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Afghanistan: If I was Gordon Brown and considering my policy of fostering a Taleban to take people’s eye off what I’m up to here, then I wonder how Wootton Bassett will vote in an election.

David Davis

[It seems that The Ranting Penguin already agrees with what I’m about to say.]

I don’t think I know what a “Taleban” is. Is it some kind of yoghurt? If so, why are we dying? Or is some “friendly power” secretly arming these buggers? We need to be told.

[In Lebanon, “Laban” is Greek yoghurt, and “Lebni” is a sort of slightly tart soft cheese (it’s very nice, on a hot day, on a cheese-biscuit or something. With a biggish glass of Chateau Musar from the Bek’aa Valley vineyards.)]

A “Taleban” ought to be easy to eliminate in theory, faced with the theoretically-sufficiently-armed and armoured specialists of a First-World military power…..

Now, this town has the sad destiny, currently, to be where The Men Whose Names Live On These Walls and who have fallen in Afghanistan, pass through most days now, on their way to rest.

(That’s not in Wootton Bassett, it’s here.)

It is beginning to dawn on me, after years, that I am a curious sort of libertarian. I am in fact a Marxist-Leninist turned upside down. This is getting quite comfortable for me these days, and I will develop my ire further in this regard.

Thus for now: I do not object to foreign wars at all, if fought by a minimalist State based on Classical liberalism, which knows it has an obligated, indeed actually a divine, mission to supress wickednesses elsewhere, such as Statism, fabian-subverted-pre-capitalist-barbarian-survival-guide-warlordism-masquerading-as-religion, general slavery of all kinds (still going on in countries about 3,681 miles from you), “communism” (getting to be old hat now as Chè, Castro, that Sendero-Luminoso-droid, Kim-Jong-Il and Hugo Chavez, Jimmy Carter, and the fascist-pig Mitterand all died physically years ago) and the like.

Indeed, an emergent British – or more possibly English, “state”  having withdrawn from both the UK and the EU – libertarian government, may find itself with a variety of post-Bandung kleptocracies arrayed against it, with erstwhile “friends”, such as “France”, and perhaps even “Belgium”, eagerly selling modern armaments to our new potential enemies, speciifically to threaten us.

But in these wars which we now seem ot be fighting, I believe that we do //not// have to have what Sean Gabb calls a “vital national interest”, in my opinion. The very fact that terrible evils and unfathomable wickednesses are being done to humans in the name of “unity”, in the name of “progress”, and in the name of “people’s democracy”, is the justification to act to stop this nonsense and blood, if we have the power. We are in favour of Natural Rights, which human beings all possess by definition. If we do not have the power to act in these situations, then it is //our problem, and our failing//, and thus I am moving rapidly to the belief that it is [imho] our obligation to acquire the needed power – and to use it in such fashion. Sean knows quite well that he and I disagree in general terms although not necessarily specific ones on this matter and it is quite friendly: we argue about it from time to time in his sojourns up here, and thus reports of the death of the Libertarian Alliance are very premature.

The problem for GramscoFabiaNazis such as Gordon Brown, who like all socialists wants to be seen as “hard” and “warfighting” [it’s in their genes sadly] while also crooning pacifistically to the post-modern British neo-CND left, is that he can’t sit on two toilets at once, like John Prescott that unexpectedly clever fellow, can. He can’t both shit and get off the pot simultaneously in two places. He wants to be seen as an important chappie in three ways: “supressing the supply of heroine and cocaine”, fighting the “War On Terror” [a contradiction in terms] and also cosying up to people like ShootinPutin187 whose gas and oil he thinks he needs and who got bloodied in Afghanistan 20-odd years ago. And yet at the same time he has also to appease his Enemy-Class-Paymasters who hate all things British (especially English) and who especially hate the Armed Forces, who of course /won’t/ cosy up to the ZanuLieBorg “Project”, and consist mostly of people either disregarded or despised and hated by the “New Labour Project”.

So where does poor little Wootton Bassett come into this terrible story? You will already all know how very, very deeply I despise and excoriate synchronised public grieving. I have never failed to bore you, year after year, with my hatred of the emotional incontinence which overtook this strong and gripped nation, at the death of the horrible Diana.

But this is different. [If the lefties can say such things, so can I.] Nobody told these poor people, sad at what was happening, to turn out. Not like the mafia-instructions to close all our shops [or else] on the day of Diana’s funeral. They just turned out.

A casualty list of eight chaps in a day, in 2009, is a disaster in today’s terms. This is not 1916, when we were locked in an insoluble battle against an equally-technologically-advanced set of enemies – this is 2009 and we are again fighting what used to pass for [pre-1914] small colonial wars against people that we called “towelheads”, in which we expected to take small but ongoing casualties while yet assuring victory. But our priorities and our perception of the deaths of soldiers in wars today has changed, while our supposed ability to deal with modern battlefields has increased.

This sort of misfortune ought not to be happening to a First-World-Economy’s armed forces, against pre-medieval barbarians [OK they are individual humans, but they “chose poorly” , as the old mailed knight said in the end-scene of “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”.]

Gordon Brown clearly wants and needs a war in Afghanistan. That’s why he has both flagged an increase in the number of our solders there (currently about four brigades) and also a decrease at the same time. He wants to please all his paymasters at once, and thinks we don’t listen. Either he wants “victory”, to destroy all the cocaine and heroin, please ShootinPutin187 and look hard, or else he does not, through not giving our chaps any kit at all that works, so that he puts them all off from joining the Army [a GramscoFabiaNazi medium-term-objective] and thus pleasing the neo-Harold-Pinters of this planet.

But the people of Wootton Bassett are trying to tell him something. I can’t think it will be to his advantage as a Prime-Mentalist.

We do ‘t’things right, ooop North, us.

David Davis (Director of Northern Affairs)

Bolton, bless them down there (bit-southerners for us, but they’re all right really) did the right thing. And Derby’s sort of north, just.



We do it like this, us.

We do it like this, us.

Teach those southerners in Luton a thing or two, specially the Interior Ministry Troops Police who arrested the counter-demonstrators insteda of the real ones…

There shouldn’t need to be all those Policemen there…

not to mention the obscene, nasty barriers.

David Davis

Update by Charles Moore, the Torygraph 14th March 2009


So how do you give them flowers then?

So how do you give them flowers then?

What sort of a country are we living in? What the f*** is the matter with this place, and why have the multicultiGramscoFabians done it?  

And why does Islam go along with it? It should know better, since Allah is merciful and good and all-powerful….isn’t he? Isn’t he just Leibnitz’s same God? They Moslems ought to be on our side, against statists.

If they bastard Gramsco-Fabians would have merely let us alone, we could have let them, the blasted wastrels, just live out their functionless lives shagging each other’s wives and daughters amid boring lefty books, if they’d only let us have Capitalism and liberty and let us get on with it. Good triumphs when evil Men do nothing: all they had to do was…nothing, and everything would be fine.

Why do socialists want to ruin our world, as well as their own? I think it’s a mental disorder, and they should be sectioned.

Hate-leaflets against soldiers in Luton (of all places, who’d have thought it?)

UPDATE1:- Charles Moore in the Torygraph, 14th March 2009

Here. very sad, and probably paid for by the Gramsco-Fabians, who will, sadly I am sorry to say, simply have to go. (I don’t care where, just not anyhere on this planet where they could interfere any more with normal people.)

Libertarians are mostly, I find, against the UK’s involvement in war in Iraq for certain, and to a large extent against our being in Afghanistan too. As you all know, I have always found this position to be a strange one. But a libertarian government in the UK, which comes closer with every move the Enemy Class and its apparatchiks make against liberty here, will need armed forces, not least against what will turn out to be surprising and un-looked-for enemies. I could not begin to make myself name any here now.

Right now, I view trashing of the Armed services as an anti-libertarian act, to be remembered later. I hope we are not at Versailles, and then heading for Weimar, and what followed.

More soldiers refused service in leftist anti-war Britain: So embarrassing.

Remember the Metro Hotel in Woking, another garrison town? What’s the betting that some officious guardianista at  J D Wetherspoon watched quietly and thought they’d do the same….

David Davis

Now then….Yes, I _know_ libertarians disapprove of a big State, especially one that does war stuff, but we’re stuck with this one, Britain, as the rather unpromising environment in which we have to try and peacefully build up political suppport for miminal-Statist/liberal policies. All in all, things could be worse; we could be trying to be libertarians in North Korea or Cuba – but not a lot worse.

I’m now giong to get castigated by certain persons on the blog’s commentariat, for saying what I’m going to say……

It’s so discouraging when you find that the people, the material you have to work with and on, are so cretinously stalinist themselves.

And now this. Honestly: how to shoot yourself and your army’s morale in the foot, in front of your enemies the world over, part 17A.

More soldiers, just back from deployment, refused entry to some bar or other, in their depot town, Portsmouth too. Look at the pic: the guys just gotta be over 21.

So, so under 21, yes.

So, so under 21, yes.

It’s so embarrassing, I just so want to die these days, of sheer shame that I share the breathable air with people who casuistically refuse perfectly valid ID, and not be here among this panorama of moral decay.

People who read this, and this and this, and seemingly under these rules, might be interested to take the matter further.

Why do they need ID to get into  _any_  Blighty boozer, at all, anyway, for f***’s sake? Come on J D Wetherspoon, stop reading the Guardian and get out more – perhaps to Afghanistan.

Chaps, if you come up north, we’ll buy you and your squad a pint any time.

What in heaven’s name drives these people, if not hatred? … or is it confident bullying?

David Davis

I have no idea what the “X factor” is. However, it seems to be some organisation which has released a charity single for british soldiers.

Look guys….we Christians don’t go about threatening all sorts of dire and unspecified retribution to other religions, pre-capitalist desert-survival-guides, crank hypotheses and weird belief-systems, and their strictures, saying that things they do and say are “anti-Christian”.

How about you reciprocate? Otherwise people will think, increasingly, and possibly with justification, that you lot are just humorously twisting our tails and bullying us because you know you can get away with it.

And that would never do, would it!

You say you are a religion of peace. Be one.

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