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Should libertarians suupport terrorists

Michale Winning

No I dodn’t think so, legiron has an interesting look at the people who tried to close an actual power station and complanned of being bitten by tethered policedogs. Well I don’t know, you can stand and jump about further aways.

Perhaps theye didn’t intend to close it really, and perhaps it just was a publicityy stunt. But I don’t know. KNowing some of these people colsely as I do, I fear them now. Maybe my friemf David Davis is right, we will have to kill and eat the bastards after the lights are all out and all other the people are frozen to death. I am going to do a poll, I hope it woks.

Should the Police be photographed?

David Davis

The Landed Underclass picks up an announcement on Spyblog, about the growing unilateral Police threat to anyone allegedly photographing the police as they go about whatever they have decided is their business these days.

I have no views at this time either way, regarding pictures of policemen. Unlike ordinary human beings, most policemen are ugly and essentially non-photogenic creatures. Perhaps this is deliberate, or else they get like that by doing what they do in a Police State. Personally I think it’d be a waste of film, or electricity.

But once they get down to being serious about bashing up people who disagree with their opinions, and really applying the “anti-terror” provisions, and stuff in the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 ss 132 -138 , which Landed Underclass quotes, then it’s time to test the law.

From Landed again. be there, at:-

Monday 16th February 2009, from 11am… Broadway, London, SW1

Nearest Tube Station is St. James’s Park

Update:- Landed also takes issue with the requirement, by the Police in North London, for a new pub licensee to install compulsory videoing of the heads and shoulders of patrons as they enter his to-be-taken-over (and pre-existing) pub, the footage to be available to the Police on demand. If that’s not a complete no-no for anybody who wanted to go to that pub, then I don’t know what is.

But perhaps it’s because “those who have nothing to hide, have nothing to fear.”