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The English Nationalist Park

David Davis

The posting just under this one gave me an idea. When libertarians come to power, and have sadly to execute the very very deep and fast revolution in British civilisation that will be of course needed, what shall we do with those many, many recalcitrants and insurgents, who fail to agree to our generous surrender-terms? If I am right, and if the Enemy Class does indeed contain many, many thousands of deeply sincerely bad people, who wll never never apologise for “choosing poorly” (as the old-knight-man in “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” said at the end) then there will be huge numbers of individuals who cannot stoop themselves to accept a life with no privilege, no money, and no pension, followed by death, unless some kind retailer will take them to slit boxes or stack shelves. I’m sure that Sir Terry Leahy is more compassionate than I am, but there are only limited opportunities.

Perhaps when the GreeNazi bureaucrats started saying “there are too many humans”, they forgot about their own uselessness too soon.

But the creation of _yet one more_ “National Park” has given me the germ of an idea.

Bureaucratic park.

The entirety of an old industrial city composed of ZanuLieBorg Rotten and Pocket Boroughs could be emptied, and sealed off. We’d cut off all the incoming electricity, gas and water mains of course as is natural, otherwise it’d not be “natural” or “organic”. And the broadband too. That’s not “natural” either. We’d take all the vehicles (every one, even the disabled-caddies on 12 volts), electrical appliances (inc TVs and Xboxes and phones and Wiis and of course ovens and washing machines) matches, solvents, medicines, Starbucks machines, light bulbs (they can’t have those) and garden tools away, at gunpoint. We’d empty the petrol stations. Then we’d wire it off with electric fences and mines. Then, we put in all the recusant bureaucrats.

And from then on, we’d go in and hunt them (in season) in of course their natural environment, which is the one they wanted so much, so much, to give to us, for our good.

We could hunt them with guns, or crossbows, or anything we liked. We’d use it for “anti-terrorist” training, and maybe even let the Army looseon them, specially if a specimen of a Gordon Brown was likely to be observed in the open.

We’ll give them every advantage of cover: we would not dynamite any buildings. They could then throw chicken-shit down on us unobserved, from third-floor windows, round an alleyway, if we were not careful. I’d allow them chickens.

Michael thinks we should allow them IEDs to make it more exciting for the paying customers. But I’m not sure. Old Fred “The Tally” Bann might just smuggle in a carrier-pigeon or two with some stuff about how to set them off, before we’ve nuked him. And that’d be bad for business.

Parks of terror: how to nationalize land by stealth, through crying “beauty”

David Davis

The “South Downs” has just joined the Litany of Lands nationalised in the name of “jobs”, “local people”, and “ramblers”.

The idea of the “rambler” was created by Jim Hegel, (or it might have been Rickie “the people’s person” Engels”) as we all know, as a proposed form of entertainment for his friend Marx, for the times when Marx was not fathering boys on his wife’s serving-maid, in North London.

Nobody who lives there will from now on be able to do anything at all, except supplicate to “Natural England” about the particular shade of white paint to do his windows and doors in. They’ll also have to host thousands and thousands and thousands of parties of comprehensive-school “learners”, doing “Geography Projects” about “Are the South Downs a Honeypot?” and “What is the effect of traffic congestion on the South Downs?”