Vaclav Klaus quote of the day

David Davis

Vaclav Klaus: “I am afraid that the people of Britain should have been doing something really much earlier and not just now, too late, saying something and waiting for my decision”

h/t Englishman’s Castle

This is our Munich: what goes around comes around. It’s us in the firing line now, and if the Czechs decide not to come to our aid, then we have at last become the “faraway country of which [they] know little”: it’s our fault, and we should as he says, have been much more agressive towards [all] our scumbag politicos, much earlier.

The time, sadly, for merely delegating to our “representatives” is past. We need to “do more”.


People who…

keep a copy of “Mein Kampf” in their bedrooms are socialists. Their wannabe-detractors, socialists themselves, who complain, have only to read the stuff to see. Hitler himself proclaimed his “movement” as socialist. NSDAP.

If one is a proper liberal philosopher, one does perhaps have a copy, but one does not , definitely, keep it in the bedroom, for this is not done. It is available for reference in the “library”, perhaps under “plain cover”, and is, like “das Kapital”, filed under “Fiction” along with “Joe Kennedy – my part in Hitler’s deification” (autobiography section)…..

David Davis

The British-today-lefties of all persuasions (which is to say, the Enemy Class,) who try to claim the moral high-ground by associating evil people with Hitler, had better watch out what sorts of Nazi-tricky-sticky-stuff their policy-positions (when analysed carefully) get them attached to. Like ID cards, collectivism, Stalin, the USSR, Ho Chi Mhinh, eugenics, racism and the like.

I found the blasted book unreadably boring, me. I managed abot 24 pages. It disappeared into the slime of Booker-Prize-novel-look-alikes, to which it naturally belongs as part of a genre. I have never read one of these I am happy to say, but – just like thinking about making love to Elizabeth Taylor when she was 20, I can imagine exactly what they would all be like so I do not need to do it.

The fact that he took its publication so seriously that he dictated it to poor slaves like Hess on a machine-type writer while still in prison, shows what a boring little shit the bugger really was. It is awfully sad that the German People still  felt so enraged with their lot in 1933 (not altogether to be blamed all the time for that) that they felt bound to nearly elect the bugger.

Kennedycare: Lesson 1 – the Kennedys will shag you and then you will die

….especially if you are a pretty young woman.

David Davis

If this was not the Libertarian Alliance, then the headline would have contained a different four-letter verb instead of “shag”.

Calling the USA! Hear us!

Listen, for we are your friends! We want you to succeed! There is no mileage or benefit for humanity in a hobbled, socialist USA!

Rule 1: whatever the Kennedys say, do exactly the opposite (except for your moon landings which were Anglo-German. Jack Kennedy only hijacked what was to happen anyway.)

Rule 2: give the Kennedys lots of young women and money to keep them occupied. I don’t know how you’ll persuade the young women to comply, but the world might contain enough desperate ones.

Rule 3: stop thinking the Kennedys are some sort of romantic Irish neopastoralist anti-British clan.

Joe Kennedy the bootlegger wanted to sell us, your friends, to Hitler, the deputy-arch-GramscoFabiaNazi after “Joe” Stalin his friend. Those of us who are old enough to remember Joe Kennedy (who f****d his sons’ girlfriends – how much of a loser can you be and still make money?) and what he did and said and – worse – thought, will never never forgive him or forget what time he lost us and you, when you and yours wanted to come to our aid in early 1940 against anti-libertarianism.

Do exactly the opposite of what the Kennedys say, straight away: do NOT lose any time.

Jeremy Clarkson

David Davis

(1) I just wish he’d stop opening his mouth and sticking both feet inside (because he is an intelligent man who has good points to make) and…

(2)  The Germans have themselves to blame partly, because in 1933 the failed-to-not-elect a clever, wicked and nasty psychotic-vegetarian-non-smoking-GramscoFabian-Lenin-admirer, who they could see would lead them to destruction but could not fail to elect because of their own emotional responses to such a mountebank, and they paid the costs later.

Perhaps it’s actually the fault of the BBC programme-researchers, who are most probably charged covertly with the task of getting Top Gear off the air: for racism, homophobia, xenophobia, lorry-driver-prostitutophobia and the like. They can’t do it for any other reason since it makes them so much money…..

Unfair to bankers

David Davis

The State should get the hell out of Banking – and I mean literally, in the sense that it should not even issue Monies if it holds an enforced monopoly on this activity, legitimised directly by itself. I am not going so far as to say that a State should not issue a Money at all – just that others ought to be allowed to compete.

The Free Market will discover very fast whose moneys are worth something and whose are not.

The kneejerk-Daily-Wail-three-health-scares-a-week-MSM-rag-style lynching of “bankers” for our current woes, caused as they actually are by a profligate and financially-incontinent Stalinist State, ought to be exposed for what it is: fingering an easy and conspicuous small target instead of the real culprits. Shades of Hitler and the Jews under Weimar and later, come to mind.

In the 90s and early 2000s, poor old Sir Fred Goodwin was only doing what all other “successful” (in the context of the time) bankers were doing, only more aggressively. He’s Scotch after all, so we can’t blame him for his aggression in business either.

These people were responding in a logical way to what the British State Treasury was doing to its own (monopoly) money: they were “getting it away”. What would we have done in their stead? Inside the only system they knew, they were trying to turn worthless paper into (at least some) performing assets.