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Council workers under pressure to perform…

Michael Winning

…except it’s hard to define what the looters actually do in the first place…

The top pigs got to slaughter today, so I’ve got nowt to do till tomorrow so I’ll read a bit. So hat tip to Devils kitchen

It is cold here tonight yes

Michael Winning

But the market will sort it out if let to. The price of grit and salt will rise as more people want to buy it if they are allowed to. Then more will be made available.

It is already -8C and falling.

I’ve brought in the free range pigs for the umpteemth time, its too cold for te poor buggers and we only have now about 20 of this sort. Some are actually in the house, in the scullery, the smaller ones and one sow was actually shivering when we brought her in. The others are in the outside enclosed¬† lobby with some bubble wrap and lots of old newspspers. They will cope till the morning.

The socialists won’t learn. Or perhaps they will, and deliberately as the Bosss says, don’t want to play. Copenhagen has been truly rained on as a parade for them, with this what I’d have called “normal” weather for the time of year. they’ve just had it easy with all the mild winters since 1980 while all they Green-protesters was growin up.

Until we can legally kill and eat all the GramscoFabiaNazis, who are simultaneously larger and heavier and in the way of liberty and civilsiation, this is the way forward


Does that mean we will have to buy mini-Macs, or Nano-Burgers? I do hope not, as hunger will soon stalk the Face Of The Earth, if we do not exterminate the BrownNazis, the EU-commisariat and the UN all simultaneously, by tomorrow.

David Davis

Here’s a video about the tasty little buggers (the Micro-Pigs, not the socialists, silly!):-


But if a pair will give you, say, 12 children every, say, six months, then you can operate a meat-farm quite cheaply from about four or five breeding pairs, on all the illegally-held-back-food-scraps that the Soviet Council demands that you throw away to them, for “recycling”.

As the Endarkenment sets in properly, more and more people will have to learn how to raise, keep, kill, degut, cure-for-long-term-lardering, and eat, animals. These will mainly be people who didn’t think they would ever have to do this sort of thing before. It will be very exciting, and interesting in a rather intellectual sort of way, to see who copes and who dies.

I do not think there will be more than a few dozen living “veget-ar-ians”, let alone “veg-ans”, after about five years from the end of when there was electric power in the “grid”. If all vegans have not already been killed, hygienically-gutted-and-gralloched-on-kill-site, subsequently cooked and barbecued, (with honey, it will go well with roast pork, as pig-bacon already does) by starving human beings, they will have already died of malnutrition first.

There will be no cryptobacon sandwiches in the night when people are not looking, for there will be no electricity and thus no fridges and no bacon for all you “veget-ar-ians” to hoof, so you can stay alive, while we are asleep.

The good thing about gralloching a dead human is that the wastage is small: about 6 Kg at most, maybe 7¬† for John Prescott, and that’s if the prey has not had a shit just before death. You can eat the rest except for the brain, I don’t thinm even I’d want that. I don’t suppose a human GFN tastes different from a liberal.

Perhaps if the Enemy Class came to believe that if they win, we shall simply have to catch and kill and eat them and ALL their children especially, that might relent in their battle against Western Civilisation, and come to “talks”.

They seem to have forgotten that, whatever they do to win – and they might – for the first few dangerous years after their victory, when JohnGalt has retired to his gulch, there will be many, many more of us than there are of them, and many more of us even than their guards – and although many of us will die facing their guards, we shall eventually have eaten all the guards first.

Do the Enemy Class really want ultimately to be killed while conscious and still living and then eaten for food, or do they want to be able to harmlessly enjoy their various pornographies in peace until they die naturally, via inventions invented by their enemies?

I only ask because I want to know. They must of course be told now, that – already in 2009 – we have not any of the right the facilities to take the orderly surrender of all of them, as they have driven the battle too far in our direction already. Many will simply die in no-man’s land, between liberty and tyranny, without jobs, without Quangos, without pensions, without a “State- Identity”, without dog-tags or even RFIDs, and sadly without our help.

We could have done so much more for so many, if they had truly all surrendered in 1989, or even 1945 or 1914 or 1848 (they corrupted that one so it’s their fault.)

BBC TV licensing tax threats Nazis Charles Moore Ghandi liberty poor people

David Davis

I had never thought I’d see Ghandi as a hero, but if you take one act he did in context (rejecting the Salt Tax) then Guido is totally right that the TV License “Fee” is an unjust and forcible protection of a state-monopoly, and is against the interests of everyone. It is even against the interests of talented tV producers, programme-makers and technicians, many of whom could probably be better employed in other broadcasters, or even totally outside the industry!

Here, you can go sign the NO to TV licensing thingy.

Here also is their blog.

Charles Moore has been going on about this terrible, evil thing for some time – at least three years to my certain knowledge. Now that momentum has been picked up by his campaign, it is hard to see how one of two things can avoid happening:-

(1) The BBC will get nasty, turn up the flame-wick of horror, and start prosecuting thousands and thousands and thousands of people, the whole thing possibly ending at gunpoint,

(2) its income will fall off badly, possibly to zero as Rupert Murdoch picks up the trail, and The Sun starts to flag up the opportunity to not pay and get away with not being scragged by fake detector vans and paramilitary “License Fee Collectors”.

Option 2 is more likely I think. I haver long suspected that “detector vans” either contain nothing at all, or else are unable today to “detect” a modern TV, as it has no powerful “line timebase”, emitting bags of RF at multiples of the horizontal timebase frequency – it is of course “flat screen” which needs none of that old rubbish… (actually it was not rubbish but very cleverly optimised to to what it had to do, although megalithic by comparison with today’s electronics.)

We at the Libertarian Alliance have long advocated closing down the BBC. Fully. That’s it. A State Broadcaster can have no purpose to serve, in a State which is minimalist and liberal. There is no need for one, if the barrier to braodcasting for anyone who wishes to, in a technological civilisation, is low enough – and it now is.

That’s it.

I don’t sadly really know if other nations have a compulsory, criminally-driven TV licensing scheme for their State borat-caster – but I’d love to know.¬† Please write in. I guess ShootinPutin has put one in even if it’s only run by the KGB against liberals and dissenters: and I expect that the pigs Kim Jong Il and Castro have got one, and also that other pig in ByeloRussia, can’t rememebr his name, all pigs are the same really.

Pity really that I have to so traduce such a useful animal as the pig here. Henceforth, all socialist scumbags will be called cockroaches – such as those who are bureaucrats, or whose Police kill people, or who dispense State welfare, or who ban smoking or displays of tobacco.

“24-hour-drinking” is not the problem … the government is.

David Davis

Police “chiefs” complain about “24-hour drinking”. I don’t know about you, but I don’t tend to come across binge-drinkers blind-drunk at say 10.40 am in the morning. Or even 7.55 am. Or 2.14 pm. Do you, or I, or does anybody you know, or have ever seen, drink for 24 hours a day? No, I thought not.

No. The problem is not that this guvmint has relaxed the licensing laws. This is a sound move and takes away the smell of distrust of the British people, imposed on them since WW1, when it was thought that without these we would be too drunk to make shells properly. it is an unconscionable piece of farm-animalery to suggest that a sane man ought not to be able to buy a beer at 6.40 in the morning, or at any time it pleases him so to do….and drink it too. When I used to drive to what was then called Czechslovakia, one regularly stopped one’s fast car after about 16 hours from London, at a roadside caff in Plzen or Stribro in West Bohemia, and you could have a large Becherovka, or a Vyskov-11 (about a pint or more) with your coffee.

The autobahn probably goes round those places now…and I expect that the dear Czech Police would string me up for what I have just said…but it was 1991-92 and all was new and bright, and the West had won, and people were happy, and the girls just wanted to have us…..

No, the problems lie elsewhere:-

(1) This is a coolish and nearly-always-damp island, in which one surviving pleasure is to crawl into your mud hut in the late afternoon with mates, soddden and muddy and shitty after a day in the fields slding about in the cowpoo, and down a few beers or more and joke about how the Bail-Reeve fell into the worst and deepest pile. The British drink alcohol regularly in industrial amounts: it is our job.

(2) Sex is not that great any more as a substitute for alcohol, unless you are

(a) very lucky with one or a few wenches well known to yourself, or else,

(b) the Feminazi revolution has somehow passed you by.

(3) If this guvmmint wanted socialism in a post-capitalist-civilisation and therefore (it would have to create) a de-educated populace, which it has tried personfully to bring into being, and which it could push about like in 1984, then it has succeeded. This populace will behave like irresponsible farm-animals, because that’s what it has been forced to become (the responsible ones are all dead.)

If you treat people like children, and deny them knowledge and understanding, then unsocialised children is what you will get. (You will probably have to ban guns, knives…lasers ( a new one, to be advanced for a ban at a local newspaper near you, and soon…..see the Southport Visiter! And yes thatt iz how itt izz spelled!)…..airguns…..kitchen-knives, soon?…..to stop them murdering each other, let alone you and your apparatchiks……) (“Nobody hurt in milk float crash”)

(4) If it thought it could raise alcohol excise duty takes by lengthening opening hours, then it is probably right. The overall sterling value of revenue has probably risen – that’s poss why it can afford to nationalise the Banks (paid for mostly by poor-people – could not the National Lottery have done it? More appropriate….)

People who are going to get rat-arsed in public, are going to do it in the early-to-late-evening, as they always would have been and have been able to do. So I think the rozzers have got the wrong end of the stick somehow.

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