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Knives are not the danger…

….but the Enemy Class that creates unsocialised knife-wielders is.

David Davis

Now, Marks and Spencer – and earlier, Tesco – join the ranks of the wannabe-State-Nannies.

Setting up an education system which de-civilises from an early age, coupled with continuing to treat adults like children, produces these conditions and events.

The nursery where my sainted wife works has a “policy” of not only not having “war toys” (a pejorative for guns) but not even allowing the word to be mentioned. Welocme to the Endarkenment.

This is not just “learning” – this is __National Socialist Learning!__

Thank you, thank you Marks and Spencer, for a grandly-appropriate copyline-template! I promise to try to buy your food…for a while. Even though it’s bloody expensive and not much better than the opposition.

This bit [above] is for foreign readers of whom we have many many, and who may not be familiar with State-British-Wireless-Tele-Vision-Advertising-Initiatives, to do with superior food-types for the Enemy-Class to buy.

It remains an extraordinary thing, to me, and unintelligible also, that people ought to be allowed to revere Marks and Spencer, as a premier-league retailer, in Brown-Bliar’s New Britain – it is Jewish, after all. Are we not supposed to hate, despise and revile the “Jews”, since they occupy “Palestine”?

No? (Sorry for the digression – I will not do it again, until tomorrow.)


David Davis

[Sorry about that above digression too…it’s just the hot evenings in Lancashire these summers when we can grow vines and woad and olive trees: it gets to me and my arthritis, and I sound off against all these defenceless intellectuals, with my laptop in the garden – it’s the global warming, you see…..]

Teachers will have to have a “Licence to kill teach” ….

Truly, the British National Socialist scumbag State gets more endearlingly dangerous by the day, even in its death-throes.

Actually, I don’t think it’s in its death-throes at all. And it’s going really fully after teachers that won’t like the “National Curriculum” and its newer mods, and it’s doing it now while nobody notices. While all you buggers out there think it’s just pretending not to notice that it can’t really issue any Gilts that buyers would take seriously.

And you’re not getting any election any time soon that matters. So f*** you. That’s what they think.

I think the buggers are gearing up for a renewed major assault. Why?

All because all you Tory buggers who read this (and I know you do…becasue I know…) have failed to tell diddy-David-Cameron to repudiate publicly, now, all British Government Debt contracted after this blog-post and before your (not entirely certain) election….

Barack Obama, John Kerry (ugh…) and the Kennedys (words fail us here.) Now the planet’s REALLY in deep shit…

…I thought the Kennedys were all dead. It seems not. No corroboration from the Booby-See, strangely…Kerry aaaaAND two Kennedys? All it wanted was the Goracle and they’d be crowing world victory. (Here’s a report of more verbal garbage from John Kerry.)

David Davis

Come to this blog again in 12 months’ time, and see if we didn’t tell you it’d be a disaster (this new US administration, not the blog…) I long to be proved wrong here, but I fear I will be right.

Well, then, to cheer you up, here’s someone called Myleene Klass, denying that she’s a “yummy mummy”. (…A what?)

Yeah, right:-



Most shattering news of the day.

David Davis

Have under-worked, under-terrified busybodies got nothing better to do with their days, than complain to grocers about the dates on foodstuffs?

They should have lived in the 1940s and 50s. they’d have been lucky to have anything, they’d have had to queue, there were no carrier bags, there was rationing, and shops were closed at the hours you most wanted them.

Bugger them, for a start.

Under the baleful influence of the Wireless Tele Vision, many people have grown too fond of reacting to -negligible levels of stress, as advocated by the glossy-slebmag format of most ” Pro¬† Grammes “. there are worse troubles to assail them – such as the threats to their liberty – unless they have forgotten already that they ought to have some of the stuff.