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Did SAURON run a “browser-hijacker” prog to trick Denethor through his palantir?

David Davis

I don’t know. Do you? But it sounds like a fun idea. I’ve had experience of it recently.

My Palantir now no longer responds to Sauron‘s commands for it to be redirected to porn sites, the Ukraine, and other places like it where antispywaremaster, privacyconductor and stuff like that come from. Etc. Or perhaps I have become “stronger”, against evil. I do not know.

These people, whom we have liberated, ought to tell their young men who have nothing to do in the night and therefore no girls to f**k, (what else is there to do in the night?) to learn capitalist manners, which is that you DO NOT release (or, worse, even, write) viruses and malware programmes and send them onto the internet.

The Internet is your friend. not your enemy. Stupid people. Think where you would be, if Putin had a red-hot-pliers and was dragging at your fingernails, like he knows how to do? He’s the Prime Minister right now, but how long before he’s in the Police again? Silly boys, think!

Machine now happily fixed but I still don’t like Firefox. IE-Explorer 7 runs fine now with PCTools spyware doctor in the backgound, and not really any slower as far as I can tell. Perhaps Mozilla should have called it Shadowfax?

I do not know.

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