The really great thing about Trotskyo-Gramscians, who kill people for thought, is that they hate each other more than they hate humans.

David Davis

Perhaps we could get Martin McGuinness or whatever the bugger’s name is, to shoot Gerry Adams, at last. They’re arguing In Front Of The ObaMessiah,  _IN WASHINGTON, ON St Patrick’s Day_  and the ObaMessiah _must_ know who Gramsci is for He Is A Follower…must mean a capital offence for one of them surely.

If we all wake up dead tomorrow morning, somewhere in Lancs, you will know whoo dunn itt.


Doesnt look like a terrorist these days...

Doesn't look like a terrorist these days...

Food, junk food, and health-Nazis: 2009 will get worse.

David Davis

The whole of this post from Junkfood Science is worth reading, for it perspectivises the more or less articulate refutations which a lot of us have suspected and been trying to focus for all you lot, over the last couple of years.

If libertarians are at all serious, then I’m not suggesting that we should shoot all State-food-bansturbators immediately – in the way Stalin accused an obsequious IRA delegation of not being “serious” because the IRA “had not shot any bishops yet”. But…..we ought to make more of the point that if a human being owns his own body, then it’s surely axiomatic that he can place whatever foodstuffs – or anything else whatever for that matter –  that he chooses, inside it. If certain foods are to be “banned”, then this negates that principle and we have become the State’s Farm Animals in very truth. Cigarettes, (any) alcohol, tobacco and (all) drugs, too, are part of the same argument.

Part of the problem of course is that modern pithed people do not understand the economy of, the present dynamics of, and the ultimate reason for, the DHSS. They think that “it costs” the DHSS money to treat people. No analysis is done of where the money has arrived from. Of course, if you are a DHSS bureaucrat, then it “costs” you some of your ultimate yearly bonus if you have to irritatingly spend some of it on some doctors or beds or medicines, to treat the people who supplied the taxation-take in the first place. But if you pith the population, employing techniques such as “good television”, then they won’t realise the conjuring trick you have performed. Furthermore, they will go about supporting you, saying that “smokers are selfish ‘coz they cost the NHS money” and other similar witticisms which televise well on the Wireless Tele Vision thingy machine.

I am afraid I can find no use for this machine at all these days, except to view videos of The Lord Of The Rings, a couple of times a year – that’s quite enough too. Or perhaps as a source for weird electronic parts suddenly needed to complete a project, and Maplin’s closed. Can anybody illuminate my problem please?

BNP membership: BNP: I’m sorry – I have to ask now…why do people get so worked up? Do they steal your clientariats’ votes?

David Davis

Yesterday, we posted this guff about the BNP membership list.

Yep. It’s old news now.

And by seeing this post, you will just inflate our stats becasue we have moved on. But if you call in here, it’s nice (you suckers and Chè-lovers) but anyway we were greatly pleased as we got shagloads of traffic from left-wing sites wanting to know why we were interested …go on….you WANT to know, you just WANT to, you student-activist Chè-JCR-“organiser”, you! You just orgasmically can’t keep away! You just might scoop the scalp of an “extreme-right-winger”! (Rare animals, those, ought to be protected by PETA, you know. Against hunting, and for “bio diversity”.)

Here’s a poll. YOU MAY TICK MULTIPLE ANSWERS. I need to  know some things. I want to ask lefties and others:-

For those who read this far, we are interested not because we like the BNP, for as it is a left wing party we of course do not,  but because we just want to know WHO would and WHO would NOT be prepared to stand up for freedom of conscience, in a Statist State, if put under fire.

Those of you who glibly slag off the BNP and want its people lynched, would find that, when real Stalinists (who are “serious” (or not) as Stalin said when he criticised the IRA delegation for refusing to shoot priests) catch up with you, you will have no time left at all.

Famous, important, opinion-leading actroid “would have joined IRA”.

Well, after arguing about 9/11 for a day, we here have now succeeded in outdoing “The Daily Star” in triviality. (For foreign readers’ benefit, the Daily Star majors on mostly unconfirmed but mostly scurrilous reports of the sexual activities of “foot” “ballers” and their “wives”, and on the similar activities of “Big Brother inmates”. “Foot” “ballers” are “signed” by, which is to say, they work for, “Major Clubs” (whoever he might be, I have no clue) and they “play” “foot “ball”, for money (which is fine in itself: I’m a libertarian after all: I don’t have to like it, though. )

“Big Brother” is a Wireless Tele Vision series of programmes about rude people shagging on the Wireless Tele Vision, and off it too I learn. It is funded indirectly by purchases of things that poor people need to buy, such as cigarettes and strong alcohol, since these people bear the brunt of Stalinism for all their lives without respite, and need anaesthetics on a regular basis, like every day.  These things are therefore taxed heavily (this is called “progressive txation”) and then the tax-take is used by the Labour Government to pay its Enemy-Class-agentroids for the progs to be commissioned, to take people’s minds off Gordon Brown and Stalinism.

David Davis

Today, however, we have this. A really really famous “film” “star”, of whom the entirety of humanity has heard, and to whose opinions all Men willingly defer, has stated, on taking part in a film about Irish Republican terrorists, that she would have certainly joined the IRA. Her wikipage makes interesting between-the-lines reading….

She says:-

“I imagine, had I grown up in Belfast, I would 100 per cent have been in the IRA,” said the actress, whose father is Irish.

“My heart just broke for the cause. Violence is not to be played out daily and provide an answer to problems, but I understand it.”

One is actually less interested in the opinion itself, than its existence and newsworthiness on account of the fact that this young actronnette (she’s only 35, the poor baby) is a movie star. (I do not really watch “movies” these days, finding “new” ones as I do increasingly unhelpful in elucidating stategic solutions to the world’s problems.)

She’s actually quite f***able. Perhaps the rest of her that’s off-camera is even OK too. What a waste that she (claims to) like lefties, and wants to be on their side. Sad: they deserve double-paper-bag-jobs*** such as Harriet Harman and Polly Toynbee.  I’ve sacked a similar girlfriend, quite as pretty as that, in 1980 for saying I MUST stop talking-up Governor Reagan, since he was planning to blow up the world and threaten the poor Soviets. These people need to learn lessons on how to co-exist with normal humans, and can’t expect sex with decent people while yet having wrong opinions. (Perhaps I’m a chauvinist male bastard pig.)

This takes us also onto Barack Obama territory. I noted the other day that most of the “high profile names” who support the bugger are all to do with either the movie or entertainment industries (these may be two different things or they may not, I do not know.)

But when exactly was it that the opinions of mummers and jongleurs, and the modern types of generally useless wastes-of-space-and-rations, began to matter, not just to politicians (which is a small problem) but to ordinary sovereign individuals, which is a bigger one?

*** YOU have to wear one as well, in case hers falls off.

The UK took on the IRA (we lost because the silly-prat Major Blair was a chicken and he bottled out) … but …

… Would the EU like to take it on instead? The EUrobank turned into the Euroskeleton? Glass everywhere?

Fellow Europeans! Do not go there! Do NOT take on the Irish!

Even we, the English, can’t subdue them although we foolishly tried, so we have honourably let them go. They are our brothers and sisters, after all. (You could be, too: get rid of your political elites and we will interview you….) 

Do the same!

For your lives!

David Davis

  [eurorealist] Fw: When Irish eyes stop smiling – – 
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It would seem that the Irish are taking heart from the way the rest of Europe’s peoples and media (NOT the politicians of course) are siding with Ireland against “THE BULLIES”. 
The second piece  treats the whole schmozzle in a somewhat frivolous way. I liked it anyway! 
1. Cowen denies Sarkozy visit is ploy to win new Lisbon vote

THE Government last night insisted the forthcoming visit of French President Nicolas Sarkozy to Ireland was not aimed at increasing pressure for a second referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.
Yesterday, it emerged that Mr Sarkozy’s visit will be marked by anti-treaty protests. ‘No’ to Lisbon campaigners accused the French premiere of attempting to “bully” the Government into re-running the referendum through his visit next month.
An umbrella group of anti-treaty campaigners and groups, including Socialist Party leader Joe Higgins, anti-war protester Richard Boyd Barrett and former Green MEP Patricia McKenna, has pledged to get up to 500 people on the streets to demonstrate against his “finger-wagging” visit to Ireland .
During a news conference in Dublin yesterday, People before Profit spokeswoman Ailbhe Smyth said it was outrageous that Mr Sarkozy was attempting to bully the people into accepting a treaty they had already rejected.
“To use the slogan from the women’s movement — ‘What part of ‘No’ do you not understand?’” she said.
Anti-war protester Richard Boyd Barrett, who narrowly missed out on a Dail seat last year in Dun Laoghaire, said the Sarkozy visit was part of a campaign to “lay the ground” for a second poll on Lisbon.
“A second vote is not a fait accompli,” he added.
A Government spokesman dismissed the claims that President Sarkozy’s visit was intended to increase the pressure for a second referendum.
“President Sarkozy is president of Europe (from today), and, as such, he is welcome to come to Ireland, just like any other head of state,” he said.
The spokesman said that Mr Cowen had made it clear that the Government would “take time” to review what had happened in the Lisbon referendum and would not be making any decision on a second referendum until a Department of Foreign Affairs research survey was completed. The results of that survey are not due until the autumn.
The 15 groups in the Campaign Against the EU Constitution — which range from the Communist Party to Sinn Fein — seized on the remarks of Mr Sarkozy’s official spokesman Axel Poniatowski, who has said there is no other choice for the Irish Government but to hold a second referendum.
Sinn Fein Cllr Daithi Doolan said: “We’re not going to be lectured or be finger-wagged by a political leader who is denying his own people a say.”
=============AND —->
2. Life of Brian is one long dead parrot sketch
POST-REFERENDUM, we’re all living in a Monty Python world. On the ‘Yes’ side of the vote, there is Eamon Gilmore and Brian Cowen re-enacting the Dead Parrot sketch:
Eamon marches into the Taoiseach’s office, brandishing a copy of the Lisbon Treaty.
Brian: What’s wrong with it?
Eamon: I’ll tell you what’s wrong with it, my lad. It’s dead, that’s what’s wrong with it!
Brian: No, it’s, eh, resting.
Eamon: Look, matey, I know a dead treaty when I see one and I’m looking at one right now.
On the ‘No’ side, meanwhile, a gaggle of nay-sayers reminiscent of the People’s Front of Judea from Python’s ‘Life of Brian’.
This CAEUC (Campaign Against EU Constitution) could also be described as an umbrella group of politically diverse leftwing organisations, who have brokered a truce from their internecine warfare to jointly oppose a referendum re-run.
Or one could apply the alternate description offered by then-Taoiseach Bertie Ahern, who hailed the alliance as “a whole lot of loo-lahs of every kind and shape”.
Certainly, every kind and shape of leftie was solemnly seated in the conference hall of trade union Unite’s city centre offices, yesterday morning, to announce a protest march on July 11 — when that arch-imperialist-federalist Nicolas Sarkozy is due to visit Dublin.
The gang was all there: the Communist & Workers Action Group, the Irish Republican Socialist Party, the People Before Profit Alliance, Sinn Fein, the People’s Movement, and, with more than a hint of the People’s Front of Judea/Judean People’s Front split, the Socialist Party, Socialist Workers’ Party and Worker’s Party. The 12 spokespeople present outnumbered the assembled media.
At one end of the table sat Patricia McKenna, representing the People’s Movement, trying to quieten her livewire twins. And at the other end was Richard Boyd-Barrett, wearing his Irish Anti-War movement hat, and distinct from the chapeaux of his many other interests — including the People Before Profit campaign, the Save our Seafront campaign to preserve Dun Laoghaire baths, the bin charges protest, and his leading role in the Socialist Workers’ Party (SWP).
This company of comrades would usually be knocking seven bells out of each other in various ideological turf wars.
But yesterday, all were agreed on one thing — the French President had no business swaggering into Ireland with his middle digit hoisted like a baguette at the Irish electorate — or hatching a cunning plan to overthrow democracy with the help of his capitalist running dog Brian Cowen.
Joe Higgins of the SWP muttered darkly about Sarko’s “Gaullist delusions” and Napoleonic intent.
“He and all the European leaders think they can bestride the world as a major economic and military power,” he warned.
“We’re supporting the protest because we’re not going to be lectured to or finger-wagged by a political leader,” declared Sinn Fein’s Daithi Doolan — who has obviously never had to endure one the finger-wagging lectures regularly given by his own party’s president, Gerry Adams.
Richard Boyd-Barrett, a sort of fresh-faced Ole Gunnar Solskjaer of the Left, said Sarkozy “and the other Euro bullies” were “trying to soften the Irish public up into accepting a second vote”, with Brian Cowen’s complicity. Sections of the media were in on “the plot”, too, he said.
All the buzzwords got a trot — so to speak — around the room. Lisbon was about “casino capitalism”. It was the subversive work of “militarists, neo-liberals, federalists and bureaucrats”.
All terribly alarming. Surely, in the face of such a dire threat, the Irish proletariat is poised to take to the streets on July 11 in their thousands, pitchforks at the ready, joined at the barricades by farmers brandishing burning sheep . . .
“We’re expecting about 500 people,” reckoned Brendan Young of the campaign.
Sensing the audience was less than impressed, he snippily added: “There are significant organisations here who certainly represent more on the ground than Libertas did.
Granted, Libertas is the sort of right-wing movement which makes Genghis Khan look like a bleeding-heart leftie, but surely they’re on the same side on this one. Could it be the one thing the People’s Front of Judea-like campaign hates more than the French president is the Popular Front of Libertas?
And who’s going to be the first comrade in this precarious coalition to break ranks and hurl the S-word?
Not Sarko of course. But that bigger insult: Splitter.