Not a problem

David Davis

If Sikh schoolchildren ought to be allowed to wear their ritual daggers, that’s fine by me. As boys in the 1950s, we routinely had folding pen-knives, at school and everywhere else. I still carry mine. We used them to whittle sharp sticks in “break”, to poke each other with in class, and to make wooden guns with which to go “yadda-da-da-da-da-da-da” when playing “British and Germans” on the football field.

The more children that carry working knives as part of normality, the better. And for equality’s sake, everyone else ought to be allowed them too. Then, we can move on to guns, at last, and discuss those.

When the Law is not on our side, hard cases make bad Law

David Davis

Knife crime

There are things which need to be said about the horrific murder of “Ben Kinsella”. I didn’t do it at the time, because we were diverted by expenses stuff and slaying GramscoFabianazis, for other and more global crimes. Stalin said I think that “one death is a tragedy, but many are a statistic” – I hope we are not getting like him. Now, as to people like Ben Kinsella, I often put these people’s names in parantheses, whether they are alive, or increasingly these days sadly dead, because I do not really know who they are. They get in the news via minor celebrity-connections, and tragically sometimes meet with misfortune: not that I’d wish misfortune on any human being, and certainly not being stabbed in a dark street, whether in front of people or otherwise. But what happens to them matters, as it throws up signals about what the Enemy Class are trying to do to us all.

For foreign readers unfamiliar, this poor young man was the younger brother of a moderately-famous “TV” “soaps” “actress”. He by all accounts had a bright future and everything going for him (…er…these unfortunate people always do…so why doesn’t everyone?) and got knifed to death in a London street some months ago. It was something to do with being on the periphery of, but in the line of vision of, some GramscoFabiaNazi-engendered-underthugs who have been created on purpose to execute acts like this, outside a “bar” in a rather exciting area of London, well after dark: he and his “mates” having attracted the afforesaid attentions and enquiry-facility of the said droid-underthugs, whose *.exe file acts as a caller-to-dll, to “demand respect”.

When you remove guns, major criminals will pile heavily into guns, and use them all the time, as is the case in the UK today. These people fear nothing, for they know that nobody except their turf-enemies (who will be dead) and the Police, who are (not dead but) bribable –  being Gramscian State-agents – has guns. Minor criminals, such as people with plangent and honourable names such as “Lee”, “Ricky”, “Winston”, “Leroy”, “Patience”,  “Praise-the-Lord-Small-Glass-Ball”, “Duane”, and the like, will take the low road, and will get more simple weaponry for otherwise inconveniencing ordinary people who are in the way. This can mean knives, for knives are freely available for lawful and incontrovertible reasons, and you can hurt people with knives if you know what to do (it’s not as easy as it looks on film.)

The solution to “knifecrime”, as with “guncrime”, is to allow individuals to carry concealed weapons. Being as old as I am, I cannot imagine any normal grown man going about without at least a sharp and multibladed pen-knife in his pocket, as we did as boys in the 1950s. It was what you did – it was your job, and you’d been shown how to whittle sharp sticks with it by your granfather: it was what our fathers and grandfathers did all day, after fighting wars. Students whom I teach are shocked and scandalised and in awe of the fact that this was what we did: if they did so much as go into school with a folded pen-knife in their pocket, they would certainly be “suspended” and possibly “excluded”. I caused a minor stir at the Liverpool office of the Passsport Agency nearly three years ago, when one (with a fortunately short blade, under the minimum length for summary arrest, having been so sharpened for so many decades) was lifted from me by the metal-searching-machine: I have carried it for 49 years. I would no more think of sticking this item into another human than I would fly through the air. But if in a sticky situation in the Small Hours, “in the wrong place at the wrong time” (terrible phrase used by Armed Police who shoot people) it might save my life. Similar items moght save others.

Poor Ben Kinsella was killed because of these things:

(1) He was in a silly place – as a teenager you do NOT go to interesting and exciting bars in shaky places, and _in the night too_ , specially if you have a sexy sister who is on the Wireless Tele Vision, and so you might be a bit known,given what GramscoFabiaNazis have done on purpose to create an agressive and uncontrollable subclass of orcs,

(2) He was unused to personal hand-weapons, probably having grown up in a culture where their very mention is taboo, and thus both unable not only to use them, but more vitally, to parry the blows without too much injury to himself,

(3) He grew up in a culture where you “celebrate” something, such as GCSEs (what’s there to celebrate?) by going to the very places where the gramscoFabiaNazis have put killer-droids masquerading as gin-traps for the unwary.

The Bad Law comes in when our “legislators” recommend huge prison sentences – or worse – for “knife crime”. The solution is threefold: (a) better people, and the elimination of deliberate Gramscian destruction of that fragile fabric of society which gives rise to “better people”, (b) remembrance of the fact that one has a duty to protect one’s own life and that of those one loves, since the State is currently so bad it this job, and (c) not to be railroaded by the MSM into meekly accepting bad abd draconian limitations on one’s own ability to protect against the temporary (hopefully) products of GramscoFabiaNazism.

Sunday afternoon thoughts on male aggression, and socialism

David Davis

WE watched, as is usual when we have the time, the Belgian Formula 1 GP, which was slightly less unexciting than normal owing to a good pile-up on the first lap. Perhaps we subliminally enjoyed the implied violence? I do not know….

…There is something wrong with today’s car-racing tracks, which I will deal with in time. But in short, they are (1) too short, (2) have got too many really really sharp corners straight after the start, and (3) don’t allow driver/car-changes midstream if you prang or the driver gets killed, and (4) don’t allow you to jump into the spare car (and where is it then?) while the track is still covered with shrapnel. Peter Davis and I did a nice track nearly two years ago on here, about 26 miles long and rather interesting on Googleearth. We will come back to it. You can serch for it in the meantime.

But…..male aggression. It’s probably one of the things that made Homo sapiens sapiens as successful as (he) is, in the battle for survival against shithead short-arsed-bears bureaucrats, sabre-tooth tigers Soviets, and so on. I have been thinking about this for some time as I find that male students vary considerably in their ability to manage or mask or evince aggression as a statement of attitude, and it does seem to vary corelationally by school. (The Governmint might want to know that.)  Janet Daley today examines what she suggests the fascist PC-left have done to being about the explosion of gang culture and knife crime among young boys and young men. It’s worth a read, even though lots of libertarians don’t like her.

In “New Britain”, youth male aggression is not channelled, and so individual directionless crime is rife: why? Because:-

(1) There are no fathers, only “mums”. Girls are born to “mums”, but boys are born by parthenogenesis to “single partners”. “Fathers” are just devices which prodice the necessary gametes, seemingly on demand (I can’t figure out how or why.)

(2) Young boys have to have their heads shaved at three and watch football all day on the Wireless Tele Vision, and “hang out”.

(3) “Schools” have sold their football fields for the building of “affordable housing”, so there are no “competitive sports” which foster “elitism and “inequality” anyway, and so are bad.

(4) The Naitonalised Curriculum has been voided of content and also femiNazised, in order to render school (on purpose) seemingly useless to boys, so that they can be made to prefer streetgangs as a form of daytime outdoor relief.

Socialism (a fungus) of course needs this machinery to propagate within what is otherwise a highly-ordered civilisation, formed sort of accidentally under liberty.

Is socialism a fungus born out of evolution and natural selection, and which exploits a niche? DISCUSS

Knives are not the danger…

….but the Enemy Class that creates unsocialised knife-wielders is.

David Davis

Now, Marks and Spencer – and earlier, Tesco – join the ranks of the wannabe-State-Nannies.

Setting up an education system which de-civilises from an early age, coupled with continuing to treat adults like children, produces these conditions and events.

The nursery where my sainted wife works has a “policy” of not only not having “war toys” (a pejorative for guns) but not even allowing the word to be mentioned. Welocme to the Endarkenment.

The killing of young children in schools and nurseries is quite modern. Is it socialism trying to use incidents to exert more control, or has something really gone wrong in the software of individual people?

David Davis

There has not been a mortal attack on a school or nursery here in the UK  for some time. Dunblane was the worst, but was not alone. I firmly believe, AND not being a conspiracy-theorist myself, that it was deliberately staged as an incident to justify the forced removal of all “hand guns” from the population of the British Isles. I have no evidence for this assertion at all, and I probably never will, nor have I time to find out. But the choreography was all so smoothly executed, and so fast – within hours – with total compliance from all side of the House of Commons. There was another one, in Tazmania.

Those of us who don’t do conspiracy theories such as the 9/11 crap, but who are quite able to impute base motives to our leaders in matters such as gun control, have probably been bracing ourselves for an event involving young children, or, preferably, babies. So here it was, but in Belgium, and involved knives not guns.

So: is the covert state strategy the same as before… “guns in the hands of the people are unacceptable, but let’s demonise knives more, so we can take those away too in time”?

Or…has something gone wrong in the way people relate to each other at a basic family level, and which also could be due to socialism or at least its lovechild femiNazism?

FemiNazism, I must explain to those not familiar with the clever leftist chappie Gramsco-Marxski (whose works are often bad-mouthed on here)  is a software-program that is for corrupting instinctive human interactions at a family level. This then creates desocialised sub-humans who go about killing autistically-defined targets – such as children or babies, or Kulaks (if you are Stalin), or “intellectuals” (if you are Pol Pot) or Jews (if you are Hitler or Stalin or Lenin or Hamas – whatever that might be – or AlQuaeda – whatever that might be, perhaps it will turn out to be the UN in disguise, we shall all, if possible, have to stay alive to find out.) FemiNazism’s principal weapon is the humiliation of males at an early age, by removing the authority – or even the presence – of the father figure.

I obviously know even less than the poor stressed Belgian Police do right now, about this poor tormented creature who decided to attack babies and their carers with a knife, while dressed as a “batman” or something. Libertarians would agree that we don’t think it’s important what he was wearing at the time. But these sorts of crimes all share a common thread:-

(1) They are terribly visible – strange, if you are going to do a crime? Why leave a trail? And in front of the MSM?

(2) They are against terribly vulnerable individuals – children, babies, unarmed teachers for example.

(3) The perpetrator is often killed, or commits suicide at the scene, such as Thomas Hamilton – also very, very, very odd – why? or is arrested and then kept in isolation for ever, such as Martin Bryant.

AND….why is there no wikipedia page for Thomas Hamilton? Eh? You are redirected to “Dunblane Massacre” only, which you already knew about or you’d have buggered off already.

Very odd. But even against that,  George Bush will be shown by history to have not blown up down the twin towers and told all 4,711 Jewish employees to stay away made it look like the “Islamists” wot dunn itttt……uuurrrrrrrrrrr, duhhhhhhhhhh.

Oh, and I’ll put a pound on that. So there. A Pound of Silver against any one Truther at 50-to one. Watch. Let’s see if truthers watch this blog. If I’m right, you pay me 50 pounds (729.9 TROY ounces) of silver metal. In metal. Here. You will bring it or courier it.

I want Silver, not Gold, sorry.

I have to say I find all this very odd, given that privately-owned firearms were quite commonplace in my youth in the 1950s, and that almost no crime was committed with them whatever. if one was, then it was a seminal and global event, and was mentioned on the WireLess Radio News, on the BBC Home Service.

The fact that “incidents” have been multiplying (and I have not even talked about the various campus-massacres in the USA) lead me to deduce that either some males are going mental under the stress of socialistic-FemiNazism, and fail to be properly socialised as free individuals able to take decisions about not harming others – therefore being reduced to the status of primitive apes, or else the State – whether it be here or elsewhere in the Anglosphere such as Australia – wants to obliterate the ownership of any kind of lethal weapon….for the protection presumably of the Statists themselves.

But how will Jamie Oliver react to the blanket prohibition of kitchen-knives for example….after the “amnesty”, of which there will inevitably be one? How will we prepare his tucker, for the cheeky-chappie?

I just ask to be told, that’s all. And here’s what somebody else whom I do not know, but who seems sane, thinks.

The price of socialism, part 46,574-C/5-a : one home burgled every two minutes

…..and where is the safe haven, just askin’ – as it’s an interesting question……….

David Davis

Well well well: the powers that be have noticed that crime might rise if people are struggling to find their daily bread. But only if you are intent – as Fabianazis and Gramsco-Marxians deliberately are – on creating an anti-civilisation of bad-people, whom you think will vote for your handouts, or better – not vote at all on anything.

The answer is more guns, and knives. In our hands. if the bastards get gutted, or blown away in shreds and their remains have to be hosed off the front path, it’s their problem.