It is cold here tonight yes

Michael Winning

But the market will sort it out if let to. The price of grit and salt will rise as more people want to buy it if they are allowed to. Then more will be made available.

It is already -8C and falling.

I’ve brought in the free range pigs for the umpteemth time, its too cold for te poor buggers and we only have now about 20 of this sort. Some are actually in the house, in the scullery, the smaller ones and one sow was actually shivering when we brought her in. The others are in the outside enclosed  lobby with some bubble wrap and lots of old newspspers. They will cope till the morning.

The socialists won’t learn. Or perhaps they will, and deliberately as the Bosss says, don’t want to play. Copenhagen has been truly rained on as a parade for them, with this what I’d have called “normal” weather for the time of year. they’ve just had it easy with all the mild winters since 1980 while all they Green-protesters was growin up.

Should libertarians suupport terrorists

Michale Winning

No I dodn’t think so, legiron has an interesting look at the people who tried to close an actual power station and complanned of being bitten by tethered policedogs. Well I don’t know, you can stand and jump about further aways.

Perhaps theye didn’t intend to close it really, and perhaps it just was a publicityy stunt. But I don’t know. KNowing some of these people colsely as I do, I fear them now. Maybe my friemf David Davis is right, we will have to kill and eat the bastards after the lights are all out and all other the people are frozen to death. I am going to do a poll, I hope it woks.

Why there will never be a Libertarian government, ever

David Davis

Good analysis on The Volokh Conspiracy here.

Dr Sean Gabb’s phrase “The Enemy Class” says it all too.

But there is always another strategy. Libertarians, heavily disguised as pork-barrel-opening, largesse-distributing statists, could stage an election-led dawn raid on the legislature. Having got elected, hopefully looking vaguely like compassionate conservatives who “love the NHS”  – but specifically after some particularly spectacular failure and cock-up by the ordinary stalinists of the day, such as affects us now – they could strip off their statists’ clothes revealing the lithe muscular form and leotarded bewinged saviour….


Immediately, they could get to work sacking most departments of State (and Councils people’s Soviets), malleting the hard disks, shredding and burning the records, and turning the bemused “staff” onto the street. Within about two days the country could resemble a somewhat chaotic Hong Kong, only without any bureaucrats at all.

But I don’t think David Cameron has any such plans – do you? Ah well, never mind, it’s fun to dream.


Peter Davis

I happened to stumble apon this Hugely funny website on the internet here. Let’s all make a point today to annoy the Asse-Hat, who’s weeping into his communion wine somewhere, about the planet…


Are the C of E pagan earth-worshippers yet?

Are the C of E pagan earth-worshippers yet?

The video on it is hilarious, everyone has to watch it…

…or else.

And to ”Fred Bloggs”, would you kindly post something that could be better than this!


David Davis

Via the irreplaceable Landed Underclass, we find that The Lone Voice and Old Holborn got this. So, let me get this right: plunging ourselves into darkness means we are in favour of “saving the planet”?

Who the f*** are these bozos? And who is advantaged by their strictures?

SO……turn on all the appliances that your house electricity Main will stand, for the whole hour.

There is more liquid methane in one sea on Titan, than here is water in the Mediterranean.