RBS: The Paul Myners/Harriet Harman/Derek Wanless thingy smells ever more fishy.

UPDATE:- Ooooooooooooh, look at this one too! Guido again. the sheer brass neck, the czhutzpah (if that’s how it’s spelt – I have no clue what czhutzpah is, maybe it’s an African cooking sauce) of these stalinist graspers just beggars the imagination.

David Davis

I smell a rat. I see it floating in the air. (Hat tip Guido, for Guido-guiding us to here.)

It seems that socialists will always be found, in the end, with their hands in the till. Be they ever so compassionate towards Working People – or just “The People” – be they ever so Fabian, so – well – Toynbee-esque, they can’t keep away from money, they simply can’t do it, it’s not in their nature, it’s like a magnet to them.

Perhaps it’s their institutional-amorality. They’re always gassing on about “capitalists” and their “worship of profit over people”. They trumpet their credentials to the rooftops: just read any article by Polly Toynbee for example, like this one.

(Pol) Pot calling kettle black, all over again, and again, and again….

Why can’t they just throw in the towel, stop pretending to want to “redistribute” other people’s legitimate property to those whom they purport to “represent”, and simply join the existing game?

Some may win: then they can be philanthropic without hurting others. This will be fine, and conservatives will not complain. We have done it for centuries. Then of course you die.

Some may not win, and some may even leave “out of the  money”. But that’s just life: so do we, and so have we also done for centuries. Then, after it’s all over, you die as well, even if you have failed first. It’s the rules of the game.

The stalinists don’t mind it happening to actors and actresses (many of whom they themselves f***, like JFK did) like that – so why not themselves? 


Sir Fred Goodwin, pensions, property rights, Law, Legislation and Liberty: an open letter.

We have an update via the Army, here. And the MSM thinks this will not happen, here.

David Davis

Sir Frederick Goodwin

Late of…..

…..c/o The Royal Bank of Scotland plc

42 St Andrew’s Square

Edinburgh, Scotland

Dear Sir Fred

I do not know where you are at present and I presume it’s not at the above offices, but never mind. I am sure the good ladies at the Southport Branch will have this sent to you, after I have presented hard copy to them tomorrow morning. The purpose of this private letter is to advise you that I, and perhaps many thousands of other ordinary folks, are appalled at the way Mr Harriet Harman (we call her on the blog “Horrid Hardbint”) is getting at you publicly, and threatening to invoke what we also call, on here, “State Directed Property-Confiscation”.

It is really of no interest to me at all, nor is it to others I know, what your agreed pension is to be. It is the least of our worries at this time. I, as a customer of your Bank (it is actually quite a good Bank, and has not been more than usually unreasonable over the 20-odd years of my association with it – from Holt’s days – remember that one?) would say that if it and you  – and even the ghastly/oily Sir Paul Myners – had agreed a sum for you to b***** off with, than that should be it.

If the Law says a contract is admissible at Law, and therefore can be defended in a Court, then what business is it of Hardbint and her nasty fascist friends in the government to pretend they can overturn it, using what they have the brass neck, the immortal rind and thickskin, to call “public opinion”?

Are laws to be changed by merely what the sitting government says is “public opinion”? What, then, is Parliament for? A very dangerous precedent for the prospects for individual liberty – and in particular property rights – would be set by Harbint’s words, if she were able to translate them into actions.

You  __must__  certainly defend yourself, and vigorously, and by whatever means are at your disposal, to keep a contractual arrangement which has been legally agreed with you. For you to not do this will be an abrogation of YOUR own responsibility as a Subject of the Queen to defend the Rule of Law. If you do not, then a bad precedent will have been set, and everyone’s legally-agreed property will be under an existential threat.

The duty to do this falls to you more than to others (a) because you have just been publicly attacked and threatened by an Officer of the State, and (b) because you probably have more resources to do this than the rest of us.

I remain

Yours sincerely

David Davis

Blogmaster, The Libertarian Alliance


Right said Fred (in “Harriet Harman, British State-Lynch-Mobdriver v. Royal Bank of Scotland plc Contracts Department”)

David Davis

It says in The Landed Underclass that The Telegraph says that the “government” is “prepared to change the Law” to stop Sir Fred Goodwin getting his contractually-agreed pension. Just look at this terrifyingly dangerous utterance:-

But Ms Harman, Labour’s deputy leader, said that all necessary steps would be taken if the 50 year old would not do the “honourable” thing. (my emphasis – ed.)

“Sir Fred should not be counting on being £650,000 a year better off as a result of this because it is not going to happen,” she told BBC1’s Andrew Marr show.

“The Prime Minister has said it is not acceptable and therefore it will not be accepted. It might be enforceable in a court of law this contract but it’s not enforceable in the court of public opinion and that’s where the Government steps in.”

Ms Harman declined to say exactly what action could be taken but reports this week have suggested a special Act of Parliament was being considered by Downing Street as a last resort.

It is a dangerous thing, that any government, after Magna Carta, does not have respect for Law. Talk of “public opinion” and “The People” is always a dead-giveaway about Nazis lefty tyrannical tendencies.  All outfits that behave in this way should be treated as deeply suspect nasty fascist lefty Nazis.

Sir Fred Goodwin, although probably as culpable as any trough-pigging banker who dined out for years on States’ funny-money, is entitled, as a Sovereign Individual, to keep what free contracts have allowed to him. Specially as Guido has pointed out that Lord Myners knew about it in advance and the sums involved are nugatory.

This is a clear case of shamelessly but unjustifiably trying to take the high-moral-ground, but the thoughpiggers of ZanuLieBorg – who have pissed away the money, and also incidentally robbed millions of people of hundreds of billions of their own, fully-legally-obtained, and paid-for, “private pension pots”, to pay for a clientariat-votariat for themselves.

We all now have to work till we die. Sir Fred’s £700,000 is the least of our worries. I hope he gets a highly-paid job with the IMF and screws Harriet Harman (metaphorically – I for one would not even “escort”  her, if she paid me.)

I’d like to apply for the job of government stooge. Then I can get money.

David Davis

The Landed Underclass notes the concatenation of events and incidents related to Robert Peston, aged 4, “described” as “a journalist”, and the collapse both of Northern Rock and the pants-ripping of the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Clearly, there are openings for stooges under this government. I would like a job as one, then I will be rich and famous. theywill of course allow me to keep my (authorised by them) pension, as soon as my usefulness has ended.

Banks: Wrong solution to wrong problem

David Davis

Well, it’s beyond Marx’s and Lenin’s wildest fantasies. Many of the West’s biggest banks have fallen into the clutches of states, ostensibly through the results of their own actions, but in fact because of probably very careful planning and subterfuge. This would have been over a very long period while we all slept, by lefties who forsaw it and brought it about.

If you “regulate” the sort of activities that banks do, then they will inevitably try to find products and ways round, so as to carry on being successful despite you, not because of you. Furthermore, if you do what lefty slobs did under the Clinton administration, and threaten/force/bribe banks to lend money to NINJAS, to buy democrat stalinist votes from said people, then the banks will respond by “securitising” these mortgages and selling them on in parcels with an attractive yield attached.

What should have happened is that the worst-exposed ones should have been allowed to fail, and the better pieces picked up by smaller, harder outfits better able to resist further State blandishments in future. Instead, what will now happen is that we shall get more of the same.

Other states will now see also that “the thing can be done” and their banks will come in for strangling too. Worse, Gordon Brown will get to look decisive and popular again. What price he tries to ram through things like “42 days detention” again?