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Not much blogging tonight

David Davis

As it’s All Hallows’ Eve, and yet people have got the wrong day as always, and are all about cadging sweets from strangers, I have barricaded the house and turned out all the lights.

Moslems are not the problem…the Enemy Class is

David Davis

I doubt very much if any Mosques have actually _/asked/_ for this….but “Avon and Somerset”*** Police have volunteered it.

It just makes the job of eradicating GramscoFabiaNazism even harder, since these buggers clearly really do believe the West is NOT Best.

If we believe that one civilisation is objectively better than others, then it would behove us to force our State-NGOs and other public-sector outfits, however Gramscian their leanings, to behave as if we believed it. Insofar as we have to tolerate the bastards for the time being.

Moslems themselves, whether “Fundamentalist” of not, are not actually the problem or even part of it. The Koran is manifestly and quite frankly not a book about a peaceful religion, but that can be fixed by a dialogue in which we will deploy the Asse-Hatt, to add the right notes of non-committment and ennui to its entire decontamination-proceedings:-

They are being used as a catspaw by the GramscoFabians, and will find themselves being eradicated later as inconvenient objectors, along with all other whole categories of persons who displease the Gramscoids’ idea of Future-World Order.

***Part of the wicked and evil 1970s-“Heatho-Walkerian-boundary-erasure-retrogressions”.

Pope Tank

Fred Bloggs.

I have just heard from a very reliable source that the Pope, during his trip to the potentially dangerous middle East, has, for his own personal safety, just got a new Popemobile:-


Also, according to my source, the Police are getting a new patrol vehicle, which will be more suited to the environments in which it needs to operate, due to the fact that criminals are now beginning to use medieval weaponry:


EDIT: I just found out,  that due to budget cuts, the Police will instead be using these:


Libertarian Alliance Easter Message 2009

David Davis

As we descend yet further into the darkosphere, it’s as difficult to know what to say as it was last time. There’s no point to revisit our woes, as you all know what they have been, will be, and are: and the liberal swearbloggers catalogue them better and with more venom than we can summon up in our busy-ness.


Let’s take some comfort in something though. The forces of the Enemy Class remain just as evil, and just as imbued with purposeful and wicked intent as they were yesterday, and last week, and last year, and even before that. So, we know where we are, and all’s right after all: the coping classes are still targeted by the moochers and slairs and GramscoFabiaNazis, for their ability to fund their overlordness and pretend-philanthropy, itself built on a stolen, corrupted and plausible mirror of ordinary people’s real charitable feelings for others. Nothing’s changed, has it. 2009 and we are no further forward.


Now, I remember, many many, many, oh so many years ago, when Tony Blair, that great serpent, where is he now (?) talked loudly about “the Forces of Conservatism” and how awful and threatening these were, to a rapturous audience of lobotomo-lanternized watchers of the Wireless Tele Vision, at some conference somewhere.


It’s interesting that, although such a groundswell of anger and indignation seems to have been now detected, against the machinations of these shysters, no violent protest – justified though it might even be – is forthcoming. All sensible humans know it would be counterproductive and would only play into the hands of the Enemy Class. Even Leila Deen or whatever she’s called only threw green custard at the Lord Of Misrule, nothing worse (thank goodness.) And then she even walked away.


Although the Enemy Class gains power daily, over the minutiae of everyone’s lives, yet it lacks self-awareness, a sense of humour, humanity and perspective – although not a perverse logic. And so we hope that it can proceed to dig its own grave unassisted.


Our Easter Message comes down to this: human civilisation will stand or fall to the extent that it recognises Man’s exercise of Free Will, which as we said before is biblical in origin. We have in the end to agree that libertarian ideas and morality did not spring, fully-formed, out of nowhere, out of some formless void. We are libertarians because we specifically elevate Mankind, and a specific conscious individual morality, as being the state people ought to aspire to. Stalin and Mao and Hitler and Allende and Pol Pot and the various Kims and Saddams and Castro-body-doubles rejected that route. The oceans of blood, and the mountains of sorrow, which these buggers have brought forth on the world, are witness to how well their alternatives truly have gone down.


Some of us libertarians are religious in a traditional sense, and some are not: religion is not the point. But if libertarianism is based on anything (and as I said it did not just spring out of the earth fully-formed – as if “in one mighty bound man was free!”) then it is based on Judeo-Christian ethics, the Gospels, and the Ten Commandments. If it was possible for it to do that, then it would have happened centuries or even millennia ago. It appeared, and eventually reached a state of concreteness, with a body of literature and some public adherents, in post-Rennaissance Judeo-Christian civilisations only. There are no major publicly-promoted libertarian archives and publishers in, say Mecca, or Peking, or PyongYang, or Havana (a regressor-civilisation) (yet.)


If Man has Free Will, then libertarianism is the least immoral way to live, in a society where there are more than about seven people. If he has not, then the slairs and moochers and GramscoFabiaNazis are right, and so we all ought to be directed in all things by those who “Know Best What Is Good For Us”. All we have really to do is decide where we stand.

Another nail in the coffin of statism in Britain: Christianity and great churches, made of triumphant uplifting stone which soared to the Heavens

Thank God for George Pitcher, who has said what I have been thinking but have not got round to saying for 40 years. Golly, how lazy we got.

David Davis

(edited for republishing 12.10.13, for the interest of recent attendees to this blog, who might not have seen earlier postings in our archives.)

Everybody knows that the Churches were used for all sorts of secular purposes , for centuries. Even I know that, bumpkin that I am: I just forgot. But if this nation is to be the first to be _De-Christianised By Law_ , which looks like happening and which I personally think to be a wrong thing to do, simply for the purpose of appeasing certain favoured-Nazi groups, then the way back is to be able to use churches for all sorts of stuff that they already were used for, that was moral and good.

When I was a student, I decided in my second and third year, to go about the nation on my Triumph Tiger Cub 200 cc motor-bicycle, “325 TPE”, and here is an example of one, which I bought for £65 when I was 19. I didn’t like its balck and grey colour scheme, so I painted all the static metal parts bright red with Humbrol enamel hobby paint and a coarse brush: it looked really hot.

I took with me on my travels a mottley ragbag of Olympus half-frame camerae which I still possess, one of them even being a “single-lens-reflex”, which was the last word in photographic penis-size-comparisons that you could utter, at the time. It even had “through-the-lens-metering”…which actually was more trouble than it was worth if you were inside a dark building and trying to look out.

I also often took on my back  “brass-rubbing” apparatus: you know….a big roll of “all-rag paper”, in a waterproof wrapping, and some “heel-ball” in black and other colours for a laugh.

I photographed about one sixth of the Southern English medieval churches, based on the objective that what I did would be the only substantive record of where they were, what they looked like, and what interesting details they had – all this was in case they ever fell down.

Yep, I was a bit autistic.

It was all in B/W on Ilford Pan-F (50ASA) (if I was rich that term) or HP3 (400 ASA)  (if I was short of funds.) I wound the cassettes myself in a darkbag, from 100-foot rolls, and often could get 90-100 half-fram-frames into a standard 35mm cassette.

The archive still exists in my library. I was not a libertarian then, but libertarians ought to be conscious of the desire of ordinary people to understand and record and preserve their history, sothat they will not be forced by tyrants to forget what is to happen in the future.

Here are just a few places I went to. These are not my pix or records, all newer ones:- Read more

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