MPs and expenses… Lavoisier was beheaded for less than this. Should we be happy or sad?

David Davis

How is it possible to overclaim for tax paid, whe you, er, had to pay tax?

I am beginning to be not able to figure out quite what these people think they are entitled to.

Everybody’s doing it!

Do the Twist!

David Davis

Here’s your blogeditor’s score:-


And it’s an excuse for some music, which my junior staff have been too lazy – or too overcome by homework – to air for a while:-

Wonder why that rhythm always makes me think of Walschaerts valve gear?

Ireland and Lisbon Treaty; keep voting until you give the right answer….again.

David Davis

The forces of tyranny and endarkening are, yet again, going to drape a veil of “democracy” over their command that a certain answer be given – when deep questions about a people’s sovereignty, and who they will allow to govern their affairs – or not – are posed.

If it was not so serious and threatening, it would be hugely funny, and great harmless political theatre for all to relax to over a G-&-T in the evenings.

Imagine something like “the X Factor” or “Pop Idol” (is it called that?) refusing the result of a telephone poll about who’s become the latest sacrificial victim celebrity, until the programme makers got what they asserted was the “right” winner”?

For all I know, that’s exactly what they do anyway, but at least in this theatre the harm done is nugatory….and it sells papers for Rupert Murdoch (harmless act) or whever the outfit is that owns the “Daily Star” (also harmless.)

Mandelson: I’m sorry, Tony – but it’s TIME TO BUZZ THE TOWER

David Davis

Old Tony Hollick, my old rooming-chum nearly 30 years ago in Beckenham when we wozz both poor (I still am), thinks Peter Mandelson is a great guy, with whom you’d love to have dinner rather than Cameron (use a long spoon in both cases). Obnoxio the Clown tends not to be quite exactly so positive as that, and inclines more to my view.

As Libertarians, we view all the parties as Stalinist-Pork-Barelling-Shysters. Only, if there does really exist the notion of “right” and left wrong in the world, then the Mandyman is wrong less right than the Stalinist “Conservative” party.

So, let’s ask you lot!

If you had a gun at your head and had to choose, as a British Libertarian, which one you’d go into an election with against, which would you choose?

Barnyard animals and tyranny: the role of the British State in the downfall of liberty.

David Davis


Did they turn us into barnyard-animals by public-culture-degradation and removal of schooling, in order to be able to tyrannize us overtly with our consent, so as to show that the idea of wanting Liberty can then be destroyed inside a Free People?



Did they destroy the idea of Liberty, in order to turn us into their barnyard-animals because they are pre-capitalist-barbarians, and wanted to have some animals to shag?

The question does vex me often. Either way they are wicked. here’s a poll:-