Sinister trend

David Davis

It says in The Register that the gramscofabianazi scumbags are going to continue promoting uptake of ID cards by stealth: specifically to the astonishingly uncurious 16-24 generation, which they have deliberately made politically uninvolved in my opinion.

More data, more data….

David Davis

I was going to get to this but Jonathan Pearce of Samizdata has summed the facts up sufficiently clearly already. How long before nobody at all can get any kind of job, anywhere, without one of these Blauscheine? Of course, link conditional acceptance to being clear of today’s equivalent of Witchcraft – even of allegations of Witchraft! – and you’ve got the whole people…in your hands. Sorted.

ID CARDS: MANCHESTER: LET’s get all the gamma-minus-semi-moron CHAVS on board now while nobody is looking…

David Davis

“Pharmacies and Post Offices” – that’s where the State’s Wards congregate, during what others would call “working hours”,  isn’t it?

Once Tacqui Jacqui Jacquboots has got about 8 million of her specially-crafted-underclass on board, what hope is there for the rest of the people?

Wonder when Polly Toynbee ever visits a “Post Office” or a “Pharmacy”?

And I didn’t know about the fine comments on Mr Eugenides either.

Also, politicians and “their” money: and this just came in from…


And THIS is good advice about watching politicians and what they do with their (own) money.

David Davis

Of course, many libertarians disagree about the real extent of the threat of a NBC-type terrorist attack – whether on the USA or any other western nation. In militarily “tough” nations, such as the UK, Australia and USA for example, the threat is probably minimal, and “measures” are really designed to enslave the population to State Bureaucrats rather then do anything about “the War on Terror”.

I suspect that the most vulnerable nations are those whose administrations are weak-willed, or who are currently structurally-left-leaning, such as Spain.

Tom Harris MP: let’s have a cheer for him, sensible man.

Now then….this is the sort of thing our MPs OUGHT TO BE saying!

David Davis

Apparently “marking schoolwork and tests in red ink” …. wait for it …  “could upset children”. Well, I never! What will the Gramsco-Marxian liberal-culture-razers think of next? But Tom Harris joins us in debunking such pointless PC-nonsense. Hat tip The Devil.

The point that Tom I suspect would like to make, but can’t be seen by his mates to, is that all this rubbish is about destroying institutions, and abolishing cultural and folk links with the past (which is evil and anathema to lefties.) It is the “Year Zero” mentality. Until we can get rid of this meme, we are fighting on the back foot.

ITEM:- I remember that, a while back, Tom Harris bravely published a comment thread which was (a) very long, and (b) largely critical of him and his views, on……..I forget what. Ummmm. Oh, here it is! It’s about our growing progress towards being a Police State. But he was brave and fair (Tom Harris, that is.)