The Most Dangerous Man in Europe

2by Jakub Jankowski

Janusz Korwin-Mikke was born in occupied Warsaw in October 1942. After the death of his mother during the Warsaw Uprising in 1944, he was put under the care of his grandmother and later his stepmother. He studied at the Faculty of Mathematics and Faculty of Philosophy of the Warsaw University. Came into prominence as early as the late 60’s, protesting against the communist regime and the expulsion of Jews. For which he was imprisoned as well as relegated from university, though he finally managed to graduate in philosophy, He passed his master’s examination without attending any philosophy courses. His academic interests also extended beyond to mathematics, sociology and psychology.

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An Introduction to Polish Politics: a Casual Stroll through the Lunatic Asylum

Jakub Jankowski

Through this short introduction you will become acquainted with the contemporary, post-Communist Polish political scene. I will not be presenting this in a chronological order of events; rather I will exhibit a more in-depth approach to each party movement individually, presenting their history, achievements, ideals and their relation to other parties and the Polish nation as a whole.

Currently, the Polish political scene is dominated by two major parties, a phenomenon, not too surprising in the western world. The two are called Civic Platform (PO), which has been the ruling party in Poland since 2007, and Law and Justice (PiS), the opposition. These parties did not exist prior to 2000-2001, they have been only in existence for the last 15 years, and both have a similar genesis. They were formed in 2001 out of the ashes of an earlier right-wing coalition of parties raised to combat the post-communist left in the 1997 elections and both of these parties were thought of as being ideologically similar at the time. They went into 2001 general elections separately, but joined forces a year later in local elections as one voting committee – POPiS.

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Back to normal, then: [back in the USSR]

David Davis

It says here that the USSR has been playing soldiers on Poland’s borderlands. 13,000 squaddies does not seem like a large number by today’s standards in the more civilisation-challenged countries of the world such as the USSR and North Korea. But these guys like to brandish the larger sorts of plastic toys, and if they were waving lighted rockets about, that’s a different matter. Health-and-Safety will have to get involved.

Perhaps Obama will learn not to take the missiles away next time, but it’s probably too late now: we are back to times which some of the older people among us at least understood very well. Let’s hope these pictures will not become commonplace again:-

Wokers' Paradise

Nothing's too good for the workers! No escape!

Too little, too late

David Davis

(And here’s what we said about a year ago, about  a call for “Poles to Join British Army”. Sounds good to me.)

Not many people left alive now, who remember what this was all about. Probably the same applies in Germany, to the matter of this particular epic confrontation and its symbolic significance: so the entire event, within its historical context, will pass just like WW1 out of living memory and into legend.

Perhaps I’ll have to put him on the banner above (since he’s white, dead and famous) after that one’s come down.


EU, Ireland, Poland and the Lisbon Treaty: the EUBuggers have got to rig Ireland now or they will have to shoot people

David Davis


Polish president won’t sign Lisbon before Irish referendum


Wed, 21 Jan 2009 09:31:00 +0100 (CET)


News from <>

1. Polish president won’t sign Lisbon before Irish referendum – 21.01.2009 – 09:10


Poland does not intend intend to complete the final step of ratification

for the EU’s Lisbon Treaty until after Ireland has had its second

referendum on the document.

The USSR says “Poland is now a nuclear Target”. I thought, that with Gorbachev, that the USSR had grown up.

I od hope everybody notices this one, since it it now getting serious (as Stalin would have said.)

Civilised nations DO NOT GO ABOUT defining in public, or otherwise, other nations as “Nuclear Targets”. Specially in a time when OUR companies are enriching, by YOUR PM’s leave, YOUR oligarchs who own OUR Foot Ball Clubs.

Sorry General! You shall have to go. If I ever meet you, even at a Chatham House Symposium, at the Royal Institute (for) (of?) (who cares a f*** which!) International Affairs (or whatever the thingy is called) I, a Lancashire Bumpkin, will have to kill you.

David Davis

How can we sit here on our arses, and say that “what goes on in Georgia is not our concern and _does not affect our vital interests_ … “, when unsocialised, pre-capitalist barbarians say this? “THIS” is a USSR General Officer in the DT, describing what his government would do to Poland, a nation in NATO, because it has decided to have some American missiles, a good move I would have thought in view of the coming war, which crept up on us while we were asleep.

I have to return, to entrench the necessarily hawkish position that I have been taking here. I know that many libertarians are rightly suspicious of statist aggression. I am also. But the present most crying need, as far as libertarianism is concerned, is to defend what’s left of roughly-liberal-western-democratic nations, so as to keep fertile ground for libertarianism itself.

It’s much harder if we are starting out from the Gulag itself, or from the face of a firing-squad, than from London or Liverpool, be they ever so trodden-under by local stalinists.

It’s no use to carry on, if we are all 100% dead, or enslaved. The wicked will then have won.

I repeat: “Russia”, while it continues to be socialoist and to behave as though it can direct events and regimes in other nations, must be regarded as having no “near abroad”.

WE have a near abroad – it is called “the world”. Governments that behave like the current one in the USSR, are making messes in OUR backyard. It is OUR job to clear it up, kick their butts, take names, and impose detentions.

Can’t all you buggers get it into your heads that there is Good, and there is Evil, and that both are objectively definable? A war may come: You have to know how to decide which side you are on.