“”Organic” farming: this bugger may have a valid point, but I…

…want more convincing.

David Davis

I remain for now convinced that the “organic” boom was a deliberately organised socialist post-Bandung scam designed to starve people. It was also designed to appeal to “opinion-formers” in the rich West, whose populations (even the relatively poor) could just about afford the on-costs of food, collectively loaded onto their economies, without too many people noticeably starving to death inconveniently on-camera. The “green revolution” had seen to survival – the plan then was to pander to media-induced collective guilt, and to worship at the Altar of Rachel Carson.

So, for me, it is good that the infamous last pages, of the sad, shameful and ignomineous last chapter in the history of “organic food”, are even now being written.

“Organic” as applied to this stuff, was a meaningless term. All that “organic” means, in any worthwhile sense, is _”of living matter”_ . Organic chemistry was in effect founded by Wohler in 1828 when he correctly synthesised Urea from materials not otherwise dierectly derived from living creatures. The word has, like “liberal”, capitalism”, “freedom”, “democracy” and others, been hijacked by deliberately-bad-people for the purposes of de-civilisation.

But if the poor tormented farmers of places such as Africa could be left alone, even for a few seasons, and not serially macheted, kalashnikov’d, terrorised, Mugabed or UNned, then perhaps they even might be able to grow and eat (they should be so lucky) and even sell some of what comes out of the ground. They might even be able to do it without much ammonium nitrate, which might be preferable since – owing to Kyoto and the GreeNazis not listening to Bjørn Lomborg, many of them lack enough water to make it worthwhile.

If our recession ends soon enough, then they might even be able to position the stuff as “organic” – always assuming the EU lets them send it here in the first place.

I don’t like it… it’s too quiet… they’re going to try to hit us with something else…

….because “Organic” food has failed as a way to hobble and attenuate the population, and as a way to bring about food-rationing in the UK.

David Davis

Actually, it’s lovely. One lot of GramscoFabiaNazis, the “Food Standards” “Agency”, is badmouthing another lot of the same buggers, which is to say the growers, the metroNazi opinion-formers-about, and then also the wannabe-eaters of,  “organic” food. It’s true that the nastiest catfights occur between one socialist and another one who does not quite agree with him 100%.

The word “organic” means a couple of things, in the main. If something is “organic” within a system, it means that the something is “of or within” that system. Furthermore, “organic” chemistry simply means the chemistry of carbon compounds, which mainly occur ( at  _standard temperature and pressure_ ) within living objects. It is immensely complex and intricate, and is hardly affected, if at all, by the addition of things like small amounts of Potassium Nitrate, or pesticides.

“Organic” is one of those lynched and stolen words, which have a meaning that implies good or at least philosophical neutrality. Other stolen words, hijacked and used for evil and corrupt purposes by the Enemy Class, are “capitalism”, “democracy”, “liberalism”, “inflation”, “safety”, “health”, “going forward”, “moving on”, “working with”, and the like.

I invite submissions for others that we have to get back.

It’s such a bummer for one: one has to pay more for one’s brine trizers…..

…when one is dine from the tine.

David Davis

Prince Charles, who talks to plants (sad) and thinks nanobots are grey goo that will eat us all (nerd), and that man has ruined the planet (caveman) is suffering from attenuated profits. He is “hit by the organic slowdown” – whatever that is.

Charles is a free man and is quite intelligent I am convinced if not sat upon by ogres and gremlins, and ought to be allowed to make profits, which creditably he has mostly succeeded in doing, in whatever way pleases him. If he wants to sell highly-priced niche-foods to nimbies and greens and slairs, and slabs, then so be it.

He takes nothing from the Civil List, to his credit, and supports himself. Not that I object to the Civil list: as a minimal-statist-monarchist-Englishman-libertarian, I applaud it, and it is f*****g cheap at the going rate. (I’d give his mum her boat back, and her train: they are harmless and cheap pleasures for the Head of State, in return for liberty.)

You could wish that “Jacqui” “Smith” did likewise: Jesus H Christ – £118,000 allegedly “taken”, for living in someone else’s house. Nice work if you can get it. Hertford SCR should posthumously revoke her membership of the College. If it was me, that would hurt more, and be more humiliating, than repaying the bloody dosh. Here’s what Littlejohn thinks of her today.

But Charles’s advisers (Royals in England who go wrong have been, invariably, “badly advised”) ought to have seen this coming. If the poor sodding bankers who have been hauled over the coals for making the best of the bad job of toxic securitised crud that the Clintonistas left the world to sell on in the 90s, have got gutted by the slabs in parliament today, then at least Charles’s “greenazi-advisers” ought to go through it too.

NOT farming in England: will we all starve freezing in the dark, or will we see sense?

David Davis

It is axiomatic that human beings, being one of the very few extant species of Great Apes, and being fairly large (about 70-120 Kg for males, and 38-54 Kg for females, (Z = 2 or less in your z-tables of variance from the mean taking into account SD) which calls into the agenda some interesting stuff about sexual dimorphism and polygamy, which might have a bearing on the positive rationality of Islam) and also (now) more or less carnivorous, would, being intelligent, want to be able to eat.

Now, however, we have in the UK an outfit called DEFRA, which I have only semi-laughingly dubbed the “Department for Ending of Farming and Rural Affairs.” I know we here in the North are all yokels here who happen to know how to type, but by “rural affairs”, I do NOT mean that the Police privately know that “Stumpy Knight”, or “Swampy” or whoever, has been shopped to them by the local doctor for fathering another child by his eldest daughter. I just mean stuff going on down in the “countryside”.

DEFRA is a huge and potentially strategic problem. When I was a boy, we were taught at school that “The UK” was (is? could be still?) the “most efficient mechanized farm in the world”. Farmers were private individuals who had, nevertheless (remember, socialism lived!)  “forced the land to give us” “up to 9 tons per acre” of crops such as wheat and potatoes. We even did maths sums about the tonnage per acre of whatever it was, to compare with the wimps in Canada and the uSA and Ausralia – sorry you guys, I know you are doing better than we are, now; we have to sustain populations of butterflies and pests, and (worse) toads and newts, in order to be allowed to farm at all.

Farms, now, “deliver the national curriculum”, if they are clever, like this one. They don’t grow any food – and certainly the one you are going to look at does not.

To me, the deliberate destruction, by metropolitan stalinists, of the most beneficent and the most productive (both of ideas and of foods) farming regime that might ever have existed in the history of Man, is a War Crime. I would restage Nuremberg, yes I would, and with ropes available for  various persons, although I am not sure that hanging by the neck is either slow enough or painful enough for the recipients. There must be other punishments, such as “Eternal Life” (I will explain how this will be executed at some other time, but you may imagine how miserable it could be for people who have nothing to drive them but Utopianism to be forced upon others.)