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Good blog, just spotted

David Davis

Coldsteelrain, heart in right place, what more can a man want? I cannot tell exactly, but I suspect it is written by a soldier.

Here is one good observation for a start – and yes I am being provocative here. And I share his dislike of the unloveable, un-nice and smelly Piers Morgan. if “Britain’s got Talent” is some sort of show in the Wireless Tele Vision, and the man Morgan is involved, then I don’t think that ordinary functioning humans ought to have anything to do with it.

Shun him, for he likes Gordon Brown. There will have to be an “Independent Safeguarding Agency” register of such people, and the Police will have to phone us all when one of them moves in nearby, in case we object.

Hen parties

David Davis

I agree with Celia Walden on this one. The prevailing popular culture of course, under ZanuToryLieBorg, has forced ordinary people without much will-power, and of either sex, to have such events. They are invariably depressing, expensive and humiliating for the Principals.

My first wife and I, in 1973, decided to host a small dinner at a rather new and soul-less hotel in Winchester, for our parents and closest friends. (The hotel’s soullessness was not its fault.)

Thirty years later, my present wife and I decided to host a small dinner, a couple of days beforehand, at our flat in Battersea, for our closest friends, such as those who would be officiating closely on the Saturday, such as “witnessing”, or cooking the grub in the kitchen for everybody, and buttling, after we all shambled back from the Church round the corner. Most of our parents were then either dead, or geographically inaccessible such as my old-fella, who was birdwatching on the marshes round Antwerp, and thought that was more pressing.)

Liberal Classical education will destroy the need for these sad public-humiliation-events.