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You’d all better get your knickers down for him now, democrat girlies and war-haters that you are.

David Davis

A couple of hours ago, we posted this stuff here, ripping as it does the public-trousers (if you can call them that) off the bugger Kim Jong-Il. ┬áHe shot a woman on the Wireless Tele Vision. Hillary Clinton can’t want that, even though Monica Lewinski was also a woman.

Now, we learn that “North” Korea can point a missile at the continental USA. Personally I doubt that, but we have to be sure either way. It also means that he can point it at China, India, Japan, Russia, Pakistan (he won’t, it’s where he probably got it from at a Bootle-type-boot-fair) Persia, Arabia, Australia and New Zealand (better watch out just in case) Indonesia (he won’t) and so on.

Israel….NOW you’re talking! Everybody of course hates the Jews because they are so clever and thus they have to be killed in culls all the time, or they’ll rumble you and cause you to lose your tenured-university-job-teaching-Gramsco-Marxianism-to-those-who-have-been-Big-Brothered. He’ll get away with that one.

He can’t quite reach South Africa, but it’s gone Nazi so he will leave it.

Kim Jong-Il died so long ago that his corpse has gone bad, and they can’t hide the smell…

Ho Ho Ho.

I think that, unlike how we behave towards ordinary people, we ought to sing, dance, fire our AK47s into the air, and dance on the graves of, fascist murderers, thieving kleptocrats and Fabian jerks such as Kim.

The “Dear Leader” is so ronery: humorous video which will get you into hot water with him

David Davis

See our earlier strategic appraisal, of the wrong way to wear a Sam Brown while grinning inanely at the awful cruelty of a clown, and what the meaning of this opaque statement is.

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