Inside the Today Programme

I often wondered about these buggers. Stopped listening to them about 35 years ago, when it was starting to get excitingly Gramsc0Fabian and they were eulogising Traitor Ted. Voted “yes” in the “Common Market” referendum in 1975: can’t think what must have come over me, or what I’d perhaps been smoking….but them we were with hindsight always being bamboozled and misled about the EuReich….

Traitor Ted, Traitor Ted! Glad you’re dead, you sodding red…

(I’ll think of the rest of this ruthless rhyme sometime later today, or perhaps tomorrow.

My compliments to Guido for finding the video first.

Anne-Sophie Bonefield …. has anyone except me noticed what an inapproriate name this is for a woman at the Red Cross in Gaza?

Oh dear…. Anne-Sophie Bonefield….

David Davis

What the hell are you doing there? get out, before your career is compromised by your name, since “bone fields” are what happens when governments and socialists get going. And there’s going to be a lot of those in the next centuries, sadly.

Here’s a bone field:-

Lots of bones

Lots of bones