Paris: A Few Political Points to Make

Paris: A Few Political Points to Make
Keir Martland
(14th November 2015)

I disagree that it is crude to make a political point out of atrocities such as that in Paris yesterday. Bad politics causes these attacks and better politics can prevent them. Here are a few political points I’d like to make.

In the first place, most of us have imperfect information about the events of last night. I was flicking back and forth from Sky to BBC, who, in turn, were getting their most reliable information from BFM. Even as I write, the death toll is disputed as is the question of whether the terrorists definitely were Muslims.

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Scary evil GramscoFabiaNazi numbers about surveillance camerae in the UK. And I am pissed off, about something else.

David Davis

Here you go. Read the shit yourself.

The more I write this blog, the less I want it to be a showcase of “libertarian thought and primers” for intelligent bystanders, who either head “think tanks”, or are “intellectuals”, or know they can’t really “influence policy-makers”, or who don’t give a stuff, and all of whom have no weapons anyway.

And the more I want it to scamper for a wee at the back of The Line, run back, spit on its hands, drag its swordpoint out of the bloody mud at the linefeet, and start hewing again.

There are many friendly Libertarians who would like me to make the blog “turn the other cheek”. I really will try, honest.

But I’m not the only writer allowed onto here – it’s just that the others have more important things to do, well, really sort of all the time, like about 100% of the time. (Sorry.)

The fascist GramscoFabiaNazi pig Mao tse Tung thought that “Communism comes from the barrel of a gun”. Of course it does, that’s it’s job and modus operandi. But that’s what socialists do. They need to kill: if they don’t kill for a few days, they have to be given some defenceless humans whose lives they can “reshape”, like the Saudi executioners have to have a sheep to behead in lieu.

“Nobody is suggesting” that Libertarians should behave in the same foul and pre-capitalist way. But you have to admit: the Enemy Clsss does hold some very powerful cards, like fear and terror.

If you want a Libertarian think-tank, teaching-archive blog, which “influences Academicians and Universities and policy-makers”, over the centuries and millennia, slowly or not at all, then get writing on it. If you want it like this, as it is, then leave it to me.

(Sean Gabb is abroad so probably can’t post until an hour or so from now.  So I will forgive! But what about the rest of you?)

The Gramsco-Greenazis have nobbled the telegraph

David Davis

Today, there are at least five major news or feature-refs to climte change, implicitly meaning AGW. Here, here, here, here, and here.

and, why do these bloody models always look so effing miserable? There they are, their names and fizzogs in lights, modelling the planet’s most expensive togs, and yet they’re always scowling as if they’ve just eaten a piece of dogshit:-




…and you sort of feel sure that Mr Versace or whatever his name is ought to have been able to afford to give the poor girl a nice pair of b***s, before sendng her out like that….like this one:-


Ta, they feel better, can I go on the catwalk now?

Ta, they feel better, can I go on the catwalk now?