The bastard has changed tack.

David Davis

Seen this? You ought to if not. And this geezer is talked about as a possibly Prime Monster?

C = come

I = in

C = children…

E = eat

R = relax

O = obey.

(Thruth to tell, the whole ID-back-door-scam has probably been on the boil for some time.)

“Compulsory” ID cards “to be scrapped”…

David Davis

So, all along, they were to benefit “youngsters” having to prove their age in pubs?

They should never have been allowed to be seen as a “panacea for terrorism”…?


And “Jacqui” “Smith” had people going up to her and asking for one now?


So…the Govt has spent all this money already: has not got compulsory ID cards yet despite that: is now in complete chaos having f****d up the economy totally: can’t sell its gilts either: and now it tells us that its pet control-freak scheme, designed to enchain us forever, was never a serious proposition?

I think these people, forming or evevr having formed part of this government and its parliament, all ought to be  __FORCED__ to carry ID cards. We can then turn these cards on and off at will. This will be fun:-

We will be enjoying thereby the sport, and sudden bursts of extreme excitement, which we will bw able to have generated in the lives of these wicked, nasty GramscoFabiaNazis who tried to be our rulers for twelve miserable years, in their attempt to supposedly punish us for teaching the entire world The Way To The Door Out Of Hell.

(‘Coz we did, because that’s what we did it’s what we were for, and we did The Right Thing, and f*** the lot of you other bastards who claim to be messianic saviours of Mankind. Yup, the f*****g lot of you. Bugger off to the desert or up pillars, or down catacombs, or to French University libraries, or … or wherever.)

Just imagine, being able to turn off Gordon Brown’s card, just as he’s trying to pay for a new glass eye…

…Someone from our “field research department” having gouged out and stamped on his real one, in front of his children.  And their Christmas presents having been run over by a large bus, in front of them, on Christmas Eve, their IDs having given away to our “driver” (via Twitter?) exactly where outside Hamleys they were and when.

These wicked, evil people, this Enemy Class, are really storing up trouble for themselves.

They really ought to get a grip of themselves, and reach for the Whisky and the Revolver, before it gets out of hand in this poor miserable tormented country. If mild-mannered old disabled chappies like me are saying this sort of stuff about Gordon Brown’s children and what sorrows I’d really like to see befall them and their dad, what other bile is out there?

ID CARDS: MANCHESTER: LET’s get all the gamma-minus-semi-moron CHAVS on board now while nobody is looking…

David Davis

“Pharmacies and Post Offices” – that’s where the State’s Wards congregate, during what others would call “working hours”,  isn’t it?

Once Tacqui Jacqui Jacquboots has got about 8 million of her specially-crafted-underclass on board, what hope is there for the rest of the people?

Wonder when Polly Toynbee ever visits a “Post Office” or a “Pharmacy”?

And I didn’t know about the fine comments on Mr Eugenides either.

More soldiers refused service in leftist anti-war Britain: So embarrassing.

Remember the Metro Hotel in Woking, another garrison town? What’s the betting that some officious guardianista at  J D Wetherspoon watched quietly and thought they’d do the same….

David Davis

Now then….Yes, I _know_ libertarians disapprove of a big State, especially one that does war stuff, but we’re stuck with this one, Britain, as the rather unpromising environment in which we have to try and peacefully build up political suppport for miminal-Statist/liberal policies. All in all, things could be worse; we could be trying to be libertarians in North Korea or Cuba – but not a lot worse.

I’m now giong to get castigated by certain persons on the blog’s commentariat, for saying what I’m going to say……

It’s so discouraging when you find that the people, the material you have to work with and on, are so cretinously stalinist themselves.

And now this. Honestly: how to shoot yourself and your army’s morale in the foot, in front of your enemies the world over, part 17A.

More soldiers, just back from deployment, refused entry to some bar or other, in their depot town, Portsmouth too. Look at the pic: the guys just gotta be over 21.

So, so under 21, yes.

So, so under 21, yes.

It’s so embarrassing, I just so want to die these days, of sheer shame that I share the breathable air with people who casuistically refuse perfectly valid ID, and not be here among this panorama of moral decay.

People who read this, and this and this, and seemingly under these rules, might be interested to take the matter further.

Why do they need ID to get into  _any_  Blighty boozer, at all, anyway, for f***’s sake? Come on J D Wetherspoon, stop reading the Guardian and get out more – perhaps to Afghanistan.

Chaps, if you come up north, we’ll buy you and your squad a pint any time.

I think they are just making it up.

David Davis

Poor old Obnoxio the Clown has just blown another fuse, poor old chap, about “Jacqui” “Smith”, described as an “interior” “minister”, who apparently wetted her knickers in public about the rush of people wanting to “pre-register” for an ID card. I think she did it on purpose, because winding the old chap up is so easy….I do fear for his blood pressure sometimes.

I have heard of “pre-selling” – this is or was a legitimate sales-related activity where you, say send in a “Key Accounts Manager” to, say, Tesco…then they have lunch paid for by you and you negotiate a price for two million dozen etc, but “pre-registering” for an ID card? Nah.

Barnyard animals and tyranny: the role of the British State in the downfall of liberty.

David Davis


Did they turn us into barnyard-animals by public-culture-degradation and removal of schooling, in order to be able to tyrannize us overtly with our consent, so as to show that the idea of wanting Liberty can then be destroyed inside a Free People?



Did they destroy the idea of Liberty, in order to turn us into their barnyard-animals because they are pre-capitalist-barbarians, and wanted to have some animals to shag?

The question does vex me often. Either way they are wicked. here’s a poll:-