Wildlife destruction: the result of neopastoral Green stalinism

Michael Winning

i like the word “neopastoral” that the Boss uses. I’ll do it some more.

If you go about, as a metropolitan Green-Nazi, hectoring country people on stuff which bugs them and their animals, and which they may not kill, they’ll do it behind your back. Badgers for example spread more TB to cattle now, than humans did to each other 100 years ago. So the best thing to do to a badger is to flatten it with a large spade, put it in a binliner, and let it go to the dustmen with the corn flake packets. Or if you’re here, just find a large bonfire or build your own. If all else fails, just run the buggers over with your tractor.

Flamethrowers are good against colonies of bats. Then you can restore your building which they were squatting in.

Look, we people want to farm and grow stuff. we don’t like being ordered to protect those beasts which get in our and your way.

(I hope thats got less typos in it, I’ve been told to be more careful!)