This has to be satire, it just has to be. This is a wind-up.

David Davis

Look, I know the Hillsborough thingy upset people. But this event described here just cannot have taken place in reality. It exists only in the imagination of journalists and culture-dons, and has been put up on view for a ruse. English people just don’t behave like that.

The libertarian issues here are what the Enemy Class is doing to infantilise a nation’s otherwise adult people, and why.

I never remember football in general, and Liverpool clubs in particular, attrcating this kind of reverential media adulation forty, maybe 50 years ago – not even 25. I hold now to the view that ZanuLieBorg has – as part of the strategy of de-educating “the masses” (their GramscoFabiaNazi term, not mine) have caused the English, in greater or lesser degree depending on how vulnerable a particular regional population is) to accept the idea of forced collective emotionalisation. Especially about trivia: the more trivial the cause of a tragedy, the greater the compulsory collective grieving. Like “Princess” Diana for instance. except that Hillsborough predated her by about a decade, so I don’t know.

British State Wireless Tele Vision (which is to say really all of it) has to take a lot of blame, as a major instrument used by these people.

Don’t get me wrong. I would not have wanted any of my family to die in that place. Or any place. But this just takes the cake for utter, over-the-top mawkishness, about a sport full nowadays of overpaid poseurs and real sporting triviality.

Who excatly is stirring this pot and why, getting poor grief-mad-scousers to keep on agitating for “someone to blame”, simply becasue it is known that such a people will react in this way if prodded?

And it’s 20 years. Going forward, let’s move on. (As some would say…)

I am very sorry but I can’t see the point of this at all

David Davis

Hillsborough was 20 years ago, and a major city is to come to a halt. Look, I am a Londoner, but I really quite like Liverpool: it has a certain aura, and the people here are in general perfectly charming, human and kind.

Simon Heffer’s Spectator article a few years ago, in which he accused the Scousers of wallowing in self-pity, and for which poor Boris Johnson as his editor had to carry the can, under the odious Michael Howard MP, was right on the button.

The BBC still has the only approx-working link I can find, to the original Speccie article of 17.10.2004. The links to this off Boris Johnson’s wikipedia page do not seem to work.

I can’t figure out why Liverpudlians like all this overblown tragedy-theatre, I really can’t. Perhaps socialism has ruined them more than other great cities. I do not know.