James Clerk Maxwell

David Davis

Splendid and perspicacious scientist and engineer. I don’t know why we don’t credit this chap more often. They (say that they) don’t even mention him at all, in the “GCSE” Nazi “National” “Curriculum”. Some better teachers might, but either their students aren’t listening and will not notice, or else the teachers will get suspended for “not delivering the syllabus”. Hat tip Freedom and Whisky.

The Large Hadron Collider, and Luddism: Man’s journey to the Stars moves a step closer

David Davis

Well, we’ve finally switched it on. My worst fear was that, after all that time, money and effort, they’d press the tit…

…and the fuse would blow….and they’d have to call the electrician!

I’ll have more to say about it later most probably, after I’ve done the dishes and seen whether the world gets sucked up its own arse in the meantime.

Here’s Prof. Hawking talking about the big bugger:-