Some thoughts on the Libertarian Party manifesto 2017

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  1. The focus is medium term; on things like “the constitution,” an English parliament, procedures for complaints against government officials, and Swiss style referendums. Not bad ideas in themselves, but I don’t feel they are addressing today’s issues.
  2. The word “state” is given a capital S throughout. It doesn’t deserve one.
  3. I feel there is too much emphasis on matters military, and too much kindness towards military people.

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Libertarian Party of the UK to debate policies at Trinity College, Oxford, in May 2008

David Davis


IT’S TOMORROW 23RD MAY 2008 ……..

I am pleased to resyndicate this from Devil’s Kitchen. The event ought to be as widely publicised as possible.

In May, the UK Libertarian Party has been invited to engage in a debate at the political society of Trinity College, Oxford. Ahead of that, the student paper, Cherwell, has published an article on the party’s policies

.Which is, of course, all very well except that it demonstrates just how pissing ignorant students are, even at our “top” universities. And so, since they have fired the opening salvo, I feel duty-bound to reply (oh, and it is a pleasure too).

Let us take the first idiot into our stride, shall we…..?



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 Devil does more than credit to his usual self in this demolition of widely-held modern-day political myopias, about such things as taxation policy, and er, liberty.