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Back to normal, then: [back in the USSR]

David Davis

It says here that the USSR has been playing soldiers on Poland’s borderlands. 13,000 squaddies does not seem like a large number by today’s standards in the more civilisation-challenged countries of the world such as the USSR and North Korea. But these guys like to brandish the larger sorts of plastic toys, and if they were waving lighted rockets about, that’s a different matter. Health-and-Safety will have to get involved.

Perhaps Obama will learn not to take the missiles away next time, but it’s probably too late now: we are back to times which some of the older people among us at least understood very well. Let’s hope these pictures will not become commonplace again:-

Wokers' Paradise

Nothing's too good for the workers! No escape!

While free people are still marooned on this planet, hopefully not for too long, Navies are the key.

David Davis

I direct you merely to the Russians, who are serious and who have not yet lost their pride and esprit.

This is not a cause for rejoicing: either that a boat, belonging allegedly to them, has been recovered, or that it is them and not less unworthy peoples’ Navies who could spare a few minutes to do the thing, when they could have done. There is something fishy going on here, and I smell a rat.

Eurovision update

I’m just watching the Eurovision thing now, and Russia will win


More on this later.

Peter Davis

(They didn’t win – wonder what went wrong?   PD  )

(Seriously, Norway’s song was fun, but the Iceland girl was prettier.  -ED- )

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