This is what you will get when you only let the Police and thugs have guns.

David Davis

This is what I believe is called a “Face Book page” or “Face Book group”. I have no clue what these things are at all, but I have looked at it, and it sort of looks like a blog I suppose. Thanks to The Remittance Man (who lives and works sufficiently far away from all this sordid stuff to be able to comment disinterestedly) for flagging up the business to do with poor Rhys Jones, of whom I guess by now that the world has heard. Not the sort of posthumous fame he would have wished for… What the world thinks of the socialistically-trashed city down the road I can’t dare to guess.

The Army’s got the right idea though.

Libertarians have been banging on, mostly unheard or ridiculed, for decades, about the need for all free people to have, and to be trained to use (by their fathers, which mostly they will have) guns. This sort of rubbish, of gun-toting unsocialised teenage gansters, would be moonshine in such a civilisation. They would last about five seconds.

This is (apparently) the guy who “threatened journalists” in Glenrothes, that they “may get shot and then it’s not my problem”.

I didn’t know that the British State Soviet now employs young boys. Perhaps these are the “end times” and we are in the Siege of Berlin…..but somehow I sadly doubt it. Hat tip Landed Underclass who got it from Old Holborn. Old Holborn wants you to email the guy and tell him what you think about him suggesting that he would allow his compatriots to be shot by his apparatchiks…..or should that be apparatshootiks?


Also, what fun! I didn’t know that this chap was called Gweeds! What a hoot! I shall go to town on “Gweeds”, for some while.