Good blog, just spotted

David Davis

Coldsteelrain, heart in right place, what more can a man want? I cannot tell exactly, but I suspect it is written by a soldier.

Here is one good observation for a start – and yes I am being provocative here. And I share his dislike of the unloveable, un-nice and smelly Piers Morgan. if “Britain’s got Talent” is some sort of show in the Wireless Tele Vision, and the man Morgan is involved, then I don’t think that ordinary functioning humans ought to have anything to do with it.

Shun him, for he likes Gordon Brown. There will have to be an “Independent Safeguarding Agency” register of such people, and the Police will have to phone us all when one of them moves in nearby, in case we object.

That’s all very nice then

David Davis

Gordon Brown has said it’s inappropriate, so that’s all right then.

I was intrigued and then also simultaneously amused by the antics of Anjem Choudary, in stating – and then recanting –  the theme that he and his might march through Wootton Bassett with a number of empty coffins.

There is no reason why these fellas ought not to march there, or anywhere else for that matter. But it’s intended to be an insult, for they know we will take it lying down, and a slap in the face. I think it is impolite and is meant to be on purpose. If I was a GramscoFabiaNazi,  then I would do this to the enemies of a  socialist polity, if I possibly could. It is the right strategy to demoralise and upset them.

Poor old Wootton Bassett. Its torments will end with the appointment of another Foreign Secretary: I can’t think who it would be right now, but it would have to be someone good and tough. This town was never meant to have to do, what it now feels it has to do out of ordinary civility and politeness – since nobody from the dead chaps’ employers feels able to turn out.

My amusement of course was unlike what is now perceived by the majority of Middle England, which, owing to its current pre-occupations with celebrity and Wireless Tele Vision, is suddenly surprised and hurt by what the mountebank has said.

This stunt, which Choudary has admitted latterly, does not surprise me in the least, and I was expecting it. It is what I would do, in his position and with his belief-system driving me.

The comment thread here is illuminating and worrying for the future. The volume is staggering. And – they have not even got round to moderating mine, and I posted it 36 hours ago.

Gramscian institution-destroying: last steps – discredit the Army

David Davis

It is not suitable to abuse civilians in occupied territories. Not if you are a Classical liberal trying to spread liberalism: but it’s what European armies have always done, because it gets the immediate statecraft-results desired by whichever occupying warlord is doing the occupying.

It is also interesting that these allegations seem to surface at times convenient for the Occupying Power currently posing as the British National Labour Party. One is inclined, right now, to read what the Ministry of Defence is up to, or what it takes in bonuses, and then believe exactly the opposite of what it said about it. On principle.

It is unlikely that British squaddies have been abusing people, in my experience of them – whether in Iraq or anywhere else. Perhaps in base camp the new-bugs could be ragged a bit, after a good night out, but no more than that.

I think that the government needs to accomplish two ends here. (1) To demoralise further the still-resisting Services, and (2) to amplify “anti-war” sentiment in the UK so it can play up a “we are forced to” excuse to pull out as it’s bust.

Yes we are bust, but there’s billions and billions could be saved, and used for the Forces, by:-

(A) Abolishing and terminating (utterly) DEFRA, the Interior Ministry, the DTI or whatever it’s called, the Dept of Education and Skills, the “department of culture, media and sport” (WTF?), all Quangos and NGOs and fake-charities,

(B) Shutting down and locking-out all departments of “Councils” that deal with anything other than public libraries, park benches and lavatories,

(C) Canceling the “Olymp-Ics”, selling the sites, sacking the staff, telling the IOC exactly how useful it is in fairly graphic “Devil’s Kitchen” type terms, which is to say about the same as a broken bird-scarer, or a gutter-cleaner which has rcently failed to wokr properly, and of less use than a frying-pan,

A fledgeling Libertarian administration will be beset with enemies on all sides. We may not be able fully to silence really quite vitriolic opposition, from such people as “un-assimilated” groups within the UK, such as sacked “Hospital Trust Managers” who have lost their pensions and jobs, and “Soviet-Lesbian-Outreach-co-ordinator-enhancers” who have lost their “departments”. Moreover, we may also not be safe from, perhaps, “insurgents” from foreign parts, such as “CuboVenezuelan Military Advisers” – this assumes that CuboVenezuela will not have been “done” by the time we come to power, and Ken Livingstone has still not died of any terrible or incurable disease which prevents him from travelling or speaking.

It would be nice to have the Armed Services, and those kinds and classes of people who staff them, on our side from day-one. Even though we (all?) believe in the prospect of a world where these sad things are not needed.

Libertarian Alliance Enemy-Class bullshit-identification-program: No-1… “Our thoughts are with…”


David Davis

This phrase is usually uttered by member of the Enemy Class, in this case the current British-Bureau-Chief-thereof…Gordon Brown humself.

These days I take its appearance to mean that neither the utterer nor the rest of the Enemy Class actually gives or has even given a monkey’s f*** about the fate of whoever-it-was (currently soldiers figure a lot) but that it is not politically expedient to be seen to be saying nothing.

So they say something that means nothing instead.

When we come to power, all persons of the Enemy Class, who are known to have uttered it over such incidents and where there is a record of it, will be “invited downstairs to an exciting place, for questioning”.

THIS is too much

David Davis

The citizens of Wootton Bassett ought not to be asked, any more, to do what they do, unless of course it is their will so to do.

Now, you and I both know that 199 soldiers killed in a minor regional war, far away, while assaulting some pre-capitalist-scumbags who do not represent even the mainstram of Islam, let alone the by-ways, is not a great number when you consider the figures for, say, the Battle of the Somme. Or even Alamein. But that’s not the point.

This government wants to pursue a war in Afghanistan, and even though it is composed of scumbag lefty liberalism-destroying Nazis, that does not detract from the premise that this war is a correct one. They could be the wrong people fighting the right war. The very fact that this “Taliban” chap does not come forward and surrender to us shows that we are right, since he keeps on fighting us, using whatever Ammonium Nitrate and diesel and aluminium powder that he can find in the local markets – for it shows that he means frankly and cheerfully to overwhelm us. He has the option to stop, and just go home and cultivate poppies or grain or cows or barley or alafalfa or jute or whatever, but he does not: he continues to fight us. We have to ask why.

We can test the premise by disengaging. If he come after us, then we were right. If he does not, then we were wrong.

So where does that leave the grand and noble people of Wootton Bassett? It is noble that they continue to turn out, but there is a limit to anyone’s store of pity and sorrow. You really can’t ask more of these great people than they have already given. If I was them, I would be rioting: for a change in Government such that if we are stuck in these blasted wars, because the other NATO buggers wearing hairnets won’t come out at night because they are sleeping after manning the photocopiers all day, then our poor chaps ought to have at least some of those South African mineproof thingies to go raiding in. (We raid, because we are right. Latin verbs…I raid: you take cover: he runs: we overcome: you surrender: they die. It is what you’d call an “Irregular Verb”…) Or even, at a push, the American humvee-dooberries that do the same thing. It is obnoxious to continue to protest that these chaps carry on dying becasue  their vehicles are made of rice-paper, and this Gramscoid outfit which says it pays them won’t give them something better, because it hates them and what they stand for.

Lots of Libertarians eschew force, in all contexts. That’s fine. I don’t think one ought to initiate it, but if there are dudes who openly state that their Nirvana is where you are dead and that whatever pre-liberal nastiness they like is the order of the day, then we ought to be eliminating them. The “Taliban” bloke is probably an Aunt Sally for the real enemy which is here at home. But the real one won’t take us seriously unless we have previously destroyed its sock-puppets for it, ideally on the Wireless Tele Vision, first.