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And so will the GCSEs be even better…?

Same picture for three years running...duuuuuh

Same picture for three years running...duuuuuh

Libertarians generally don’t think the State ought to be allowed much to do with education, specially where content in concerned: this can be fatal to a civilisation as is now being shown:-

David Davis

As I predicted, there has been _yet another_ stright improvement in this year’s A-level results. Always, always, more and more tractors are produced than ever before: incidentally, whatever happened to all those tractors? Why was not the USSR and the Warsaw Pact the breadbasket of the planet?

Paradoxically, the better Universities are forced to ignore largely, the new “elite grade” A*: letting students in on this basis, and distinguishing the best from there merely competent, will lay them open to GramscoFabiaNazi lynchings and spinnings about “elitism”.

Next week, it’s the GCSEs’ turn. I fully expect 75% of everyone achieving A* to C, owing to lowering of the “grade boundaries”…..if the 11-y-o-“SATs” results are anything to go bym they’ll have had to.

Libertarian Alliance British Stalinist Soviet Exam Results week; demolition post No-1: “progress”

David Davis

Here’s Stephen Pollard saying stuff better and more succinctly than I can right now (chores to do).

If I live 1,000 years, Men will still say that we were right, about the deliberate de-civilisation of Britain which had to be accomplished in particular in order to bring about the Endarkenment.

And that the GrasmscoFabiaNazis did what they have done, on purpose.

If you deliberately make exams easier and more rote-learnable, and include Pornography and Perverted Science, then you will create the slaves that you desire.

There is now no practicable help to avoid GramscoStalinist dictatorship in the UK, whatever form the UK will take over the next 30-50 years. We are inside the entrance to the Tunnel of Endarkenment, and being propelled forwards and downwards, for there are now less than 500 people who understand what is going on truly and who can do anything individually – and that is not enough, I fear, to make a difference any more.

We must treasure memories, store them in any permanent way we can, whether in Libraries (vulnerable to mobs sadly CD-ROMs, caches of information and scrolls, whatever. WE must store science, engineering, history, high art (not the “progressive” kind for that is blind and cannot say the future even though it tries) pictures and plans of stuff like Salisbury Cathedral, the Humber Bridge, oil rigs, Apollo-11, the diode, the triode, the triode-ransistor, and so on. This must be so that thhose who come after us, or those from the Stars,= who find our records in the deepnesses of Space, will know that we tried and that we tried hard to be worthy of some place in the Universal Order of Things.

I once fantasised that we ought to send CDs into space on unknown trajectories: perhaps we ought to after all.

Wikipedia 3-millionth…

article in English, and about 13 million in total.

David Davis

Libertarians ought to be awfully-pleased about the availability of resources like Wikipedia – not only that, but the philosophy behind it.

There are a few things I have looked for there that have not been logged up by some madman, but not many. You have to try hard to outsmart it. You can even find rather-obscure German WW1- fighting ships, like Roon, for instance, which is an almost-unknown andactually quite interesting boat….

Will this object become the largest single document or library in Man’s history? (I don’t count Google, as it’s not really a unitary URL.)

Here, I want to discuss an issue that has been bugging me for some time. In the British Soviet State Brainwashing education system, most teachers I have come across badmouth and slate Wikipedia, and discourage their pupils from using it – even in some cases to thee xtent of disallowing refs and info quoted from there, in projects. their case rests on:-

“It is bound to be inaccurate and biased, because anyone can edit it”.

Now to me as a libertarian, I think that when something like Wikipedia attains a sort of critical mass (it has now done) then the tendency for erroneous or misleading info to stay up for long diminishes. The more people that know stuff thet are “on”, the more likely it is that errors of any kind will be corrected fast.

Fred Bloggs and I humorously placed a satirical cartoon about the EU on its page, a few weeks ago – and it was removed in six (6) minutes.

I don’t know: what do you people out there think?

Meanwhile, Johnny, the A-level results will be out on Thursday…

David Davis

…and, natch, on Thursday the spin-Doctor will say the following:-

“This year’s record results for A’s and A*’s, reflect the even more outstanding achievements of our dedicated teachers and astonishingly brainy young people, who are even more intelligent and have been working even harder than ever before in the history of the endangered planet, achieving mega grades in these really really hard exams which are the envy of the world.”

I will have more to say when the results actually come out.

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