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There is a case for this stuff being _not_ newsworthy

UPDATE2:-  __AND__   is this all that he can pull? Saddo, handsome guy, you can do better than that…what about yer missiz? (Much better crumpet.)


Yeh it was late and she was game and, er ....

Yeh it was late and she was game and, er ....





_APART_ from other considerations, it features one private tragedy in the life of a Human Being, for whom the only justification and reason for an act was the decision to commit it. Borat-casting it benefits nobody else.

(I can’t remove the underlining sorry)

David Davis

I mean this sort of stuff, here. Here, we have a moderately competent foot ball-ist (I suppose?) who has merely done what it’s widely known that these people do, since after they have scored three goals and they can’t then do ought-else, they go and get drunk outside an expensive pub in somewhere called “Lond-on”. Sometimes it’s “Manchest-er” or “Liver-Pool”. Same difference. But “Lond-on” ensures faster publicity.

Come on, get out more, lighten up: the poor bastards have got to get rid of their money somehow?

The trouble is, the continual reporting of this will cause more of it, and crowd important people like Rutger Engels off the Wireless Tele Vision. Everybody knows that televising of a drink being drunk will cause people to “drink more” – just read old-man-Rutger for the newest lowdown. So, televising a foot ball-ist called Ashley Cole laying waste to the Met outside a bar will cause people to do the same, no?

Rutger Engels, professor in developmental psychopathology at the Behavioural Science Institute, Radboud University Nijmegen…..

….has got one-hell-of-a-great title! It beats “Prime Minister”, or just “Professor”, hands-down.

He has said things like this. Go to The Devil and read the entire hilarious scam……it’s worth five minutes or so of your time.

The coming ban on  _all_  alcohol advertising  (initially only on TV, of course!) is, er, coming.

When alcohol is prohibited, a half-pint-bottle of gin is £150, a 3/4-litre whisky is £500 (and double in Londond, even if you can find a still-living pusher) and the Rule of Law is like Mexico ….. they STILL won’t listen, and will find the next thing to ban.

David Davis