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Immigration – An Austro-Libertarian Analysis

Immigration – An Austro-Libertarian Analysis

By Duncan Whitmore

Both the referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union and the election of Donald Trump as the US President have elevated the topic of immigration to the top of the political agenda. Leftist, liberal elites – previously so sure they would arrive easily at their vision of an open, borderless world – have been scalded now that the lid has been lifted from the bubbling cauldron of the needs of ordinary, everyday citizens seeking to preserve their jobs and the culture of their homelands.

It is high time that this vitriolic, divisive and – frankly – often quite tiresome issue is put to rest. That, alas, is unlikely to happen, particularly as the political globalists seem content to plough on with their vision of open borders through the looming UN Global Compact for Migration. Listening to the mainstream arguments (or at least to how the leftist/liberal media chooses to portray them), one would be forgiven for thinking that the immigration question needs to be met by an all or nothing answer – i.e. that it is either an unqualified good or an unqualified bad. We are led to believe that it is a contest between liberals, or self-styled “progressives”, clamouring for fully porous borders on the one hand, versus elderly, conservative, racist bigots who supposedly want to keep everyone out and preserve England’s green and pleasant land for white faces.

The falsehood of this dichotomy is obvious to almost anyone who is not of the liberal-left, and, in fact, a “sensible” view on immigration is quite prevalent – that it is possible to be in favour of permitted, but regulated immigration, allowing some people to cross the border as immigrants to come and live and work in the territory of the state while denying that privilege to others. It is also recognised that immigration is economically beneficial in some situations, but not in others – i.e. when immigrants are highly skilled and productive instead of welfare consumers.

The task of this essay is to sharpen this “sensible” view with Austro-libertarian theory. We will begin by outlining the core libertarian theory concerning immigration before examining a key area for contention among libertarians – whether, in a world populated by states, any particular state should restrict or otherwise control movements across the border by persons who are not considered to be citizens of that particular state and whether this is in accordance with libertarian theory. We will then move on to exploring the economic and cultural implications of immigration policies. Read more


David Davis

Apologies to Obnoxio, for hijacking directly his post title, but it describes exactly the frustration and ire of about 40 of us, all of whom failed the UK’s new “Citizenship Test”. Go there, try it for yourself, and you’ll see why.

Imigration-Watch International thinks the questions are odd too.

Ghurkhas – baaad! English Imperial History – baaad! Muttly-culturalism – gooood!

David Davis

I was going to do the Ghurkhas today, as a result of this, but other chores intervened, and now The Landed Underclass has covered the issues much more insightfully already, and also yet again sadly, today.

You can’t help feeling that this crowd of evil scumbags impersonating a government, because it has no experience of real-world-reality outside lefty student activism, either despises honour, commitment and duty (not very strongly-indicated attricbutes among “student activists”) or else simply does not understand it.

Or maybe they think everything even remotely associated with “imperialism” is simply evil and wicked….except for their own sort, the real one.

The british-stalinists’ gloves come off at last: frontal assault on the English Language

David Davis

3rd November update: here’s Gerald Warner in the DT.

Use of “Latin based” phrases banned by councils, as “ELITIST”, and “DISCRIMINATORY”.

These f*****rs either don’t learn about how hated they are, OR they know it and are just continuing to bully and threaten because they know that they can, OR they have no sense of the ridiculousness of their position.

While idly perusing the Dead-Tree-DT just now I spotted this asinine move by Soviets Councils. At least the correspondent and the classical scholars consulted did not use that phrase which I most hate (apart from “Survival of the Fittest”): “Political Correctness gone mad”.

To win, death-eaters and other types of stalinist, including Nasis and Marxists also have to destroy our language. To me, this is an act of war against a society which represents the least unfriendly environment for libertarianism. Here I go again.

Child abuse: Libertarians name and shame the guilty.

David Davis

From Obnoxio the Clown, we learn what the MSM has been allowed to report about the further degradation of British State Primary-School education – as if the seven-odd years that are spent in there by today’s state-Helots are not fully-wasted already…..

The comment thread is wonderful. Especially from Leg-Iron; view it for that alone. (That link is to his site, not the comment, you’ll have to go to obnoxio for that, for I don’t know how to do it and I’m ill anyway.)

“Healthy living, multiculturalism, personal development”….I sometimes wonder how these peoploids who expectorate this pretentious drivvle manage to keep a straight face after so many years of it.

Perhaps they really, really are exactly as cruel and irremediably, deeply, blackly, pre-meditatedly and strategically wicked as I have sadly calculated, and as I increasingly suspect since my sums add up…..

…..and that, in the end, there can, tragically, be no place for them in a civilised polity – whether they are living….or dead.