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This whole story sounds “made up” – it is a mechanism for…

removing more guns.

Sad man crying and being “violent”, and “seen in possession of a gun” and “waving it”, by a “member of the public”.

Police turn up, shoot man dead.

Police happy: end of story.

Guns = bad. Stalinism = good. Killing of 30 million Russians who opposed collectivism = good (as they had no guns.)

“Mums” = happy.

Keeley Hazell doesn’t want you to get burgled, so buy an i-Pod with a gun attached…..

David Davis

So that you can shoot straight, it seems you need an i-Pod now:-

Here she is, I expect the gun fits between the boobs, without being observed quickly:-


And, thanks to The Remittance Man, we have this, just in! When I grow up, I want to be like mommy:-

And here she is again….(update, someone on the interwebthingy seems to have removed the image from the link…)

Barack Obama, John Kerry (ugh…) and the Kennedys (words fail us here.) Now the planet’s REALLY in deep shit…

…I thought the Kennedys were all dead. It seems not. No corroboration from the Booby-See, strangely…Kerry aaaaAND two Kennedys? All it wanted was the Goracle and they’d be crowing world victory. (Here’s a report of more verbal garbage from John Kerry.)

David Davis

Come to this blog again in 12 months’ time, and see if we didn’t tell you it’d be a disaster (this new US administration, not the blog…) I long to be proved wrong here, but I fear I will be right.

Well, then, to cheer you up, here’s someone called Myleene Klass, denying that she’s a “yummy mummy”. (…A what?)

Yeah, right:-