I would like to see…

…a political party that has the courage to say:-


for the solution is Good People and NOT more police.

David Davis (not that one, Ephraim Hardcastle)

Everybody likes to throw rotten cabbages at poor, innately good, motivated Iain Duncan-Smith. But what else would you suggest right now?

“More Police” may look like a sign of success: their presence may indeed locally and transiently resist the rise in figures for acts of  bad-ness. But their existence is an effect of failure, and not success. People should think more, and so they ought to read more books – and I did NOT mean winners of the “Booker Prize” books.

There ought also to be a way for the Free Market to discover how there might be lots and lots of money to be made for James R Murdoch, by having less Wireless Tele Vision. Or preferably none at all for a few years.

Oh, and we could restock “Libraries” with a couple more books each, by having strong thugs on the premises who could lift wheelchairs full of the Disabled up to a height of about 8 or 9 feet.

New inside look at OCR ICT education…….. …..First hand experience!

Peter Davis

I did this last year at my school, and you could just tell that this task was thought up by the government.  May I point out that the task was to create a video in Windows Movie Maker about recycling.

I think that, well yes, its fair enough that we have to make a video, as we would learn the skills to be able to do it…..But do we have to do it on ‘Recycling’?

Anyway, this was my submission for OCR nationals Unit 23. It got a very high mark, and it took me 20 minutes. I hope you enjoy it … or maybe not.

Yes, you saw it: this is what your children do in year-9 at secondary school it the UK (for foreign readers, this is 13/14 year-olds.)

Blogeditor says:-

Something to do with this stuff would have been more fun…

(…but most of the poor buggers don’t even know what these things are, let alone that they might have even existed.)

Is this true?

David Davis

From The Remittance Man we learn this: householders will be visited by bureaucrats dispensing advice (here’s the original source) about cooking with leftovers…..

Sometimes we here, on whichever of the duty-typwriting squadrons is on “watch”, are tempted to emulate the language of Obnoxio The Clown, or the Devil himself. (He’s uncovered a previously unstudied State-Bogus-Charity in that one…Obnoxio’s latest just refers to some bureucrat or other as a c*** . )

But this is a family blog, so, apart from saying shit and crap which is rather weak playground stuff now, we only go so far as to merely write f*** (sometimes even c*** these days.) And also we only show pictures of Keeley Hazell wearing bras (until we get bored with her and we go and get someone else. Possibly Lucy Pinder – anybody got any preferences? See poll below. If in doubt, go here and select someone else.)

To get back to the point, the government is bust, the main world’s private banks have feverishly bought themselves into virtual bankruptcy by queuing for 15 years to buy each others “securitised” pigs-in-pokes, Gordon Brown is printing money….and then they all go and spend it on what? Food-police. Here’s an exerpt:-

Home cooks will also be told what size portions to prepare, taught to understand “best before” dates and urged to make more use of their freezers.

The door-to-door campaign, which starts tomorrow, will be funded by the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP), a Government agency charged with reducing household waste.

The officials will be called “food champions”. However, they were dismissed last night as “food police” by critics who called the scheme an example of “excessive government nannying”.

WE MUST ALSO BEAR IN MIND THAT THIS IS ! “ALL ABOUT PROPERTY RIGHTS” !  People who have purchased food are entitled to dispose of it how it pleases them. The bought food DOES NOT become State Property: it belongs to the householder.

No bureaucrats yet come round to tell you not to throw a brick at your Wireless Tele Vision, thus rendering it at least partially if not fully unserviceable, whenever Jonathan Ross come on screen: why should they come and tell you what to do with food whiche displeases you?

It’s all very sad: it’s as if the poor government buggers just can’t kick the gravy-train (sorry) habit, even when there’s really no money, as opposed to just the appearance of no money.

We support this. No to protection-money in return for watching the Wireless Tele Vision (er…)

David Davis

Charles Moore in the DT started this thread, and thanks to Samizdata for amplifying it so we could see it.

To a libertarian, the very idea that one is forced to pay a State (or any other) broadcaster what amounts to a fine, in return for either watching or not watching the State channels, or indeed any others which might be available for nothing which is most of them, is anathema.

There are lots of ways in which, if you are prepared to go inside, you can “screen” your Wireless Tele Vision receiving Machine’s IF radiations and those from its other local oscillators such as the line timebase output transformer, from the “detectors”. I may start to put some of these on here for you, when I can find the time to research them. it is unconscionable that BBC buggers and Jonathan-Ross-salary-Payers can force money out of you in return for pretending that they know what your tastes in obscenity are. How the f*** did those two silly young schoolboy buggers know what would titillate me? They never asked me. I don’t get off on phoning old actors to say I’ve f****d their grand-daughters , no, sorry, I can’t raise an orgasm on that – even if I did fancy said grand-daughter (that also is not the business of other people – whether “producers” or listeners. In my opinion, one’s sexual fantasies, and one’s grief, are private family matters – so I don’t go for roadside death-shrines either. I would remove them all, privately, as a being, at something like 02:20 am one morning, as a nation, while nobody is looking.) I get off on other things, which it is nobody’s business to either publicise, or joke about on air, and I didn’t pay the BBC to pretend otherwise, so I might take the money away now.

Charles Moore, although an Etonian and therefore obnoxious and a friend of people that we ought not to say in public that we like (or we will not be invited to supper-parties in MetroTopia) is becoming more and more libertarian in his old age, and is a good man.