Monsanto, those seeds, farmers and liberty

David Davis

A few days ago I had a Facebook argument with somebody about this firm. The prevailing terms of discourse everywhere, especially among the Articulate Classes, seemed to be that it’s out to imprison farmers in its customer-base, sue those who grow its stuff quite by accident, and to generally destroy the world.

As is right and natural, most of these people have not ever been nearer to sowing things than the pot-plant section of Dobbie’s Garden World, let along planted a whole field of anything.

Of course, as we all understand and accept, this is the “correct” Line-To-Take as regards capitalism, and specially towards outfits that provide “essential” goods or “the basics”, such as seeds, wonder-drugs and universal software which mostly works most of the time.

But I don’t think so. I’d like to write more about Monsanto in particular but I have a busy week coming up. What does anyone else think?