He knows he is right

David Davis

Phil” “Woolas”, described as an “Interior Ministry Commisar”, knows he is right. Footballer-sized “bonuses”, compensating for the very real risks to life and limb which are faced daily by “immigration” “officials”, are clearly the right thing to offer.

Mere soldiers, fighting and risking actual corporeal death in far countries about which we know rather a lot, and mere bankers, trying to plug the BOP-gap by the simple act of attempting to earn profits for their banks and their shareholders, are a mere nothing by comparison.

His remark was obviously intended for internal departmental consumption primarily, which simply adds to the evidence that he, and the rest of the Enemy Class, will have to go.

The bastards are plainly not interested in the fates of the rest of us at all, which just confirms my hypothesis that they have turned themselves into droids which are the way they are, on purpose.

"I thought he was Lavrenti Beria, until I discovered..."

ID CARDS: MANCHESTER: LET’s get all the gamma-minus-semi-moron CHAVS on board now while nobody is looking…

David Davis

“Pharmacies and Post Offices” – that’s where the State’s Wards congregate, during what others would call “working hours”,  isn’t it?

Once Tacqui Jacqui Jacquboots has got about 8 million of her specially-crafted-underclass on board, what hope is there for the rest of the people?

Wonder when Polly Toynbee ever visits a “Post Office” or a “Pharmacy”?

And I didn’t know about the fine comments on Mr Eugenides either.

British State to log all travel plans….in advance….

UPDATE:- And Gordon Brown wants   _YOUR_   body….

David Davis

…and so….East Germany and the STASI, here we come, lads. And a £5,000 fine for NOT telling the Gestapo Gazpachio where you are going, when, with what money, your reason for travel, who with, what carrier, what credit cards you own, and the like.

More than 24 hours in advance. 

So, I guess, they can stop you in time if you once said something they don’t like you are a terrorist.

David Davis

Time for what The Landed Underclass calls a “harrumph”. Trouble is, if we don’t harrumph, then the Enemy Class will think we approve. it will of course do no good, for their plans for us will not change, but at least we have registered our displeasure. I expect the death penalty for “crimes against the State People” will be resurfacing soon. 

I advise all UK readers to get dual-citizenship with some other civilised country, such as Russia or Bolivia or Western Samoa (they just came into my head then, that’s all) as soon as possible.

Worrying stuff

We have been alerted to this by an Ian Parker-Joseph piece, flagged also by The Landed Underclass. As many foreign readers as possible had better know what’s going on and rumbling suspiciously under the surface here. This must be before the BBC (and other almost equally-reprehensible News channels) tell them something quite different in their usual oily authoritarian tone.

Bloggers, and especially liberal and libertarian ones, are specially sensitive people, reading a lot as one does, and also ignoring – largely – the MsM, which we find to be increasingly unhelpful and useless as a real information source. We have sensed tension “in the air” for some time now.

Dungeekin had a go at this idea also, back-end of last year. And Legiron, on 26th February, warned people _not to_ riot or even “take to the streets”, as this would give the British régime just the excuse it wanted in order to invoke all its “special powers” it has awarded itself while everyone’s back was turned. you have to wonder where the Queen stands in all this – not that there’s any hope she could arrest the seemingly inevitable course of events which we now mostly suspect.

(I don’t know why that’s all underlined, and I can’t get rid of the underscoring, sorry.)

We guess that what should be done, to anyone who is ostensibly _not_ some form of “Interior Ministry Troops” and who appears to be trying to stir up trouble, is this: that they should immediately be bundled by five or six burly brickies into the nearest white van, and taken somewhere quiet, in order to spend a period of reflection in the company of people determined to find the truth. Although the future life of the brickies may be nasty and short, at least information will be gained about what is to be faced.

Is this YET _another_ anti-English smear, or do we actually torture people?

I have to say that I don’t know. But torture is “institutionally” non-English, and does not originate here. Asia, and other places, are where the Europeans learned it, from having undergone it by defending against invasive incursion in things such as Crusades (I am not allowed to say against what we were defending, for then my son would get suspended from his history course.) And to   _not_   torture while investigating, is essentially an English practise. Read your Paul Johnson: “The Offshore islanders” – chapter ref: “this Realm is an Empire”.

David Davis

This article here is full of implications and non-sequiturs. You lazy indolent buggers out there had better read the entire thing. The  (shifty-looking)  [allegedly] “up for it” guy ( = dude) walked off the plane, in the UK, to his family and to his “law_yers” (if you wozz a state, wott  seriously, regularly, “did” people, in the basement of the “Ministry” for a living, really, like Nazi Gramsco-Marxian scumbags habitually do) then would you let a torturee do that? Walk off the plane in front of camerae? No, I would not either) but the text implies he was tortured at the command of the British “security services”.

There is, as my old co-director used to say about bailiffs, Health-and-Safety-Gestapo, and other fascistically-motivated non-marketeering State-predator-scumbags who used to be paid, out of our taxation, to psychologically-torment us and functionally-impede us in the course of our business, “MORE TO COME ON THIS ONE, SON”. I take great exception to the entire thing, but I will report back tomorrow when it has all got cooked a bit more and I can smell the rats floating in the air.