ANPR: allowed, because we allowed it

David Davis

Allowed: Not Prevented Rigorously…”

Wake up, everyone, before it is absolutely too late. This post is triggered by one in The Register.

Here’s a choice quote from the wiki-article about ANPR in the UK:-

ANPR does, of course, also have the potential to be a lucrative source of income for the Police, a fact not lost on Ronnie Flanagan who in an official report instructed other forces to “ensure they are taking an entrepreneurial approach to policing, in ethical income generation and in creating and exploiting business opportunities,” effectively encouraging a change in the Police’s role, from disinterested and essentially reactive upholders of the law, to modern-day bounty hunters.[17]

As Michel Foucault, Paul Virilio and others have noted, information is power. The UK Government is able to track almost all automated and many non-automated journeys within and outwith the UK. Individual freedom of movement is not protected as the Government possess the right of detention without charge for up to thirty days. There are no effective restrictions on the Governments right to track. In essence, critics say, the UK has become a giant open prison.