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The Libertarian Book Of TRUMP

In a new book, “The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed,” I argue that Donald J. Trump is the quintessential post-constitutional candidate.

In the “Opening Statement,” titled “Welcome To The Post-Constitutional Jungle,” oldies will recognize a nod to the Guns N’ Roses classic, “Welcome to the Jungle,” as well as to broadcaster Mark Levin’s coinage.

We inhabit what Levin has termed a post-constitutional America. The libertarian (and classical conservative) ideal—where the chains that tether us to an increasingly tyrannical national government are loosened and power is devolved once again to the smaller units of society—is a long way away. Read more

Trump Called Bush A Liar And He Won South Carolina (Nevada, too)

By ilana mercer

Donald Trump has buried George W. Bush, for good. Or so we hope. This might not be “Morning in America,” but it is a moral victory for values in America. Somewhere in those Judeo-Christian values touted by “values voters” is an injunction against mass murder.

Before the February 20 South Carolina primary, it looked as though G. Bush might just make a comeback.

After the South Carolina primary, where Donald Trump won with 32.2 percent of the Republican vote, it seems certain that nothing will resuscitate the legacy of “one of the nation’s worst presidents.” Notwithstanding his war crimes and unprecedented intervention in the financial system and the private economy, “W” also happened to preside over the largest domestic spending since Lyndon Johnson. As chronicled in Ivan Eland’s “Recarving Rushmore: Ranking the Presidents on Peace, Prosperity, and Liberty,” “[Bush] advocated bad policies and demonstrated horrendous operational incompetence.” Read more

Is Donald Trump’s Position on Immigration Based on Libertarian Principles?

By Christopher Cook

Based on his public policy statements, it seems likely that Donald Trump would not know a libertarian principle if one came up and bit him on his nonaggression axiom. I suspect he would not know Hayek from a hole in the ground.

But is it possible that his position could be consonant with libertarian principles? Can we make a libertarian argument for immigration restrictions and border control?

Libertarians have, over the years, taken a variety of views on the subject. In today’s libertarian mainstream (if there is such a thing), however, there appear to be two dominant views:

Read more