Labour scumbags

Michael Winning

Just chanced on this stuff which Guido Fawkes has done

Dont know if many of you international folk we have on here read Guido Fawkes, you should. You will find what we have to put up with here under the nasties that got in while we werent painting attention. The comments are huge, you simpley cant credit how many he gets, but ignore most oneliners for they are just narcissistic rants, and look for the longer pieces by regulars I think.

That Emily Nomates women, isn’t she on the News or something?

This needs to be known

Michael Winning

I just seen this again in the Maily Dail, like I do sometimes. Current events dont seem to disabuse me of the same notion, like the bastards are still at the honeypot, thinking it’ll last them till they finally get us. I wish more people were more angry than they are. The Boss gets his trousers taken off by commenters for saying that these people will get killed and eaten but what else can you do in the ehnd?

Could it happen?

Michale Winning

Iain Dale thinks Labour could just dissovle, through lack of funds. Personally I doubt it as there’s too much in the way of vested interests in the Party continuing to be. But if it does disappear, the various denizens of our Enemy Class will have to infiltrate and subverty some other party. I expect it will be the Tories and we libertarians will still all have our work cut out, only more slowly. The Tories offer the best hoipe of these people staying “close to the centre”, have more money, and won’t abolish anything like the right number of Quangos which is 100% of them.

ZanuLieBorg may (perhaps) become irrelevant next year…

…or perhaps not, if it rigs the Election, or invokes the CCA…

David Davis

…but the Enemy Class has done all the important preliminary damage to English liberal civilisation already. They’ve done in under thirteen years the equivalent of the first 5-minute part of the Air Raid. This is the bit in which, with hard-case ground-penetrating bombs using short-delayed-pistols, you must break all the water-mains and gas-pipes, sever the underground parts of the city’s electricity-grid, and knock out the transformer-substations.

I guess we should give John Major a mention, for laying down the coloured sky-markers for them to assault.

Now that Matthew D’Ancona has left the Spectator, he seems to write rather better.

_But_ I urgently counsel all of you not to assume that David Cameron is going to be the next PM. We’d all here like the LPUK to form the next government as a prelude to a permanently much much smaller one. But canvass all we might, on our hands and knees in the windy rainy nights, and yet give it all the money we can scrape up, it’s not going to happen in 2010.

We as a voting nation, if allowed, may yet possibly succeed in consigning this current crowd of wicked “movers and shakers” to political oblivion, for a time if not for the rest of their own working lives. We ought not to worry about them for they have shafted plenty of money off us, so they may perhaps not starve in the street. However, what’s still to be done about the facts that (a) shiny legislative machinery has been left behind purposefully, for use later on, and (b) a very very large cadre of unapologietic activists has been and is yet now being created, in things called “unis”?

What’s to happen to the “National(ised) Curriculum”, deliberately crafted to turn out tacit helot supporters of the prevailing hegemonic discourse, if not also active prosecutors of it where clever and evil enough?

As I have said recently, it’s no use either to professional libertarians or indeed even to ordinary living humans, if the structures placed by the Enemy Class for our permament future enslavement are not demolished and replaced by all the free institutions and previously-freely-allowed interactions between humans that existed before the said Class really got going.

I didn’t know this either: that settles it…”bullying” is hegemonic Enemy-Class school strategy

David Davis

I was appalled by this article. Harrumph, you might say, but why set up a MSM and hegemonic culture that tells little boys to tie up a primary-school girl and whip her, and then which lets the blameworthy-school sack the dinner-lady who grasses up the little scumbags to the girl’s parents?

I got off lightly in 2004. I personally addressed a little scumbag who was bullying my boy in year 5, cheerfully advised the headmaster by phone what I had done, and was told “you are NOT supposed to approach the other children”: to which I said that the “bullee” was my own son who is my property, and I would thus approach anybody it pleased me so to do, about the matter, in view of the instutionalised-uselessness of the Police. No more was heard, and the bullying died off. That headmaster “was terminated” owing [it is said] to some indiscretions with the school secretary, and then subsequently died, a little later (I had nothing to do with that!)

Bullying has been written about here before, in its presumed promoted role as an Enemy-Class-tactic to eliminate free-thinkers and sensitive humans from the slave-class.

Look, I’m sorry: I’ve had this libertarian “no-violence”, “no use of force to persuade”, “everybody’s natural rights”, “freedom to say objectionable things” guff up to the nostrils. For, in the war in which we now find ourselves, it is guff. Guff. there, I repeated it, guff. Gunge: so much verbal trash. Nothing more.

The trouble is that absolutely all non-libertarians, socialists, GramscoFabiaNazis and other leftist scumbags freely translate “freedom to say something objectionable” into “freedom to DO something objectionable”. This is no longer acceptable to me.

To all the Libertarian Alliance’s peace-loving, convivial, freely-debating, liberal friends, all over the world, I have to say I am so sorry. I have now changed.

We can’t just carry on with these group-wanking-love-ins, and blogs on which we all pretend to profess liberty and non-violence, and then all go to places where libertarians get together, like our forthcoming conference, and solemnly agree with each other about liberalism. then of course we will all go away again, professing ultimate faith in the victory of our ideas, and that will be it for a year.

During which time, the Enemy Class has not been idle, at all.

The Enemy-Class is serious about abolishing humans’ very ability to even think or talk about resisting their moral and intellectual hegemony. We will have to get serious about them in return. I’m not yet saying that we may have to kill them all, but we should say that “nobody is suggesting that at this time”. This Class will never forget, never forgive, and never say sorry. There may sadly and regrettably be no use for, or place for, it in a libertarian civilisation.

And I don’t think it’s the Rockefellers, whichever fellers those might be, or any sort of “New World Order” (whatever that is): I think it’s just ordinary, unfathomably evil British Fabians, who are very very clever and far-planning, and know precisely what they have been doing for a century or more.

We can’t have brave and blameless dinner-ladies “automatically failing future CRB checks” because they disciplined a group of scumbag shit primary-school boys, who ought to have been caned within an inch of their lives, and then arrested and sent to court and humiliated, before being made to be re-beaten by their dads.

The Labour government is coming apart at the seams. Should libertarians care at all?

David Davis

I can’t really summon up much self-hysteria for this matter.

It’s like when the Berlin Wall fell while being videoed on live Wireless Tele Vision, in November 1989.

I sat there*** rocking back and forth, and silently crying, on the sofa-that-is-long-junked, and then I staggered up to bed with my (then) live-in-girlfriend, and we slept the sleep of the unconscious together – no sex that night. Or like the Cavalry-Major who witnessed the Armistice in 1918, and said what an anti-climax it was, as his squadron’s bicycles could not keep up with the retreating Germans.

***I saw it put up, and prophesied in 1987 that it would fall down “soon”, (and got sacked from my employer for my pains – although to be fair my beliefs on this one formed part of a generally-disliked-pattern of liberalism – my then-employers thought with deep sincerity that they were “communications management” “consultants“) and then I saw it fall down.

The fall of this lot here in Westmonster is trivial in the extreme, when compared with those events 20-odd years ago.