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ANPR, scumbags, duck islands, liberty and tourism

David Davis

Well, my last posting went down like a lead balloon, or should I say, in these hyper-flagged-parliamentary-expense-claim times, a concrete duck  island. But it says at The Landed Underclass that ANPR camera systems are all the rage among our Enemy Class, and can be used for all sorts of fun activities suitable for all the family. For once, I’m on the side of the Evil BBC, which has flagged this up.

True, the BBC stringers may all be irremediably-incorrigible lefties right now, complaining that one of their number, a professional member of Rentacrowd, has been victimised by these devices. But as Churchill said in 1941, about Hitler’s assault on the USSR, he might be persuaded to include a favourable reference to the Devil. (None of what I have advocated will pay in the end of course, but in these times, our enemy’s enemy is our friend.)


“If Hitler invaded Hell I would at least make a favourable reference to the Devil in the House of Commons.”


I hasten to hope that the Cameroid, if and when he gets elected as he possibly will, inside the next year or so, will demolish all this stuff, but I doubt it somehow.

ITEM:- You can make a duck island now, for less than £20 !!!    Here!

Tom Harris MP: let’s have a cheer for him, sensible man.

Now then….this is the sort of thing our MPs OUGHT TO BE saying!

David Davis

Apparently “marking schoolwork and tests in red ink” …. wait for it …  “could upset children”. Well, I never! What will the Gramsco-Marxian liberal-culture-razers think of next? But Tom Harris joins us in debunking such pointless PC-nonsense. Hat tip The Devil.

The point that Tom I suspect would like to make, but can’t be seen by his mates to, is that all this rubbish is about destroying institutions, and abolishing cultural and folk links with the past (which is evil and anathema to lefties.) It is the “Year Zero” mentality. Until we can get rid of this meme, we are fighting on the back foot.

ITEM:- I remember that, a while back, Tom Harris bravely published a comment thread which was (a) very long, and (b) largely critical of him and his views, on…..er…..I forget what. Ummmm. Oh, here it is! It’s about our growing progress towards being a Police State. But he was brave and fair (Tom Harris, that is.)

Police Surveillance Tyranny Britain. Do not film the “authorities”, or else….

…and yet we are all blessed with these wonderful little new digital-camera-thingies the size of a shrivelled peanut. I do sometimes wonder what we are supposed, now, to be allowed to do with the thingies?

David Davis

East Germany’s Honecker-or-whatever-his-name-was under the Communists Nazis and the Stasi would have been proud.

You’re not allowed to dress like a James-I era gentleman any more…

Peter Davis (“inset” day activities)

From Obnoxio the Clown I learned that Guido Fawkes has got this material of some guys (no pun intended) walking down Whitehall I think from much younger memory, dressed in a way that makes a political and historical point. Nothing esle worse than that as far as I could tell.

Here’s some of them doing the really bad thing of “going for a walk” “near the “Houses oik Parliament.” :-

Here’s what happened next. They walked past the heavily-guarded entrance to the Führer’s Bunker Downing Street:-

Then there only seems to be photos, but this happened. What the socialists can’t seem to understand is that if they let these people through and just ignored them, it would take the wind out of the sails of people who say that WE ARE living in a Police State:-

DNA alert! DNA alert!

DNA alert! DNA alert!

Tom Harris MP thinks “an awful lot of people – perhaps dozens” are worried about our trend towards a police state

David Davis

Interesting comment thread on that post on his blog. About 97% critical of him I would guess. Brave guy, then, anyway.

And here’s Middleborough cops trying to interdict private photography in the street:-

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