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You have two Chows

Today, I want to look at an issue on which I think libertarian ideas, as they’re often put forward today, are a bit simplistic and weak. I refer to “intellectual property.” But I’ll begin with some scenarios involving real (or not so real) property.

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The Internet, Mandelson, dinner, Geffen, File Sharing, data, film, music, and all that other stuff you don’t really want

The internet has probably got past the stage where it is a collection of dumb machinery. From now on, I think that  it starts to behave as a thinking organism. If attacked, it will interpret slicing and chopping as a threat, and will heal ways around that.

There is not a thing that I, or these other guys who had a dinner, can do about any of that, any more. I have only one word to say: China.

Forget “new government plans”. I think they are re-arranging the deckchairs on the Titanic.