Look, there you go, this is what happens when….

…you let the Enemy Class tell people how to comport themselves in difficult situations, via the Wireless Tele Vision.

David Davis

And it was all about a mattress (what’s that?) not even _ABOUT OIL_  which we are told to slag off our own people about.

So it was not about oil, then?

So it was not about oil, then?

The Irish Will VOTE YES or they will be shot resettled killed bankrupted

I mean, come on, get real, people! This is Brussels, and it’s today! And the future is tomorrow! (It always is, like in North Korea and Cuba and Venezuela.) The effing Irish are only a little offshore island rather nearer Canada and those awful folks who built ships in a hurry and stuff that sank all the subs, than is comfortable for totalitarians. So they have to be taught how to vote…for EU. For the Future. For the Children. For Ever Closer Integration. CICERO

David Davis

It’s very sad. No means yes, of course, because your “No” means you have not understood the benign impulses of your rulers. Here’s a transcript of some sad stuff:-

From: Christina Speight

Cc: circ; libertarian alliance

Sent: Thursday, March 19, 2009 2:37 PM

Subject: Fwd: EU Commission plans massive interference in second Irish Lisbon Treaty referendum … For your information


An important posting from Ireland‘s leading anti-EU worker 



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From: John Anthony Coughlan <jcoughln@mail.tcd.ie>

Date: 18 March 2009 20:12:58 GMT

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Subject: EU Commission plans massive interference in second Irish Lisbon Treaty  referendum … For your information


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Wednesday 18 March 2009


Dear Friends,

According to the Irish Times news report below,  a meeting is taking place in Brussels today between the entire EU Commission and Mr Martin Territt, Head of the EU Commission Representation in Ireland,  to discuss how  the Commission can influence Irish opinion in the lead-in to Ireland’s re-run of the Lisbon referendum next October.  It is seemingly planned to spend some ¤2 million on advertisements for this purpose


The article  is by Jamie Smyth, who is Irish Times’s EU correspondent.


A few weeks ago the Irish Times carried an advertisement from the EU Commission Representation in Ireland seeking tenders for  an advertising campaign in  this country to “inform” people better about the EU.  Accompanying press reports stated that this advertising  campaign  is to be specially targeted at women and young people over the next few months, as these are groups which predominantly voted No to Lisbon in Ireland‘s referendum  last June, according to opinion polls.


It is well-known that the EU Commission is itself a highly self-interested party as regards the Lisbon Treaty, for the Treaty, which is a revamped version of the 2004 EU Constitution that was rejected by the French and Dutch peoples in   referendums, would greatly  increase the Commission’s powers  and functions and would provide it with many new areas of policy for which it would have the exclusive right of initiative as regards proposing European laws –  something that must surely outrage any geuine democrat.  


In late 2007 ago, in the lead-in to last year’s Lisbon referendum,  former Irish Green Party MEP Patricia McKenna and the undersigned complained to Ireland’s statutory  Broadcasting Complaints Commission about the EU Commission Office in Dublin spending ¤360,000 on  a series of  political advertisements on Irish community and local radio stations even though such broadcast advertiments are  unlawful in this country,  as they are  in the UK and various other EU countries. 


These EU Commission-sponsored  advertisements ostensibly  aimed to tell  people about the existence of various sources of information on the EU, something that one could not reasonably object to –  but  they also contained  highly loaded  and tendentious statements about how much money Ireland had received from the EU over the years, how EU laws had made phone calls and airplane flights cheaper, how the EU had conferred various other benefits on Ireland  etc.


These adverts could certainly influence people’s attitutes when it came to  voting – that being the criterion Ireland’s Broadcasting Complaints Commission’s uses in deciding whether a broadcast advertisement  is “political” or not.      


The  Broadcasting Complaints Commission  upheld our complaint and ruled that the EU Commission’s advertisements were indeed  political and as such were  effectively encouraging  Irish broadcasters to breach the statutory ban on political advertising in this country.   


If  this complaint had not been made and upheld, one can be confident that the EU Commission Office in Ireland  would  have gone on to repeat these politically potent advertisements on national radio and TV here


It is quite outrageous from a democratic point of view that the EU Commission and its representative in Dublin,  Mr Mertin Territt, should be planning to spend large sums of EU taxpayers’ money on seeking to influence  Irish voters to  reverse their vote of last June on the Lisbon Treaty  in order, inter alia, to increase significantly the power of the EU Commission itself. 


We appeal to you to draw this outrageously undemocratic behaviour of the Brussels Commission to the attention of people in your country and in as many other EU countries as possible,  so to that they can raise their voices in protest. 


Yours faithfully,


Anthony Coughlan






Irish Times, Saturday 14 March 2009, page 11

Commission to seek ways to help State on
Lisbon campaign

Jamie Smyth in Brussels

The European Commission will hold a special meeting next week to determine how it can help the Government campaign to secure a Yes vote in the second Lisbon referendum.


All 27 EU commissioners will meet the head of the commission’s Irish representation office, Martin Territt, in Brussels on Wednesday to consider a range of initiatives that will better inform the Irish about Europe and the treaty.


They will discuss the launch of a new publicity campaign designed to inform the Irish public about the merits of EU membership.  They are also expected to agree on a high-profile series of visits to the Republic by EU commissioners and commission president Jose Manuel Barroso.


‘One of the lessons the commission and the European Parliament learnt from the first referendum on the Lisbon Treaty was that the pro-Lisbon voices were too often absent from the public debate,’ said a senior commission source, who added that the EU’s  most visible institution – the EU’s  executive – could not be absent from the debate this time.


The three main EU institutions – the commission, parliamentand council – all took a back seat during the first referendum campaign on the Lisbon Treaty on the advice of the Government, which was concerned their input could hurt the Yes campaign.  But there is a growing appreciation in Brussels that a deeply unpopular Govenmrnt will need all the help it can get to persuade the public to change their vote.


The commission is unlikely to propose getting directly involved in the referedum campaign itself, which will remain the primary responsibility of the Government.  But it will propose providing information to the public to ensure they understand how Europe plays a role in their everyday life and to clarify points of the treaty that are disputed.  A new EU-funded ¤l.8 million publicity campaign in Ireland is due to begin shortly.


Mr Territt is expected to update commissioners on the potential strengh of the No campaign, and particularly the rise of Libertas.  He is likely to discuss the changed economic context and how that could affect a second referendum.


 EU competition commisisoner Neelie Kroes is likely to be the first member of the EU executive to travel the Republic.  EU foreign affairs chief Javier Solana is also considering travelling to Ireland next month to talk about European security policy.

I never knew there could be such a thing as a banned Jewish TV ad

My 100-chimpanzee-typewriter-research stenographic staff in the video-scanning-Nissen-Hut just went on idly, and this turned up. How extraordinary for a concept…I think it’s very sensual anyway, so there:-

What a delicious, pretty girl: I shall naturally acquire four of those at least (for Mohammed [peace be upon him] has said it’s all right if I can “support them” (pun.) He trumps Jesus Christ (being 600-odd-years more modern) who would have taken an alternative, possibly more reactionary  – dare I say conservative? – view. Of course M had more than four, and also probably many, many captured and forcibly-widowed Jewesses too (He said that was OK also, He really did, I’m just quoting Him.) Moreover, I have noticed that He [peace be upon him] says Jews are “dhimmis”, so of course then I can do anything I want with them: women-dhimmis of course will have even more “modified” status than ordinary ones.

I am sure that the “Jo Brand” thingytroid, whatever such a Marxi-Gramscomachine may be in reality (I have to say I had really never, never, heard of her at all before the last few days) will agree. This is ‘coz since Mohammed is not somebody to whom we should in any circumstances “send the poo” (not my words, Jo Brand’s!), as of course naturally he [Peace be upon Him] is not a member of the BNP, and is therefore entirely non-racist.

Pity that the pretty advert-girl’s ears (not the JoBrand-machine’s) are too small and flat for her profile. I said “ears”. I really did.

Just some Saturday night nonsense.

And a Spitfire to round off:-

633 Squadron Mosquito Deathstar attack spoof:-

9/11 … JO MOORE, poor sad deluded Stalinist woman … “a good day to bury bad news”

David Davis

I stick my knife in her chest here. With a sad and terrible joy, I watch her fall as she thinks of the dead people in the Twin Towers, whom she has used for her philosophy. (I can be a cruel man, when I put my mind forcibly to it, but it’s hard to look her in the eye while my arm moves.) I know that she never used the above well-hackneyed-phrase herself – she said in her notorious email …  “It’s now a very good day to get out anything we want to bury” …

But the taste remains. In the end, career-socialists, who have done no proper work in their lives (read her wiki biog on the link) are all like the butchering murderer-thinker and death-eater Pol Pot, who epitomized the logical conclusion of their existence.

They will all have to go. Google the Udenopticon. (It’s here somewher on this blog.) Jo Moore is probably too old to be killed and eaten for stealing the last ants-eggs that the rummaging seagulls didn’t shit on, until the rest of the thieving stalinist buggers, marooned with her, are desperate.