’s missing is helicopters, then Gordon should just print some money…

Brilliant prescience: a Libertarian Polity

David Davis

Brilliant, from Old Holborn, the bastard. The problem of where a Libertarian polity might arise is a real one. There are almost no conditions I can envisage, under which a real modern “Big State” would allow itself to be transformed wholesale into a libertarian one: the Clientariat is too big and too well-supported by Armed Police (the ones you pay for, their helicopters, their HK MP5s, their computers, their squad cars, their “stab-proof-vests charmingly emphasised in bright yellow, their connections with Interior Ministry Troops, their diversity-outreach-courses, and the like.)  

So we have to consider the geographical alternatives.

Obligations to The Landed Underclass for bringing it to our attention here. I wish I had the time to write all this stuff myself, but sadly not. They do it better than I can in any case.