The Prime Minister and the grieving mother: This story worries me

David Davis

Although no possible number of Prime-Ministerial calls (and from a New Labour one they’d have to be very many) can make up for the loss of a child, I am in two minds about the rightness of the Murdoch Tabloids in going postal with Mrs James’ pre-recoreded transcript of her conversation with Gordon Brown. You can read it on Guido of course here, for what we here want is the utter demolition and erazement of GramscoFabiaNazi administrations in the UK for all time and for ever.

But, I note that the PM is partially blind, probably has not written a letter by hand for many years, and is actually a PoliticoGeek. He is not a real human being, he probably has forgotten how to spell, and has certainly forgotten how to write letters personally to people: this is since Fascist-left-policy-engenderers must have no personal feeling for anyone, anywhere, ever. They are “movers-and-shakers” – it is their term, they and their “PR” hangers-on in the 1980s invented it, and they will come to be lynched by it in the end-times.

We shall think about the delights of moving them about, perhaps from Westminster to other places, and then we shall think a little bit about shaking them, perhaps on the end of a piece of piano-wire, or string if that’s what’s allowed by health and safety, until they are dead. Then we may, or may not, eat them. That depends on whether they have caused us to starve, freezing in the dark, by then, or not. Thinking about eating them is what they would call a “real-time tactical proactive option”.

That said in Gordon’s defence, and then thinking about our war against GFNs, I think it’s perfectly fair to use all available underhand means to destroy and utterly discredit and mudsling this bastard administration, out of existence.

Socialism, mining, farming, starvation, destroying the Renaissance, and liberty

David Davis

This post was triggered by a typically-Englishly-humorous, but actually deeply worrying, article by Jeremy Clarkson in the Sunday Times last issue. The comment-thread alerted me to the connection between the deliberately-organised Total-State-destruction of farming in the UK and a supposed grudge held against “the Tories” (who of course are all farmers as is natural) by the GramscoFabiaNazis, in supposed revenge for “The Miners”, in 1984/85.

There is a very observable difference between the behaviours of today’s GramscoFabiaNazi socialists in the UK, and some other quite [in their terms] successful ones historically. By which I mean their projected attitudes towards activities conducted by (still nominally free) individuals in the UK versus their counterparts in previous and current Reichs. The British GFNs are extremely and violently opposed to any sort of activity which might give individuals, even through theft of highly-regulated-State-farm-produce, either access to growth of foodstuffs of any sort, or indeed to the ready supply of a wide range of these unless they are approved, such as boiled turnips without salt. I’m not sure that even North Korea goes this far – either through bureaucratic innefficiency or through practical policy, although we do know that people there have been reduced to eating shoe-leather on occasion. A boiled turnip would have been fallen-upon by entire platoons with gusto in Stalingrad I would imagine, but we do not have to emulate this state of affairs yet, except through our own negligence about the identity of persons in the Enemy Class.

In this essay, I want to talk about the fates and future of traditionally-socialist-hijacked-pasttimes –  such as mining and farming: and by implication also generalised heavy industry and “peasant type” activities, all of which have been prostituted [in diffreent ways it is true] by our Enemy Class and the same previous Enemy-Classes of earlier-brutalised nations such as Germany and Russia.

There will now be three corners, in which teams will play:-

(1) In the red corner, I put up today’s British Deep Greens, New Labour, the Global-Warm-mongerers:

(2) in the green corner, I will place the NSDAP and its Wordsworthian neopastoralist (often British) forebears:

(3) in the blue corner will go Joe Stalin and all his diabolical children, the “people’s” polities the world over.

To confuse everyone, and to keep things exciting, the green corner will play first. Leaving aside the NSDAP’s genocidal policies and openly cheerful frankness about the fate of entire native peoples in the way of its racist expansionist plans for Western Asia, that caucus never wavered in its promotion of the manly virtues of physical toil “on the land”, and the nobility of maximizing farm production – indeed it was forced to, willy-nilly. This was by implication coupled with the racist virtues of the natural counterpart to that exertion, in the bedroom. In fact I believe, reading Joachim Fest fairly recently, that women in the Third Reich actually got a silver cross for having borne eight children or more…or, like the “People’s car”, that was actually to be the intention – just like Gordon Brown’s rehashing of announcements about waiting lists for cancer tests. (I so wish I could write without digressing toooooo much. Trouble is, there so much to say and so little time.) The Third Reich made no bones about the importance of both agricultural and industrial production, and although Deep Green in the roots of its philosophy – organic farming in the modern idiom was formally reinvented there – would not have hesitated to put in the Kripos and SD against people who, say, vandalised crop trials of new varieties of whatever. The nearest Gestapo guillotine would have had to be honed, oiled and hosed down regularly. I also don’t expect there’d have been much public sympathy for miners and those who criminally-photocpied newsletters supporting a strike for more pay, once nuclear fission have become a reality for electricity generation in about, say, 1949 (under pressure as they were, and with 35 million more Russian slaves that would by then be available, this might have been just possible.) Isn’t it interesting, how slavery is the ultimate green energy resource? It’s even “carbon-neutral, well, sort of….the slaves’ food (if any) has fixed CO2 from the air, and is exhaled or defecated, returning said gas for recycling. And you can compost a dead slave or burn it, fairly simply.

Let’s now go to the blue corner. Let’s hear it for Uncle Joe and his Jolly Killers. Uncle Joe’s problem with farming and food-production was not the amount, or the type of permitted stuff, but who was doing it most effectively. In this, he is a transitional death-dealing-GramscoNazi, and he begins to resemble our current staff of DEFRA, those which advise these droids, andof course the ultimate droids who sanction that sort of advice on account of it being “in tune with nature”. Joe-Stalin simply objected to people being able to dispense with the universality of the Soviet State, and also needed a scapegoat-class for the failure of his own Marxist-Leninist planning and execution (bad word there, sorry.) The socialist-realist imagery, of crag-jawed hammer-wielding workers staring fixedly up off-camera-stage left, and pointing, assisted by staggeringly-unshaggable “peasant” wives (I presume) in headscarves bearing bulging wheatsheaves, was probably invented under his tutelage. The results of course were nugatory. I presume Russia can feed itself these days as we do not hear any more, even on the bolgosphere, of how many US and Canadian grain-ships are going there this year. Or perhaps they just buy it from India and Pakistan, and don’t say anything.

The red corner at last contains our own home-grown lefty-droids, the GramscoFabiaNazis. The particular ones which have attracted my interest, and ire, are of course a special subgroup thereof, who know everything there is to know about land management, animal-husbandry, mechanised high-volume-crop-production in an uncertain world, forestry-conservation and woodland management, and of course salt-marshes (very important places these as you will see.) These strangely are the only lefty-droids actually to class as absolute-hunger-droids. Not even Mao, Castro or whoever now terrorises North Korea ever pretended to want to _reduce_ the useful output of given areas of land, let alone actually run schemes called “set-aside”, or actively and publicly encourage insects and woldlife at the expense of human bellies. We know that they want to be “Honestiores” at the expense of everyone else, but even slaves have to eat, and eat good and hard, or else they are of no use as a green energy resource or pool-of-pretty-children-generators. EU directives on agriculture and land-use are merely an excuse: these buggers could ignore every one if they wanted, and nobody will come after them or us. They merely find the stuff convenient to hide their enmity-toward-the-rest-of-us behind. I find it hard to get into their skulls – perhaps we’ll eventuall have to do it the old-fashioned way.



Jeremy Clarkson

David Davis

(1) I just wish he’d stop opening his mouth and sticking both feet inside (because he is an intelligent man who has good points to make) and…

(2)  The Germans have themselves to blame partly, because in 1933 the failed-to-not-elect a clever, wicked and nasty psychotic-vegetarian-non-smoking-GramscoFabian-Lenin-admirer, who they could see would lead them to destruction but could not fail to elect because of their own emotional responses to such a mountebank, and they paid the costs later.

Perhaps it’s actually the fault of the BBC programme-researchers, who are most probably charged covertly with the task of getting Top Gear off the air: for racism, homophobia, xenophobia, lorry-driver-prostitutophobia and the like. They can’t do it for any other reason since it makes them so much money…..

Peter Harvey and the “classroom incident”…Reading the story in full, one’s instinct is to side with the teacher on this one.


You’d stop the experiment. But read on…

David Davis

(They’d better not ask me to go on the Jury on this one!)

Go here for the details. Perhaps more later, bearing on the future of de-education in this miserable, wrecked country.

Some teachers may feel it’s time to fight back against the tide (about which I am told daily by students) of Wireless-Tele-Vision-driven amorality and lawlessness which is engulphing first the “worst” schools, and in time the rest, on the “State” side.

Update from Daily Mail: Year-9s! (I guess) I might have known: the very worst sort, it is the time of a teenager’s life when “school is dead”. An entirely an un-necessary wasted year in the “Curriculum”.

But possibly it was not the best thing for Peter Harvey to do, in the present circumstances, if indeed it turns out that he has seriously assaulted a student. One does not assault students, for it upsets the parents if the students have any, and it is demeaning both to student and teacher, for the relationship ought to work better in any case without this.

The reasons why teachers may come to the point of “losing it”, and decking the students directly, lie in the deliberate deconstruction of the educational environment. This deliberate policy has been prosecuted most particularly by this present Labour Government in order to produce a biddable and totally uncurious and uncritical “electorate”. However, previous administrations are also not blameless, notable all of them since about 1945.

One ought not of course to assault female students at all, which is the corollary of course, of the fact that it is not suitable for them to be soldiers.

We have to do other stuff first. The props of the current State “pupils are right, teachers are wrong” system have to be kicked away first, and then all Wireless tele Vision transmissions, with the exceptions of “Top Gear”, “DAVE” and the “Discovery Channel” have to be shut down for good.

Until the Enemy Class can be destroyed, and their power to deliberately currupt and enslave the minds of humans can be abolished, it is also not suitable for there to be Wireless Tele Vision transmission-ability in the hands of most of the people who run them now, and who “make the programs”. Until we can deal with the “program makers” and re-educate them in a rather special and exciting farm (un)designed for the purpose, we have to deprive them of the power to corrupt, which is to say, tramsmit.

Only Jeremy Clarkson and his friends will be allowed.

This sad event was bound to happen, sooner or later, under ZanuLieBorg, the GramscoFabiaNazis, and “educationists” – all of whom I absolutely blame, 100%. not the teacher and not these particular kids.

They are just sad lab-mice in a gagantic and wicked political experiment.