The Future Is Bristol…God help them poor bastards

David Davis

I had to return from chores etc to tell you about this.

It is not only by no means certain that the GramscoFabiaNazi government will indeed fall in June 2010 as is sometimes predicted. Not only that – but the buggers in certain GFN redoubts such as Bristol are planning a two-pronged-strategy:

(1) Scorch the Earth before 2010 so that the incoming buggers have the worst possible start and will probably fail and be thrown out for ever in 2014,

(2) Prepare for ultimate victory and total extermination of “reactionaries”, “car-drivers” and “unfit political elements” now, while you are still in power and can then turn the screw completely off in 2010.

If I wanted to kill both tourism and ordinary business in Bristol – which I would of course as a GFN – thus turning it into a socialist paradise, then I would do what they are proposing.

For other sad places where people are miserable and oppressed, here’s “Knowsley”. Yes, I’m not surprised you’ve never heard of it.

God help you

God help you

Liberty and tyranny: what non-violent and legal things could everyone do, every day, to upset and rile bureaucrats and “big-States”?

David Davis

I confess: the idea is not mine. Sean Gabb and I were discussing, in our inimitably pessimistic way, earlier this year, what kinds of things ordinary Subjects of the Crown could do, in their daily lives, to either annoy or make more difficult the lives of our political masters and their more lowly appointees.

The provisos were that:-

(1) We should try not to cause criminal damage. So 30,000 builders in 10,000 White Vans with 20,000 Stihl-Saws at 02.00 am GMT, all cutting down the posts of the speed cameras at one moment in time, will NOT do.

(2) We should not physically harm or otherwise assault bureaucrats, Ministers, MPs, their families, and the like. I recall that we could not decide what to do about “Traffic Wardens” or “Artificial Policemen“.

Please could ALL readers suggest something in the comments. Some things I can think of:-

(1) ALWAYS be seen to be filming the officers of the State, or else pretend to photograph them, while they are going about their “business” – even if you are not so doing. We all now carry little peanut-sized-thingies that not only film stuff but phone people, make tea, tell you whree you are etc. It is not (yet) a crime to make privaye movies in public places. this will increase their “workplace stress”, and with a bit of luck some of them will clock off “sick”. We will not be any the worse thereby, even though they still cost us.

(2) Place “Britain is leaving the EU: it is inevitable” stickers on State notices of all kinds. Also on the rear number plates of “official cars” and the like. Or, over the bar-code on their tax discs. This will cause inconvenience when the vehilces pass through ANPR camerae (now believed to be live) and does not cause any damage as they wash off.

(3) Place small but ostensibly accidental amounts of the wrong recyclable material (such as a large rusty steel automotive pressing like a flywheel or a Brake Disk,  into a plastic box for beer cans) into any State Receptacle designed for another sort. If what they say is true, this renders the entire bulk amout later, useless.

(4) ALWAYS ( or affect to ) smoke in the presence of a State Employee, ideally inside a building or a car (it becomes a “workplace” if there are 2 or more of you in it!) or if not, then in your house or on the street.

I would welcome lots more suggestions. I want 100 good ones by Christmas, to cheer you all up with on a special “ANNOY A BUREAUCRAT FOR THE CHILDREN AT CHRISTMAS” post………………..

Rampaging cows panic spectators at Air Show on Isle of Wight

David Davis

Oh, well, that’s it then. No more air shows. The safety-Nazis have scored another hit, and will now be able to demand £466,000,879.81 with menaces, from organisers, for “insurance”, every time the Red Arrows are invited to perform anywhere. We should have seen it coming, I guess.

Trouble is, we’re too slow, too busy, and too trusting of other people in our country. At least 6,147,375 are now STASI agents. (that doesn’t leave many who can still afford tickets to air displays.)

The bloody cows should either have been MOVED FIRST, or EATEN, preferably at the show.

By way of compensation, there was the Red Arrows again, at Southport earlier this month.

Eat red smoke-trails, craven cows!

Foul language used by “Minister” for “local government”

 David Davis

While idly scanning the DT in Tesco today I saw this.

The really really offensive, totally Stalinist words which he actually, even as an artificial-human-being, uttered, are these:-

Local Government minister John Healey said that local councils should charge more for basic services such as off-street parking, despite people in many parts of the country experiencing inflation-busting council tax rises.


In a speech to the Local Government Association, he said: “Only one in five councils are using charging to the full potential. Not just to cover costs but to shape their area.”

In a clear sign that he believes motorists should be targeted, Mr Healey said that charging more would result in “reducing congestion, improving levels of health and exercise, encouraging the use of local shops“.

It is quite unclear to me what a “minister for local government” does, or ought to do. Unless it was something to do with “bringing government close to the people” – a notion which I should have thought everybody would recoil from in stunned horror – then he has no function.

“Shaping of one’s area” is the job, as seen by libertarians, of individuals who own it (that is to say, the area.) Or at a push, it is the responsibility of voluntary private institutions freely entered into by the said individuals, so that together they can agree to deploy more (of their own) resources towards an agreed plan.

The language used by this John Healey person is unforgiveably disgusting and wicked, in its impicit reduction of the lives, bodies and needs of real people to statistics in a Utopian planning resource. Yezhov comes to mind. Healey (not Yezhov) can however be forgiven, possibly, for he appears never to have had a real job. About the only thing going for him is that he “campaigns for medals to be awarded to Suez Canal Zone veterans”.

GOLF: It’s the “British Open”, at the Royal Birkdale

David Davis

ITEM: I’ve just been castigated by the same chum (mentioned below) for calling it the “British Open”. it’s the “Open Championship”, and then if you beat everyone, it is indeed a bonus because you get £750,000, and it’s all yours. No team mates as in “Foot Ball” (see “Foot Ball”  wikilink below, if you don’t know what that stuff is.)

Traffic chaos in town, espec round the Royal Birkdale, where the Open is going on now. Even so, parts of it looked very exciting on the Wireless Tele Vision. (The Golf, that is: not the traffic…)

Golf, although I can’t begin even to know how to play it, seems to me a more libertarian game than “Foot Ball“. None of this “team” stuff and all that collectivist nonsense, to worry about. You just try to play better and better, and if you beat somebody else, it’s a bonus.

It is to be hoped that all our local traders will take the opportunity to make plenty of money.

Oh, and the British Police will just have to go. One made an issue of my waiting (with engine on and flasher lights going) at a pre-arranged rendezvous in Gainsborough Road to pick up my old friend, a golf fanatic, and fined me £30 (about $60 USD.) His Gestapo chum, at the junction, had let me drive down there 3 minutes before. I had the purpose of plastic yellow cones explained to me, in public, in front of 20,000 exiting visitors.

If the Police in the UK have nothing better to do than to issue parking tickets to non-criminals, then they really have served out their usefulness. I think that a “Libertarian administration” – if that is not tautological – would find better things to do with policemen, or maybe it would contract out Law & Order to real householders.

Can this be true? Or am I in a waking horror-story? The British Prison-Planet’s “Eco-towns”

David Davis

I don’t usually read the Times Online, but not being temporarily ablt to get the Barclay Bugle, I found THIS.

The line about “30% of the homes being affordable” was especially nice. Go read the whole thing – the monumental contempt for the standard details of individual human beings’ lives in a modern country is so staggering that it almost rears up to space, in monumental invisibility.

The comments are really fun too.