Barack Obama needs to know what the THREE THINGS are which God does not know….Libertarian Alliance Catholic Joke Of The Day

David Davis

God does not know these three things:-

(1) How many orders of Nuns there are…

(2) How much money the Franciscans have…

(3) What a Jesuit is REALLY thinking…

Barack Obama had better check up on this stuff, before it’s too late. Oh, and this just in from Blaney’s Blarney via Obnoxio the Clown.

Meanwhile, the fascist slobberpigs at the United Nations (global-warmists, foul murderers, child-abusers, thieves and shysters) have nothing better to do than to ask Britain to become a Republic.

David Davis (the other one)

I mean to say. How low can you get? (Not that republics are low, just the present lot of UN villains and other diabolical subhumans, a newly-hatched-clutch of which are telling us here how to order our affairs.)


My late mother, who was a Lebanese “French Presbyterian” (I have to say I never discovered what one of those might believe in detail, as she was only forthcoming about how “GAWD” “will smite you” for not wanting to go to church (every Sunday) and anyway I’m an “English Catholic” so there’s no point in discussion) used to trumpet regularly to me over the dinner-table, when I was a young boy:- “WHEN YOU ARE A MAN, YOU WILL WORK FOR THE UNITED NATIONS!!! YOU WILL HAVE A TAX-FREE-SALARY, AND YOU CUNNUT (sic) BE SUCKED!!! ( sic)

it can’t but remind me of the famous Jewish-Momma-Joke… Old momma on beach sees son in water in trouble…”HELP HELP!!!!   MY SON THE LAWYER IS DROWNING!!!!” 

(I think she thought she meant that I could not be fired. Well, perhaps I ought to have listened. I would not be having to write these things about this evil organisation on this blog, if I’d taken her advice.)

Who knows? I could even have been the chappie ordering the UK to dissolve its Monarchy and constitution, and form a Republic!