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Concentrating the Mind

David Davis with Michael Winning (beers)

In the last few days, we have had a lot of stuff about volcanoes. Mainly because our old friend, Iceland, has decided to do its normal thing from over the last 40-or-so-million-years, and produce large volumes of asthenosperic materials, for high-level-projection, in short order. Indeed, an even cursory look at geological maps of Iceland will show an even shorter history of eruptions than that.

The Icelanders ought to be our friends. Indeed, those of us who live here in the North West are probably more closely related to them than you can shake a stick at. But today, I thought I would type rapidly, and without too much affore-thought, about modern civilisation, economics, and (you’ve guessed it) climate change. We people of today, in “New Britain, a YOUNG COUNTRY” as the disgusting and over-grasping pig Blair put it, once, have never seen a real volcano. Nor indeed has anyone else alive today, or even whoever has been alive in the last 70,000 years or thereabouts. (We think….)

What would happen to the AGW movement, which sets out to destroy humanity on purpose, and is by way of almost succeeding now, if there was a real volcanic eruption? You knowof what I speak! The kind from a crater the size of Wyoming, and which carries on for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years? If not thousands? They could,and have done in the past. Planets, especially large and massive rocky ones close(ish) to suns, are big objects with a lot of inertia, in respect of the organisms which might cling tenuously to life on their surfaces. It’s fortunate that they’re mostly as big as they are, or we’d have other difficulties too.

Let’s suppose that Yellowstone goes belly-up, tomorrow. The odds are it probably won’t, but it could. Should we apply the “precuationary principles” to such as event, and indeed could we even do so?

Almost immediately, pretty much all the agricultural land of North America will vanish. Along with it, about half the world’s acreage of grain and other plant crops, in productivity terms. Forget the “people” – to GramscoStalinists, people who live in North America are mere dross or statistics. Unless they are Mexicans or “blacks” but that won’t help much as Mexico and New Orleans (where of course Gramscians say all “blacks” live and all are “disadvantaged”) will be under the ash too. The stratospheric dust and ash clouds will persist for years, maybe decades or centuries. No growing-land will be safe anywhere, and billions may die.

At first, GreeNazis will rejoice. Food will still be avilable, at a price, and the metrosexual kinds will eat, for a while. But the planet has about 66 days’ supply of primary foods for humans at any one time. After the “little local shops” have run out first, and the “locavores” have begun to get restive and angry about “failure of government initiatives to ensure supplies for families, workers and young people”, thngs will start to get exciting. People will start to rob for food and to rob food: Police forces, especially in the UK, will start to behave like they have been itching to for years, deploying all the guns they have been hoarding and training with, especially against “terrorists”. The familes of Police will eat tolerably well, for a time….

The sky will be a dark grey colour most of the time, and it will seem very cold, all the time. The sun will not appear to heat the air at all. Yorkshire-sized icebergs, carrying their own microclimates, will travel as far as Tenerife before melting. The Shetlands may have to be abandoned, along with their oil and gas – which will become a prized commodity. No surviving GreeNazis will dare to speak openly of “bio fuels”, for fear of being made to watch their children being lynched and eaten, before they themselves are spitted and roasted over the fire, fed by their children’s uncollected fat. Saudi Arabia might dry up completely and rains there may fail.

A small Ice Age might be triggered. Two or three thousand years, no more than that, if we are lucky: a mere blip on the paleogeological temperature record.

The precautionary Principle suggests to us two here, that we ought to do the following, given the 1,100 trillion tonnes of Oxygen depositied, for our benefit, in today’s atmosphere:-

(1) Burn as much fossil fuels as we can pump, to make concrete and steel to build as many nuclear power stations as we can fill with nuclides, as fast as possible,

(2) Pay the Chindians to mine as much coal as their hearts can spade up, to help same process,

(3) Raise the atmospheric CO2 percentage to about 1% asap (that’s nearly 30 times the present level!), to promote regrowth of plant life as fast as can be managed, given that air temperature /could/ be a limiting factor.

We might, just might, if  we did all this, now, avert a fully-major human disaster, in which billions of people will die. Ought we not to do this for the children? Afeter all, the probability of this is far higher than AGW…

Leila Deen Plane Stupid Mandelson green custard video astonishingly dangerous people

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This is a   *.avi   of it.

Whatever you might think of The Prince of Darkness – and remember the “LTT” in 1997 – and there are those including commentators on this blog who would even like to have him as a dinner-guest, the “Plane Stupid” people fill me with at least as much anger and fear as do the ALF mob, and certainly far, far more than “radical Islamism” (whatever that repetitious double-positive might be.)

The Plane-Stupid-Nazis and ALF people are here, embedded among us by the activities of (non)-Universities and the State’s “national curriculum” – unlike “radical Islamists”, who are, er, not here: the former are also disguised as real people.

Mandelson, being a socialist, is institutionally-a-killer-of-people, even if he does not know it or believe it himself. That is what makes him what he is. Deen, on the other hand, thinks that she knows perfectly well what she believes and is doing: people who believe what she does _intend_ to kill human beings, actively, by their policies. Incidentally, her public media-relations-training is exemplary – she comes across as in charge of the whole proceedings, with the exception of a little girlish nervousness just after having greened-up Lord Mandy. (I had to laugh.) Really poised perfromance on the whole, and thus very dangerous to everyone in the coming times.

What an extraordinary, and somewhat cathartic, experience it is: watching mandelson and Deen, and by implication all their friends, and trying to imagine a scenario in which you share a planet with such ones.

Interestingly, if you go to Iceland on google Earth, you will find that its main airport has three runways. Just thought I’d mention it.

Oh, and Chicago O-Hare has at least four, as does Paris-Orly, and Schipol appears to have…..five. Hmmmm.

This is fun….it’s only had 4 views, so help the poor lady:-

And how about tihs one then, Miss Deen?

….and what will the buggers do next?

David Davis

Anti-“war on terror” “laws” are being used to upset the normal course of events in the sorting out of an Icelandic Bank which has a little local difficulty. Hat tip Guido, who spotted this in the FT.

If “states” are going to start squabbling over stuff, as if it was post-war-rationed-sweets, like tantrumised children outside a playground in 1948, then we truly are in the poo. This is socialism “triumphing over all the world”, as someone called V. I. Lenin said it “must”.

(Thieving, murdering bastard, and good-for-nothing waste-of-space. Good that he started to smell and had to be replaced by a waxwork. Hope they burnt the remains while nobody was looking, sensible guys. Perhaps Lenin didn’t exist at all, and had to always be played by a body-double, like “Jacqui” “Smith” … in my saner moments, I can’t believe that such a person exists.)

ICELAND … and RUSSIA … I’m such a cretin, why didn’t I see it coming?

David Davis

Tony Hollick will have a good go at me and will say why it’s good for the USSR Russia to counterbalance the USA or something….but….

…..honestly, I’m such a gamma-minus semi-moron sometimes. I fail to spot screaming stuff festering under my nose, which others can smell a mile off.

Of course! THAT’s why the USSR Russia, of all the unlikely stalinist nazi buggers to come to the aid of Iceland, wants to do it. (Er, primarily from Coffee House for making the intellectual leap, sorry guys! Also Christina Speight whose shrill round-robin alerted me to it a few seconds earlier.)

I mean, who’d bother to bail out  _specifically_  _Icelandic_ banks which have slightly over-reached themselves in the eternal struggle to get round socialist regulation of capital ratios, for goodness sake? Specially when the said bailer-outers (the USSR) are sitting on the West’s windpipe? Why not, if it’s money and “stability” you want, bail out, say the Royal Bank of Scotland? No?


The Stalinists Russia want wants something else.

To make sure of this: that when the USA/Canada (Canada not I think any more now, they have HRCs) and other parts of the Anglosphere coming to the aid of liberalism and self-determination and so help threatened Britain and perhaps other European nations to escape the EU and the USSR, something bad will happen. Their Merchant Navy crews and convoy escorts will _go home in body bags_ (or not, being at the bottom of the North Atlantic, joining all the other ones still down there, as is more likely.)

Why does the USSR Russia seem to think is has the need to fly its bears at us? Are we threatening it? Is Georgia threatening it and they have lost their map which was kept in Moscow? Is it trying to make a point? Is Putin’s willy too small? (I doubt it, but I have no first-hand evidence.) If there’s a point, then what? As Peter Simple used to say, “I only ask because I want to know.”

Is it angry that Reagan and Thatcher beat its ruling Enemy Class hollow while that outfit yet espoused Socialism, and does (its unelected ruling class, mostly the same buggers, but with more money) want revenge? If so, is the war over, in its eyes? Or not?

I opine that the West is having a 1919-1939 Armistice-moment. The enemy’s just the same, nothing has changed in over 200 years – it’s national socialist imperialism, just like Napoleon, like the 2nd Reich, the Third Reich, and the USSR (and of course now the “EU”.)

If NATO was worth the paper my boys could write it on, it would say (1)

(1) WE would like to be your friends, BUT………

(2) you seem not to want to be ours……….

(3) and so….

(4)…….”by the way, there will be no USSR Russian facilities in Iceland. Too sensitive for us. You would not allow us to “refuel” our SSBNs at Sevastopol or in the White Sea, so we will not allow you near a strategic island in the middle of the North Atlantic…..

….you see…..it’s the geography, stupid. We would need to send stuff to the people over there, if you decided to stand a bit harder on their windpipes.”

Libertarians anre often the most irritatingly neutral people, when it comes to deciding which specific “states” are “worse”, which is to say more anti-libertarian than other states. Worse, libertarians, being geeks who drink coffee all night in front of their Linux screens, often have very infantile views about foreign policy, trying as they do to find as much fault as possible with more or less pluralist-democratic Western governments – such as poor bloody George W Bush – why the W all the time? We know who he is!

The world is getting darker, and we are involutarily slipping towards the possibility of wars, the polarity of which we cannot yet predict, and the rationale for which our politicians refuse to understand, yet they may mostl likely be continuations of previous episodes – especially if the seminal contribution of socialism, as the prime enemy of the Western Civilisational Canon, is not understood and expunged, and soon.

It is almost too late, but not quite. When things like the USSR’s bid for Russia’s bid for facilities in Iceland, is not rebutted, we get more into trouble.

A society that wants to be, and more importantly, remain – libertarian – must look to its strategic requirements and to its defence. Sorry to be a 1930s Churchillian bore – it is necessary. (Oh, and I do NOT want the job when it may be offered.)

Have to go on school run now. Sorry.