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Greenazis shift target…coming for your food, at a field near you, now

David Davis

This worries me intensely. I am not a violent man: no really, I am not. But we really, really may have, one day, to cook, and eat, for our lives, all these nasty, anti-farming and anti-technology people.

“Hilary” Benn and the coming food rationing

David Davis

Now they’re getting at restaurants and the poor-people’s takeaway joints first. These will cave in because there is “no-one to stand up for them”.

part of a new Government drive to prevent obesity, climate change and global food shortages”

My trousers!

And furthermore, how can a person give a job to a man called “Hilary”?

Coming soon to a government near you: all food to be declared “politically-Incorrect”

David Davis

The  existing borders of GramscoFabiaNazi deliberate wickedness have just been breached.

And where “Film Stars” embrace something, I know already to run in the opposite direction. I often wonder why, despite all the wealth and privilege that they can command, they yet do and say what they do.


…finally they can bring in rationing. Eugenics without the overt killing-staff.


Rodd Liddle inn Trubble

Michael Winning

The Independent has picked up something he’s said.

Rod Liddle says the things, about people made by our Enenmy Class to torment us, that cant be said. It is a pity that humans get tormented and robbed and corrupted into evil beings, by others who mean it to happen to them  and then so they can do it to us.

The boss thinks this is a War Crime and they meant it. I aggree.

Here he is, Rod Liddle,

The first of an occasional series – those benefits of a multi-cultural Britain in full. Let me introduce you all to this human filth.

It could be an anomaly, of course. But it isn’t. The overwhelming majority of street crime, knife crime, gun crime, robbery and crimes of sexual violence in London is carried out by young men from the African-Caribbean community. Of course, in return, we have rap music, goat curry and a far more vibrant and diverse understanding of cultures which were once alien to us. For which, many thanks.

Burn the buggers for heat

Michale Wiining

Copenhagen, green death. I quote:

“The Copenhagen summit next week will generate vast quantities of hot air. It will see 16,500 people coming in from 192 countries. That amounts to 41,000 tons of carbon dioxide, roughly the same as the carbon emissions of Morocco in 2006. Also, the organisers will lay 900 kilometres of computer cable and 50,000 square metres of carpet. More than 200,000 meals will be served and visitors will drink 200,000 cups of coffee — at least that will be organic.”

Who cares what Morocco exhaled in 2006? I didnt go there, I was busy raising food for people. If Alan Sugar did then he can pay.

Why I ask do they need 16,500 people and from so many countries? Is this a free-for-all jamboree or what?  And why was I a farmer on the margins, high up where its hard, not invited? The frosts’s come here where we are, and nobody cares about us,so

we’ll just cope like always every year, so you greens can eff off.

Scurvy scumbags

David Davis

I meant Derbyshire County Council Soviet. I thought all County Soviets are now Tory, are they not? WTF are these scumbag social workers doing still in employment then? All those evil departments should have been put on the street with binliners, and theirdepartmental hard disks and Servers malleted, straight after the first Tory win.

And aren’t we all hectored that “junk food” is bad, specially for the cheeeeldren?

So children have become State Property.

What the British State DNA database is for

Michael Winning

(Not too many tupos I hope,)

This article may disappear. No really. Apparently it’s done so once already* and may do again. Legiron who Ive just found has posted thispiece here, which tells of a woman, a lawyer in fact, who now can’t get a job as she’s “on the DNA database”. Just that it seems. She lost an employment opportunity (with the State no less, but wait till tesco and others get on the roller) because of a wrong accuastion, and even about something trivial.

So what’s in store then for those accused – also wrongly – of worse things like British-State-thoughtcrimes? They wont’t even get shelf-fillers’ jobs in Asda or Kwiksave – let alone Waitrose!

So this is what it’s for – and there are 6 million people on it nearly, the Police sure have not been idle, all those swabs to take by force, eh? Need personpower for that, you do!

*Someone called Longrider has got a link to the piece too.

Might as well quote this from Longriderer:-

Update: The Economic Voice has more.

This effectively creates a new class of criminal, the ‘guilty innocents’. We used to have a system where you were either guilty or you were innocent. Now you can be left in limbo for 6 years. Remember also that the government’s original plans, but for the intervention of the EU, was for indefinite holding of DNA! Food for thought.

Had she not been going for a job that requires police background clearances she may well never have realised the repercussions of these new rules. Most people will just dismiss this as an isolated case to be ignored, but it could easily happen to anyone by just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Just because it may happen infrequently doesn’t make it right.

Quite. Remember, if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.

But to cheer yous all up I’ve found this:-

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