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…and we don’t even know who is watching!

David Davis

This just in, from Madcomputersolutions. I don’t know about these “social networking sites”, really, do you? I blame “celebrities” slebs myself, which means that, like everything, it’s all the fault of socialism and its inbuilt deliberate degrade-strategy, for decreeing that these person-trons ought to be created in the first place.

In a Libertarian society, as it must of course be in Heaven, everybody will of course be working so hard, for such great reward, that there will not be time for public self-preening in the way people seem to do on these places.

And, The Landed Underclass is kind enough to comment on my rantings here, about these timewasters, who think their lives are so full of self-regarding meaning that everyone else will want to know about them too.

Better to get a blog. Then, not only will nobody know much about yourself except the important bits (like opinions and philosophy) which you choose to reveal, but you can save the world at the same time.


I think this is marvellous and wonderful and I could cry (but I will not ‘coz this is “television” and we are British)

David Davis (the other one)

Buy it.

Speaking of crying on “Wireless Tele Vision”, d you all think as I do, that the current fashion for presuading people such as the parents of pretty young girls (who have just been lost in air crashes or (worse) murdered) to cry volubly on Wireless Tele Vision, for all to see, is a form of pornography?

I think it is. The loss of the life of a human being is a private tragedy, which belongs to his/her parents and relations. We should not be forcibly forced to take part (such as the [dead-electron] “News Media” make us to do), unless invited freely, and inidividually, but the bereaved, to do so. This process is not unilaterally given, on moral grounds, to “Wireless Tele Vision” to do for the bereaved.