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The bastard has changed tack.

David Davis

Seen this? You ought to if not. And this geezer is talked about as a possibly Prime Monster?

C = come

I = in

C = children…

E = eat

R = relax

O = obey.

(Thruth to tell, the whole ID-back-door-scam has probably been on the boil for some time.)

ID CARDS: MANCHESTER: LET’s get all the gamma-minus-semi-moron CHAVS on board now while nobody is looking…

David Davis

“Pharmacies and Post Offices” – that’s where the State’s Wards congregate, during what others would call “working hours”, ┬áisn’t it?

Once Tacqui Jacqui Jacquboots has got about 8 million of her specially-crafted-underclass on board, what hope is there for the rest of the people?

Wonder when Polly Toynbee ever visits a “Post Office” or a “Pharmacy”?

And I didn’t know about the fine comments on Mr Eugenides either.